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Data Governance And Technology Enablement First San Francisco Partners 2009


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First San Francisco Partner's Managing Director, Kelle O'Neal spoke to group of 150+ people at Oracle Open World, October, 2009 about Data Governance and its imperative use of technology to support data quality in large organizations.

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Data Governance And Technology Enablement First San Francisco Partners 2009

  1. 1. The First Step in Master Data Management Data Governance Overview Kelle O’Neal Managing Partner
  2. 2. Agenda •  What is Data Governance? •  Data Governance Components •  Ensuring Success pg 2
  3. 3. [ What is Data Governance? ] pg 3
  4. 4. Data Governance Data Governance is the organizing Communication framework for establishing strategy, objectives and policy for effectively managing corporate data. Data Standards Data and Strategy It consists of the processes, policies, Modeling organization and technologies required to manage and ensure the availability, usability, integrity, consistency, audit Data Policies and Processes ability and security of your data. A Data Governance Program consists of the inter-workings of strategy, standards, policies and communication. pg 4
  5. 5. Why is Data Governance Important? •  Systems today are more challenging to manage •  Siloed projects lack view of the overall picture •  Traditional projects lack data management focus •  Data quality issues are hidden, persistent •  Data should not be an IT concern alone •  Data is a valuable Corporate Asset Data governance ensures the right people are involved in setting data standards, usage and integration across projects, subject areas and lines of business pg 5
  6. 6. Common Goals of Data Governance •  Enable improved decision making •  Protect data stakeholders (business) needs •  Adopt common approaches to resolve data issues •  Build standard, repeatable processes •  Reduce cost and increase efficacy •  Ensure transparency •  Standardize data definitions Make Data a valuable Corporate Asset pg 6
  7. 7. Data Governance Challenges •  Executive commitment •  Identifying data owners •  Master data definitions •  Enterprise-wide focus •  Accountability •  Building momentum •  Responding to changing business environments •  Fit with corporate culture pg 7
  8. 8. Data Governance Benefits •  Increased Productivity •  Improved Compliance •  Increased Data auditability and transparency •  Reduced Costs •  Improved Customer Satisfaction •  Improved Employee Satisfaction •  Organizational Alignment •  Improved Trust and confidence in data pg 8
  9. 9. Data Governance & Master Data Management An MDM initiative is an important component of a Data Governance strategy You can’t do MDM without Data Governance pg 9
  10. 10. Comprehensive Data Governance Program Components •  Vision and Mission •  Training and Awareness •  Alignment with •  Mass – Wiki or Intranet Corporate Objectives •  Individual Updates •  Operating Model •  Pertinent, specific and •  Implementation Plan timely •  Maintain interest and commitment •  Flexibility to change •  Open and common standards •  Standardized methods •  End to End Data and data definitions security / lineage •  Controls •  Data Discovery, •  Metadata Management Cleanse, Match, Maintain •  Metadata Management •  Reporting •  Integration •  Arbiters and Escalation points •  Statistics and Analysis •  Stakeholders •  Tracking of progress •  Roles and Responsibilities •  Monitoring of issues •  Data Stewards •  Continuous Improvement •  Decision Rights •  Score-carding •  Accountability and Ownership pg 10
  11. 11. Comprehensive Data Governance Program Components STRATEGY •  Vision and Mission •  Alignment with Corporate Objectives •  Operating Model •  Implementation Plan pg 11
  12. 12. Hybrid Data Governance Operating Model Client and Account Data Data Governance Steering Group Governance Business Sponsor Data Governance Leads Group Chair Risk/ Compliance International Finance IT Operations Management Office of Data Governance Data Governance Leads: Business and IT Project Manager Data Governance Working Committee Data Governance Leads Group Chair Placeholder to create SME Privacy SME Trust SME Basel SME Risk SME Banking SME IT SME SME Operations Brokerage Execution This is not an organization chart pg 12
  13. 13. Operating Model Beyond Client and Account Data Data Governance Business Sponsors Governance Team Client & Account Asset/Product Employee Data Governance Data Governance Data Governance Steering Group Steering Group Steering Group Data Governance Sponsor Data Governance Sponsor Data Governance Sponsor Group Chair Group Chair Group Chair Management Office of Data Governance Office of Data Governance Office of Data Governance Business and IT Business and IT Business and IT Data Governance Data Governance Data Governance Working Committee Working Committee Working Committee Execution Execution Execution pg 13
  14. 14. Comprehensive Data Governance Program Components TECHNOLOGY •  Data discovery, cleanse, match, maintain •  Metadata management •  Reporting •  Integration •  Flexibility to change •  Open,common standards •  End to End data security pg 14
  15. 15. Data Governance & Technology Together Governance Technology Standardized Methods Discovery and Profiling and Data Definitions Provide Guidance Cleansing Roles and Duplicate Detection Responsibilities Create & Enforce Policies Data Maintenance and Decision Rights Management Track Progress Measurement and Arbiters and Escalation Monitoring Statistics |Analysis | Provide Feedback Data Sharing Monitoring pg 15
  16. 16. Ensuring Success •  Operating Model fits the organization •  Align technology approach and business goals •  Support process with targeted metrics, measurement and monitoring •  Technology to support collaboration and communication •  Executive Sponsorship •  Cross-functional commitment and involvement pg 16
  17. 17. [ Questions? ] pg 17