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FSP IPC customized NUC power supply


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As people’s taste for life improves, their requirements for hardware equipment is no longer just the aesthetics alone, but also its compactness; in many homes or personal working environments, heavy traditional computers are gradually being replaced by small NUCs (Next Unit of Computing).

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FSP IPC customized NUC power supply

  1. 1. Customized NUC Power Supply •Digital Power Supply (PMBus Controlled Firmware) •80PLUS Platinum Certified •Noise < 40dB at Full Load Output •12V/+3.3V/+5Vsb Output •Comply with IEC/EN/CB 62368-1
  2. 2. / NO.22,Jianguo E. Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan TEL:+886-3-375-9888 / FAX:+886-3-375-6966 FSP TECHNOLOGY INC. Descriptions FSP500-30AS is a 500 watt fully digital power supply that users can monitor or adjust the output/input voltage, output/input current, total output power, and fan speed of the power supply itself through the PMBus firmware program; users can even fine-tune the protection configurations of the power, such as the triggering point for overvoltage protection (OVP) and overcurrent protection (OCP). There are also three sets of outputs 12V/+3.3V/+5Vsb built-in, able to meet the flexible needs of high-end gaming equipment or workstation users. Gaming NUC Workstation NUC Home Entertainment NUC Applications Safety R43001 RoHS C E190414CAN ICES-3(B) / NMB-3(B) Customized NUC Power Supply