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Praise for the Lumby Series


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Praise for the Lumby Series, by Gail Fraser

Published in: Education
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lumby series as you can tell (that's me on slide 3) !

    My latest review of the lumby series- lumby on air is here:

    Thanks for the Slideshare FSB!
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  • What great books, They are so funny. See my review on
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Praise for the Lumby Series

  1. 1. The Blogsophere has spoken...
  2. 2. “...a fun tale that will distract you from the perils of modern reality and help lower your stress level and blood pressure.” —Blog Critics “A book filled with love, compassion and connectedness.” —The Review Broads
  3. 3. “... fresh and fun to read...” —Luxury Reading “The characters are SO unique...” —Bless Their Hearts Mom “...a total joy to read...” —Socrates’ Book Reviews “I loved this novel.” —Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles
  4. 4. “Subtle, fun, quirky humor.” —The Lost Entwife “...a sweet, pleasant read...” —5 Minutes for Books “ funny and clever, it just made my day!” —Life Happens While Books Are Waiting “I loved every moment of this book from the beginning, middle and end.” —Cheryl’s Book Nook
  5. 5. “... a curious blend of history and modernity which really makes this series stand out in a rather unique way.” --Reading to Know “ This was a cute, feel good, warm hearted story...” —Jenny Loves to Read “...lovely, cozy little read that will definitely leave any reader with warm fuzzies.” —Creativity Gone
  6. 6. “I want to live in Lumby, I really really do...” —Libby’s Library “It is definitely recommended for someone looking for a lighter, happier fiction...” —Beth’s Book Review Blog “Lumby is a place you’ll want to return to over and over again.” —Sweeps 4 Bloggers
  7. 7. “...a slow and easy read that leaves you feeling good and we can all use that.” —Peeking Between the Pages “What a fun and delightful book...” —Broken Teepee “...a fantastic read on a rainy day or just to escape.” —Just One More Paragraph
  8. 8. “...a magical story filled with humor, romance, love, and the warmth of family and friendship. A true delight...” —Wendy’s Minding Spot “There is a lot to love in this book.” —Joyfully Retired “Very reminiscent of Jan Karon's writing, I highly recommend this ...” —A Mom After God’s Own Heart
  9. 9. “You'll laugh and tear up with this book...” —Running Away “It's full of whimsy and laughter.” --Sherrie’s Books “...a pleasant read that will draw you in” --Theresa’s Reading Corner
  10. 10. Now try it for yourself... Lumby on the Air By Gail Fraser (Penguin Books) Visit Lumby for Yourself, Buy it on Amazon.
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