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Frsa flash 7 sep


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Frsa flash 7 sep

  1. 1. FRSA Flash Sep 7, 2012 FRSA FLASH FRG Meetings / Events HHT FRG Meeting 8 Sep 4pm Pine plains Bowling Center A Troop FRG Meeting 11 Sep 6:30pm @ Toler Residence A Co., 2-10 TBD B Co., 1-10 FRG Meeting 8 Sep 6pm Monette Residence C Troop FRG Meeting 12 Sep 6:30pm Crescent Woods Community Center D Troop FRG Meeting 13 Sep 11:30pm Adirondack Creek Community Center TF Six Shooters E Troop FRG Meeting TBD This week’s issue includes 6-6 CAV Pg 2 = Announcements Pg 4 = Dates to RememberFORT DRUM Pg 9 = Upcoming Training Pg 11 = Chapel Services Pg 12 = Things to Do Pg 13 = Monti Gym Class Schedule Pg 14 = Single Soldier Events Pg 16 = FRG Corner Unit Events 3 October Squadron Hail and Farewell 5-8 October Columbus Day DONSA 12 October Spouse Spur Ride 13 October Kid Spur Ride 13 October Family Gunnery Day Contents of this newsletter are com- piled from multiple Military Family news sources. Materials presented does not represent the views or endorsement of Task Force Six Shooters, 6-6 CAV or the Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.
  2. 2. Lyme Disease Information Symptoms/ Early DetectionEarly localized stage (3-30 days post-tick bite) Red, expanding rash called erythema migrans (EM) or “Bulls- Eye” Fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodesEarly disseminated stage (days to weeks post-tick bite) Untreated, the infection may spread from the site of the bite to other parts of the body, producing an array of specific symptoms that may come and go, including: Additional EM lesions in other areas of the body Facial or Bells palsy (loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of the face) Severe headaches and neck stiffness due to meningitis Pain and swelling in the large joints (such as knees) Shooting pains that may interfere with sleep Heart palpitations and dizziness due to changes in heartbeat Late disseminated stage (months-to-years post- tick bite) Untreated infection symptoms may include: Intermittent bouts of arthritis, with severe joint pain and swelling Chronic neurological complaints months to years after infection (shooting pains, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, and problems with short-term memory) FRSA FLASH Page 2
  3. 3. Lyme Disease Information Cont. Prevention Wearing light colored clothing so that ticks can be easily identified. Tucking in pants to boots, shirts into gloves. Application of insect repellent (containing 20% DEET) and applied per manufactures recommendation to deter ticks and use of permethrin for Soldiers and DA civilians. Frequent self checks for individuals partaking in outdoor activities and working in tick-invested environ- ments. Special attention should be given to moist dark areas were ticks typically migrate too. Clothing should be placed in dryer for 20-30 minutes to kill unseen ticks. Frequent checks of children and animals. Proper removal of tick to prevent infected fluid from entering body with washing and treating area with antiseptic. (Medical professional removal of tick is recommended) Testing of tick to determine if a carrier of Lyme Disease. Routine treatment and grooming of household animals with flea and tick prevention medication. Treatment Early Localized Stage: Oral doxycyline,10-21 days in duration Children do require different regimen Early Disseminated Stage: Oral antibiotic therapy up to 28 days Intravenous therapy if meningitis/heart changes Late Disseminated Stage: Intravenous therapy up to 28 days Page 3 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  4. 4. Dates to Remember (Sep-Oct)FRSA FLASH Page 4
  5. 5. Dates to Remember (Oct-Nov)FRSA FLASH Page 5
  6. 6. Upcoming EventsFRSA FLASH Page 6
  7. 7. Upcoming EventsFRSA FLASH Page 7
  8. 8. Recurring Events Sports Office: Sign up for sporting events through the FT. Drum Fitness, Athletics, and Aquatics Sports Office in the Magrath Sports Complex, 772-6663. Rosters are due in advance in order to participate. Water Aerobics—Every Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri 10:30a—11:30a. Aerobics and Fitness Classes— Mon- day—Friday. Brandon Doherty 772-6663. Pine Plains Bowling Center: Closed for the month of July. Cindy Fleming 772-6601. Adventure Training: Most trips & events are free or at a nominal fee for Soldiers & guest, call 772-4010 for details. ATV Safety Courses—available by request. Extreme Sports for Recreation & Training— Orienteering. Hunting & Fishing, ATV’s, Sportsman Shooting, Rock/Mountain Climbing, Skydiving, White- water Rafting. Murray Averill 772-4010. Parks & Recreation: Remington Park RV Campground & Cabins—Reservations 772-5435. Party Equipment Rental—Make your next family or unit function a success. Rent large grills, popcorn, cotton candy and sno-cone makers, inflatable bouncies, tables, chairs, coolers, ice & dunking booth. Remington Park is now open for the season: M-Sa 9am - 9pm, Su 10am-8pm Remington Park Beach Open Daily 11am-7pm Leisure Travel Services—Travel Center Discount Tickets—Stop in and check out the available dis- count tickets for local & out of state attractions. Gene Spencer 772-8222. Tell Fort Drum how they are doing! Let your voice be heard through ICE Comments! ICE is Interactive Customer Evaluation This is where you can provide all types of feedback on various services offered throughout Fort Drum. Visit Enter “Drum” in the search boxPage 8 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  9. 9. Upcoming Training Family Readiness ClassesKey Caller Training 2p-3:30p or 5-6:30p Sep 11, 2012 @ ACSFRG Leader Training 9a-1p Sep 13, 2012 @ ACSInformal Funds Training 2p-3p or 5-6p Sep 13, 2012 @ ACSCare Team Training 9a-12p Dec 6, 2012 @ ACSOPSEC Training 10:30a-12p Oct 3, 2012 @ ACSNOTE: All classes held in ACS ballroom unless otherwise noted, please call 772-0470/2848 for reserva-tions. Let the Financial Readiness Program help get your Financial House into order. Call 772-0050 1st Term Soldier Training 8:30am-4pm Wednesdays Call for Location Budget and Account Management 9:00a-12p Sep 10, 2012 @ ACS Federal Employment Workshop 9:30a-11:30a Sep 27, 2012 @ ACS Investing 101 9:00a-11:00a Sep 25, 2012 @ ACS Employment 101 1pm-5pm Sep 19, 2012 @ ACSFRSA FLASH Page 9
  11. 11. Fort Drum Mountain Community Lifestyle/Calendar-of-EventsFRSA FLASH Page 11
  12. 12. Things to DoPage 12 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  13. 13. Monti Gym Class SchedulePage 13 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  14. 14. Single Soldier Events BOSS Bldg. T-2190 - 772-7807 All Soldiers are welcome to stop into the BOSS Center and check out all that BOSS has to offer. Open Wed - Sun 11am - 11 pm. The great room is a large open area with a fireplace, comfortable lounge furniture, large screen TV’s, movie theatre screen with surround sound and gaming stations. There is wireless internet, a cyber lounge, another game room with pool, air hockey and fooseball tables and more TV gaming machines and a large media room with comfortable recliners in theater seating and a giant screen TV. Boss Takes You To The Movies Boss will supply transportation to and from the REEL TIME Theater on Fort Drum. Soldiers must call at least one hour prior to the movie time to schedule a pick up. Soldiers being transported in a BOSS vehicle will be given a discounted admission to the movie and a REEL TIME Express Voucher from the EXCHANGE. Rides are available for Friday and Saturday night movies only. Call 772-7807.FRSA FLASH Page 14
  15. 15. CAV Weekend Fun For All Ages!Challenge both your mind and soul to see if you have what ittakes to earn your spurs! Immediately following will be a smallreception and the presentation of your Spur Certificate. If youdesire you may purchase a set of Spurs or Spur Charm to wearwith CAVALRY PRIDE!!
  16. 16. FRG CornerHHT 6-6 Squadron FRSACecilia Navarro 630-660-0177 Mrs. Tiffany Woods 315-774-1306Kerrie Lee 315-777-4962 Staff DutyA Troop 6-6 TF Six Shooters 315-774-1300Amanda Murphy 315-414-1006 Brigade 315-774-1100Kim Toler 315-777-4485 TF Six Shooters ChaplainA Company 2-10 CPT Arthur 315-774-1303Janie Diggs 912-980-1319 MFLCB Company 1-10 Joan Upole 315-405-7449Alisha Monette 423-782-9202Alecia Blair 910-495-4788 Do you know who your FRGC Troop 6-6 leader is? Please check out ourErin Milas 847-702-2898 list of leaders, find yours andD Troop 6-6 contact them today!Heather Ketchmark 912-657-4012E Troop 6-6Emily Sivula 651-353-6926REAR D LeadershipCPT Brian Alexander 706-617-4369SSG Robert Rivera 724-685-9534 TF Six Shooters Advisors Lisa Sweet: 315-688-2207 Wendy Rittichier: 419-481-1447 Like us on Facebook! Task Force Page- TF Shooter Squadron CDR Page- LTC Sweet