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Fse listings global_market_recovery_increases_ip_os_on_frankfurt_stock_exchange


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Fse listings global_market_recovery_increases_ip_os_on_frankfurt_stock_exchange

  1. 1. FSE Listings – Global Market Recovery Increases IPOs On Frankfurt Stock Exchange Author: Mark Bragg An FSE Listings Inc Article FSE Listings Inc- Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings List your firm fast with!Disclaimer: The Listing Group as a consortium and in their individual capacities are not licensed broker dealers or financial institutions within thejurisdiction of the Frankfurt Markets or any other market, they are working in the capacity of consultants listing the company and performing investorrelations of which they have been able to successfully assist in making introductions for raising funds for past ventures traded on the Frankfurt StockExchange and privately.
  2. 2. Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Global Capital Markets recovery will convert to IPOs on the Frankfurt Stock ExchangeWednesday, August 25, 2010 @ 04:08 AMposted by adminFrom research provided by the Nexia International, a leading global accounting and consulting network, saidlevels of corporate activity on global capital markets are showing signs of recovery but new listings or initialpublic offerings (IPOs) have not yet begun to accelerate significantly.The reality is, that the majority of the study was on the mid-market stock exchanges, which take severalmonths to list and become actively traded on such as the Hong Kong, NASDAQ, Euronext, and TSX, howeverthe underlying principal is that “Beyond investor sentiment, the report said costs, regulatory and governancerequirements of listings were still seen as the primary obstacles to mid-market listings.”The Frankfurt Stock Exchange takes only 3-6 weeks to list a company, of which the costs are much reducedand the economic turnaround in Europe is the most apparent and likely for long-term recovery. The marketrecovery globally therefore should drive more listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as the market with theleast obstacles, access to capital, and affordable costs.The report said any recovery would largely be led by institutional investors, with international funds flowing torelatively low geared investments. However, if one was to review the several 1000 institutional investors in theEuropean market, their investments flow heavily into the German Financial market and inevitably to listingslike yours. The private equity, capital, and recovery is in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, companies from NorthAmerica, from within the EU, and developing countries such as South Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, and Indiashould be gearing their company to prepare for listing on the Frankfurt market.Turnaround in markets that are heavily dependent on public listings relationship to institutional investors mayrecover slower, such as the Singapore market, with proportionally smaller numbers of retail investors.Companies in Singapore and similar smaller markets therefore should be turning to the Frankfurt StockExchange where the retail and institutional investor base is high, thus enabling their company to get financedand to have liquidity that is higher than that which they would get in the home market.The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is another example of a market that is too small for the needs and demandsof their local mid-market cap and small cap companies who should be looking to the Frankfurt Stock Exchangeto take their company public.“The report also said it was a matter of “back to basics” if companies were to attract investors, with essentialinvestment criteria being a proven track record, strong management, scalability and the potential for attractiveprice earnings ratios.” Phone: +44208123 5719 - - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 2
  3. 3. That goes for any company, listing your business is best when your company is a real business trying to raisereal capital. If you are a real business looking to list your firm on an exchange that can take your capitalrequirements into consideration, than you should talk with Phone: +442081235719 - - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 3
  4. 4. FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing! Contact us with your information!Robert Russell, FSE Listings ProfessionalMark Bragg, FSE Listings ProfessionalMr. R.T. Gibson, FSE Listings SpecialistNew York: +1-914-613-3889UK: +44(0)2081235719Hong Kong: 81753591South Africa: +27110836116www.fselistings.comPlease include:Company Name:Contact Name:Contact Number:Contact Email:Amount of Capital invested to date:Amount of Capital required:Reasons for wanting to list:Description of Business:Website if available: Contact FSE Listings Agents Robert Russell or Mark Bragg today! Phone: +442081235719 - - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 4