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Frsa flash 22 march

  1. 1. FRSA Flash FRG Events March 22, 2012 FRG Meetings / Events HHT FRG Meeting 22 Mar 1830 A Troop FRG Meeting 10 Mar A Co., 2-10 FRG Meeting TBA B Co., 1-10 FRG Meeting 30 Mar 1900 C Troop FRG Meeting 20 Mar 1800 D Troop FRG Meeting 18 Mar 1700 E Troop FRG Meeting 15 Mar 1830 TF Six Shooters 6-6 CAV This week’s issue includes: Pg 2 = AnnouncementsFORT DRUM Pg 9 = Events Pg 14 = Upcoming Training Pg 15 = Chapel Services Pg 18 = Things to Do Pg 21 = Single Soldier Events Pg 23 = FRG Corner Please Enjoy! Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Materials presented does not represent the views or endorsement of Task Force Six Shooters, 6-6 CAV or the Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.
  2. 2. FRSA Flash Food $en$e – March 2012 A program of the Food Bank of Central New YorkFood $en$e offers everyone the opportunity to stretch their food budget dollars by pur-chasing quality and delicious food units at a discount—not to mention the great specialsavailable!Everyone is eligible to purchase food from Food $en$e, including senior citizens, collegestudents, singles, disabled, shut-ins, working and military families.There are no income requirements! If you eat, you can get Food $en$e!Food $en$e is NOT a federal, state or local government program. It is NOT part of anysocial service agency or any religious organization.It is NOT a hand-out! Food $en$e is a Helping Hand! How do you purchase food from Food $en$e?Register and pay in advance for your unit Pick up your food unit Thursdays at Water-at Faith Fellowship Church or the Water- town Urban Mission, 247 Factory St. Bringtown Urban Mission. On Distribution Day your receipt with you. If you are unable toyou can sign up for the following month. pick up your unit, give the receipt to a friend or relative to pick up for you.Pay $15.50 in cash or Food Stamps (EBT). Food must be picked up on time. Food notMore than one unit can be purchased. In picked up on Distribution Day will be do-addition to the basic food “unit,” special nated to the Faith Fellowship and Water-items are available for purchase also. Many town Urban Mission Food Pantries.customers find the food is worth approx.$25-35! There will be NO refunds or credits given on food not picked up!Page 2 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  3. 3. FRSA Flash Projected Food $en$e List—1 Unit $15.50 This Month’s Specials are:Chicken Patties, 1 lb. Chicken Noodle Soup, 10.5 oz 1. Hickory glazed bone-in spiral ham, 7.5 lbs. for $17.25Tilapia Fillets, 12 oz. Mac & Cheese, 7.25 oz. 2. Breaded haddock strips, 4 lbs. for $8.50Ground Beef, 1 lb. Peanut Butter Pie, 5.6 oz. 3. Apple & cranberry stuffed chicken breast, 2 lbs.Bologna, 1 lb. Sliced Pears, 15 oz. for $8.00Stuffed rigatoni, 12 oz. Fresh Produce 4. Stouffer’s four cheese pasta bake, 6 lbs. for $8.75Sliced carrots, 1 lb. Fresh Produce 5. Turkey burgers, 3 lbs. for $6.75 6. Sliced American cheese, 5 lbs. for $10.50 7. Italian Sausage, 3 lbs. for $7.50 You are not obligated to order every month but you are encouraged to enjoy the Food $en$e savings! *Order and pay by Friday, March 9 ~ Distribution on March 22 ~ 3:00 to 4:00* Register from 9:00 am – 12 noon Watertown Urban Mission 247 Factory Street, Watertown, NY or Faith Fellowship Church 131 Moore Avenue, Watertown, NY Distribution from 3:00 - 4:00 pm Held at Watertown Urban Mission site only. For more information: Anita Ciulo @ 782-8440 or Deborah Wiley @ 782-4421 Philadelphia Area Rick Pickert @ 523-4012 Dave Fleming @ 642-6115 FRSA FLASH Page 3
  4. 4. Tricare chooses Metlife not United Concordia for dental coverageThe U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) upheld a decision to award a $3.1 billion Tricare dentalplan contract to a different insurer, its first change in 15 years. Tricare Management Activity agency at theU.S. Department of Defense decided to give New York, N.Y.-based Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. a $3.1billion dental plan contract rather than United Concordia Cos., based in Harrisburg, Pa. Tricare managers de-cided that the MetLife provider network suited the military insurance program better than United Concordia’snetwork, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. United Concordia, a division of Pittsburgh, Pa.-based High-mark, was the Tricare dental program provider for 15 years.Effective May 1, 2012, MetLife will become the dental carrier for the TDP. MetLife will begin providing den-tal coverage to over 2 million family members of uniformed service active duty personnel, members of theSelected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve, their eligible family members, and Survivors.Beneficiaries will have access to MetLifes network with over 161,000 dentist access points, and this numbercontinues to grow. Additional information about the contract is available at andbenefit updates are available at NOTE that the change to MetLife is for the TDP program only. The Active Duty Dental Programwill still be administered by United Concordia®. Changes to the TDP will include enhanced dental coverageat a lower premium share than before. MetLife will distribute program information, provider network detailsbeginning in first quarter 2012. Highlights to the benefits and enhancements are listed below:· Coverage of posterior resin (tooth colored/white) fillings· Increase in the annual maximum to $1,300 per enrollee (formerly this was $1,200· Increase in the lifetime orthodontic maximum to $1,750· $1,200 per year for services related to dental treatment due to an accident as de- fined in the TDP handbook· No cost shares for scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) for diabetics· Coverage of an additional (3rd) cleaning for women during pregnancy· Expansion of the survivor benefits to surviving spouse and child(ren)If you would like to check if your dentist is already part of the MetLife network,please click Find a Dentist on the right and search for a DPPO provider. If the den-tist is not a member, dentists can easily request an application on our website fordentists, May 1, 2012MetLife will become the dental carrier for the Tricare Dental Plan.MetLife and United Concordia, the current TDP contractor, are working together to complete the contracttransition activities for MetLife’s start on May 1, 2012. TDP claims with a date of service prior to May 1,2012 will continue to be processed by United Concordia until April 30, 2013. All TDP claims with a date ofservice on or after May 1, 2012 will be submitted to MetLife. Please make note of these important dates toensure timely processing of your TDP claims. The new TDP contract that MetLife will be administering isnot to be confused with the separate TRICARE dental contract that covers eligible uniformed service mem-bers. The Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP) will continue to be administered by United Concordia. Met-Life is looking forward to the opportunity to provide quality dental coverage and oral health educational pro-grams to the more than 2 million TDP beneficiaries, which include the family members of all active duty uni- Page 4 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  5. 5. General and Family Dentistry** Please note that this is not a complete list just some within the Fort Drum area.For a list of participating Dentists or for specialists go to and click on the search boxin the upper right. ASPEN DENTAL NORTH COUNTRY 20991 ARSENAL ST NYS RTE 3 CHILDRENS CLINIC WATERTOWN, NY 13601 238 ARSENAL ST Tel 315 785 9620 WATERTOWN, NY 13601 CARTHAGE COMMUNITY Tel 315 788 9834 DENTAL CLINIC SARAH LATIF 3 BRIDGE ST STEPHEN A AHLGRIM CARTHAGE, NY 14319 125 MULLIN ST Tel 315 493 3510 WATERTOWN, NY 13601 CARTHAGE DENTAL CARE Tel 315 782 2241 35761 SAYRE RD SUNSHINE DENTAL CARTHAGE, NY 13619 140 EASTERN BLVD Tel 315 493 6003 WATERTOWN, NY 13601 JEFFERSON DENTAL HEALTH Tel 315 779 8080 19333 US ROUTE 11 THOMAS P MCCUE WATERTOWN, NY 13601 2 S MAIN ST Tel 315 788 7070 PHILADELPHIA, NY 13673 Tel 315 642 0318 LACLAIR FAMILY DENTAL WESTSIDE DENTAL 111 S MECHANIC ST 1116 ARSENAL ST STE 202 CARTHAGE, NY 13619 WATERTOWN, NY 13601 Tel 315 493 1184 Tel 315 779 2222 FRSA FLASH Page 5
  6. 6. ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF 2012-2013 MG James Ursano Scholarship Program for Dependent Children of Active, Retired and Deceased SoldiersGENERAL INFORMATIONArmy Emergency Relief (AER) is a private non-profit organization with the primary mission of providing financial assis-tance to Soldiers and their dependents in time of valid emergency need. The MG James Ursano Scholarship Programwas established in 1976 as a secondary mission to help Army families with undergraduate college expenses for theirdependent children.SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS• The MG James Ursano Scholarship Program offers scholarships based on financial need as evidenced by informationsubmitted on the FAFSA. The MG James Ursano Program also offers scholarship funds for academic excellence andleadership/achievement.• The MG James Ursano Scholarship Program is not an entitlement and applications are not automatically approved.• The MG James Ursano Scholarship Program will not be awarded to any student for more than four academic years, forsecond undergraduate degrees, or for graduate degree programs.• The scholarship funds are mailed directly to the school and are split evenly between the fall and spring semesters,terms or quarters. The funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and school room and board (either on or offcampus).ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA• Student must be enrolled full time as an undergraduate student for the entire academic year at a school accredited bythe U.S. Department of Education. (Because financial need is already met, students attending Service Academies arenot eligible.)• Student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale• Student must be a dependent of a Soldier on federal active duty, of a retired Soldier, or of a deceased active or de-ceased retired Soldier o To be a dependent, the student must: Be under the age of 23 (Eligibility ends at the end of the semester/term in which the student reaches their 23rd birthday. Example – turning 23 in December would mean the scholarship would be awarded for fall term ONLY.) Be registered in DEERS Remain unmarried for the entire academic year Not be a member of the National Guard, Reserves, or other active duty military branchDOCUMENTS AND DEADLINES1. APPLICATION – APRIL 2, 2012The 2012-2013 MG James Ursano Scholarship Application is available on our website, WWW.AERHQ.ORG after De-cember 1, 2011, and must be submitted online by April 2, 2012. If it is not possible to submit the application online, apaper application may be requested using the contact information at the end of this document.2. TRANSCRIPTS – APRIL 2, 2012Transcripts must include the student’s fall 2011 grades and cumulative GPA based on a 4.0 scale. Unofficial transcriptsare acceptable as long as they include the student’s name, school name, and cumulative GPA based on a 4.0 scale. Page 6 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  7. 7. 3. 2012-2013 STUDENT AID REPORT (SAR) – MAY 1, 2012The FAFSA requires an annual application and can be completed at after January 1, 2012, for the2012-2013 Academic Year. The result from the 2012-2013 FAFSA Application is the 2012-2013 Student Aid Report(SAR) which can be downloaded from the FAFSA website and submitted to AER. We require the COMPLETE SAR –lease see our SAR instructions for more information.4. FEDERAL TITLE 10 ORDERS (if applicable) – APRIL 2, 2012If Soldier is Title 10 Active Guard or Reserve, submit a copy of orders showing federal activation for the entire academicyear (August 2012 – May 2013).5. CASUALTY REPORT (if applicable) – APRIL 2, 2012If Soldier died while on active duty, submit a copy of casualty report.SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONSEmail all documentation as PDF attachments to URSANO@AERHQ.ORG by the deadline dates. Documents that arelate, incomplete or illegible will not be accepted. If email is not possible, documents may be mailed to: Headquarters, Army Emergency Relief MG James Ursano Scholarship Program 200 Stovall Street Alexandria, VA 22332-0600If mailed, enclose a self-addressed postcard to receive acknowledgement of receipt. Emailed documents will be ac-knowledged. Please do not email AND mail documents as receipt of duplicate documents delays processingtime. TIME TABLE December 2011 Application available at WWW.AERHQ.ORG April 2, 2012 Application due April 2, 2012 Transcripts due (received by email or postmarked by) May 1, 2012 2012-2013 SAR due (received by email or postmarked by) June 2012 Scholarship Award Letters and Agreements mailed to recipients July 9, 2012 Scholarship Agreements due (received by email or postmarked by) July 10 – 30, 2012 Scholarship funds mailed to schoolsPLEASE NOTE: AER assumes no responsibility for applications or supporting documents not received by this office or-not received in a timely manner. We do not assume responsibility for items mailed to this address with insufficient-postage and subsequently returned to the applicant by the postal service. All correspondence to the student will be sentto the address listed on the application until a change is received in writing to the contrary. We do not assume anyre-sponsibility for letters from AER not delivered to the applicant. All changes to information furnished to AER must besub-mitted in writing. DOCUMENTS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE DATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Page 7 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  8. 8. Fort Drum Thrift Shop, Inc. Are you PCSing?? Are your closets and storage rooms busting at the seams??Do you just have too much Junk in the house that you want to get rid? Would you liketo make some extra MONEY while clearing it out?? If you said YES to any of thesequestions, then you need to head on over to the FORT DRUM THRIFT SHOP!! OrCall 315-772-7189 to set up a PCS appointment! The Fort Drum Thrift Shop is your one stop shop to get rid of all your UnwantedItems or acquire more Treasures! We take donations 24hrs a day in our front lobby orwe offer consignments daily from 0930-1230. We also offer PCS appointments to any-one who is within 90 days of PCS/ETSing in or out of post. What is a PCS appoint-ment you ask?! A PCS appointment allows you to do 1 LARGE Consignment DropOFF and youll be assured your consignment check will be forwarded to you!! The Thrift Shop is OPEN Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays 0930-1400 we arelocated on old post, Building P55 First St. & Quartermaster Rd. For Sale Specials,Consignment Info or Donation Info call 315-772-7189 or visit us on the WEB @ TF SIX SHOOTERS Page 8
  9. 9. Upcoming EventsPage 9 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  10. 10. Page 10 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  11. 11. At the Movies Salmon Run Stadium 12 Now playing Post TheaterThe Hunger Games (PG-13) Playing @ 6 Reel Time, Bldg 1072521 Jump Street (R) North Riva RidgeJohn Carter (PG-13)John Carter (3-D) Thursday—22 MarSilent House (R) One for the Money (PG-13) - 7pmA Thousand Words (PG-13) All Seats for this showing are $1Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG)Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (3-D) (PG) Friday—23 MarGhost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Journey 2: The Mysterious Island(PG-13) (PG)- 7pmThis Means War (PG-13) Safe House (R) - 9:30pmJourney 2: The Mysterious Island(PG) Saturday—24 Mar Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) - 2pm Safe House (R) - 7pm Chronicle (PG-13) - 930pm Sunday—25 Mar Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) - 2pm Chronicle (PG-13) - 5pmFRSA FLASH Page 11
  12. 12. Recurring Events Sports Office: Sign up for sporting events through the FT. Drum Fitness, Athletics, and Aquatics Sports Office in the Magrath Sports Complex, 772-6663. Rosters are due in advance in order to participate. Water Aerobics—Every Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri 10:30a—11:30a. Aerobics and Fitness Classes— Mon- day—Friday. Jim Moshier 772-6663. Pine Plains Bowling Center: *Daily Bowling Specials—Bowl a Lunch—Mon-Fri; Bowl Two, Get One Free—Tuesday; All You Can Bowl Wednesdays; All You Can Bowl Cosmic Bowling Thursdays; Pay as you Play Cosmic Bowling Saturdays; Sunday Family Bowling Special; and All-You-Can-Bowl Sunday. Also have Birthday Packages. * Lil’ Skeeter’s BBQ Restaurant is famous for honey smoked barbeques and sauces. Get fresh made pizza & wings. Dine in/take out. Jeanne Layhee 772-6601. Adventure Training: Most trips & events are free or at a nominal fee for Soldiers & guest, call 772-4010 for details. ATV Safety Courses—available by request. Extreme Sports for Recreation & Training— Orienteering. Hunting & Fishing, ATV’s, Sportsman Shooting, Rock/Mountain Climbing, Skydiving, White- water Rafting. Murray Averill 772-4010. Arts & Crafts: Classes are regularly scheduled for crafts such as hand building clay, glass fusion, stained glass, sewing, quilting, knitting, watercolor painting, photography and framing, etc. Studios—are avail- able at a walk in basis for $1 per hour or $4 per day. Retail Store—Art and craft supplies are available in the retail store. Terry Buckley 772-5606 Parks & Recreation: Remington Park RV Campground & Cabins—Reservations 772-5435. Party Equipment Rental—Make your next family or unit function a success. Rent large grills, popcorn, cotton candy and sno-cone makers, inflatable bouncies, tables, chairs, coolers, ice & dunking booth. Leisure Travel Services—Travel Center Discount Tickets—Stop in and check out the available discount tickets for local & out of state attractions. Gene Spencer 772-8222. Tell Fort Drum how they are doing! Let your voice be heard through ICE Comments! ICE is Interactive Customer Evaluation This is where you can provide all types of feedback on various services offered throughout Fort Drum. Visit Enter “Drum” in the search boxPage 12 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  13. 13. March 22, 23, & 24 – Hunters Safety Training – Adventure TrainingMarch 23 – In Her Shoes: Living With Domestic Violence – Army Community ServiceMarch 24 – Snowmobile Safety ClassMarch 24 – Trip To Turning Stone - BOSSMarch 24 – Skate Jam – Youth CenterMarch 26 – 30 – AFTB Instructor Training – Army Community ServiceMarch 30 – Right Arm Night – The CommonsApril 7 – Volleyball Championships – Sports OfficeApril 8 – Easter Brunch - CommonsApril 10 – Coastie The Coast Guard Boat Visit – McEwen LibraryApril 11 – What Do Peeps Do? – McEwen LibraryApril 13 – 15 – Trip to Washington DC – Parks and RecreationApril 13 – Month Of The Military Child Lock-In – Youth CenterApril 13 – Indoor Paintball – Youth CenterApril 14 – Texas Hold ’Em Tournament – BOSSApril 14 – 4-Person Team Bowling Tournament – Sports OfficeApril 14 – All My Peeps Are In The Library – McEwen LibraryApril 14 – Youth Volleyball Tournament – Youth CenterApril 16 – Resume Writing Computer Lab – Army Community Service FRSA FLASH Page 13
  14. 14. Upcoming Training Family Readiness Classes Key Caller Training 10a-11:30a Apr 11, 2012 @ ACS Key Caller Training 2p– 3:30p Apr 11, 2012 @ ACS FRG Leader Training 9a—1p May 14 2012 @ ACS Informal Funds Training 2p-3p, 5-6p May 14, 2012 @ ACS EFMP Support Group 11:30a-1p Apr 17, 2012 @ ACS OPSEC for Families 1030a-1200p Apr 30, 2012 @ ACS NOTE: All classes held in ACS ballroom unless otherwise noted, please call 772-0470/2848 for reservations. *Childcare available for all classes except 5-6pm Informal Funds, childcare information is required 6 business days prior to each class. Let the Financial Readiness Program help get your Financial House into order. Call 772-0050 1st Term Soldier Training 830a-4p Wednesdays Call for Location Budget Management 9a-12p Apr 23 @ ACS Build Own Business Workshop 9:30m-11:30m Apr 10 @ ACS Thrift Savings Plan Workshop 2p-3:30p Apr 10 @ ACS Employment 101 9:30a-11:30a Apr 5 @ ACS Classes Offered Budget Development Every Thursday 1800-2030 @ ACS English for Speakers of Other Lang. Every Tuesday & Thursday 0900-1200 @ ACS Woodworking Safety/Orientation Every Saturday 1000 @ Arts & Crafts Bldg. Ceramics Every Saturday 1100 @ Arts & Crafts Bldg. Guitar Making Class Every Saturday 1300-1600 @ Arts & Crafts EFMP Support Group 2nd Tuesday of each month 1130a @ ACSPage 14 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  15. 15. CHAPEL SERVICES What’s happening at the Chapel?A Chaplain is always as close as a phone call away. After duty hours, call 772-5647 and ask for the duty Chaplain.St. Michael’s Catholic Congregation (772-0160): Catholic Mom’s Group meetsMondays @ 10a at the Main Post Chapel, offering moms an opportunity to gatherfor adult conversation, while their children play in a safe environment. Theology atthe Commons is an informal meeting for adults, held monthly.Military Council of Catholic Women (772-0160): MCCW meets Wednesdays @930a at the Main Post Chapel. The first Friday of the month includes Adoration &Mass. Rosary for Peace meets Wednesdays @ 1130a in the Blessed SacramentChapel. Child Care is available.Protestant Women of the Chapel (772-5591): PWOC would like to invite you tojoin them for fellowship, friendship, and faith. They have bible studies, programdays, movie nights, and other activities. Join them any time. Bible studies are on-going! Free childcare is provided! They come together on Thursdays 0930 at theMain Post Chapel. POC is Meredith at Education (772-5591): Catholic Religious Education Program is heldSundays @ 930a; RCIA meets Sundays @ 1230p. Catholic Youth meets @ 1230 atthe Youth Services Bldg. Protestant Religious Education meets on Sundays @1100a; studies for adults & children. AWANA meets Wednesdays @ 1730p. Teensof the Chapel meet Sundays @ 1730 at the Youth Services Building. Program & Services Catholic Services Catholic Mass Sun @ 1100 Main Post Chapel Catholic Mass Mon-Fri @ 1200 Main Post Chapel Catholic Mass Sat @ 1700 Main Post Chapel Protestant Services The Crossing-Contemporary Sat @ 1800 Family Life & Spiritual Family Ctr Contemporary Service Sun @ 0915 Main Post Chapel Traditional Service Sun @ 0930 Riva Ridge Chapel Gospel Service Sun @ 1230 Main Post Chapel LDS Studies Mon @ 1900 Riva Ridge Chapel LDS Studies Thur @ 1900 Riva Ridge Chapel Jewish Services Lunch and Learn Tue @ 1200 Riva Ridge Chapel FRSA FLASH Page 15
  16. 16. Religious Lenten/Easter Schedule Main Post Chapel (MPC) 10785A Chapel Drive Riva Ridge Chapel (RRC) 10030 Riva Ridge LoopFridays of Lent Catholic Stations of the Cross 1730 MPC5 April Catholic Holy Thursday 1800 MPC5 April Protestant Maundy Thursday 1800 RRC6 April Protestant Good Friday 1200 RRC6 April Catholic Good Friday 1500 MPC7 April Catholic Easter Vigil 2000 MPC (no 1700 Mass)8 April Community Easter Sunrise 0700 MPC8 April Catholic Easter Mass 1100 MPC **All Regular Services Remain Page 16 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  17. 17. Local Places to VisitSci-Tech Center of Northern New York—54 Stone Street, Watertown, NY 13601. Phone: 315-788-1340Web-site: The Sci-Tech Center of Northern New York is a year-round, hands-on mu-seum of science and technology. Adults $4 Children $3 (under 3 free) Seniors (over 55) $2 Family (2 adults)$14. Open Friday & Saturday 10:00am—4:00pm.NYS Zoo at Thompson Park—1 Thompson Park, Watertown, NY 13601. Phone: 315-782-6180. December—February: Open Sat & Sun 10am—4pm (admission not accepted after 3:30pm);Closed Monday—Friday, Christmas Day and News Years Day. Admission is Adults $7; Child (ages 4-12) $4;Children 3 & under FREE; Seniors $5Jefferson County Historical Society Museum— 228 Washington Street, Watertown, NY 13601. Phone:315- 782-3491. Website: Members….FREE; under 5 yrs…FREE; Stu-dents…$4; Adults…$6; Seniors…$5; Active Duty Military & their Spouses…$5. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am—5pm and Saturday 10am—4pm.Showtime Skating—144 Eastern Blvd (located in the Olde Hackett’s Building on State Street). Phone: 315-779-8877. Website: Wednesday & Thurs-day 3p-8p $4.00; Friday 5p-11p $6.00;Saturday 11a-11p $6.00; Sunday 2p-8p $6.00. Includes Skate Rental. Showtime Skating is open for all agesand for anyone looking to have a good and safe time roller skating.Pla-More Lanes— 577 State Street, Watertown, NY 13601. Phone: 315-786-3356. Shoes—$2.25; Monday- Thursday $2.50 per game; Friday-Sunday $3.00 per game;Senior (over 65) $2.25 per game; In House League Bowlers-20% off. Hours of Operation are: Monday thruThursday 1p-5p; Friday 1p-5p & 9p- 11p; Saturday 1p-11p; Sunday 1p-4p FRSA FLASH Page 17
  18. 18. Things to DoPage 18 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  19. 19. FRSA FLASH Page 19
  20. 20. Youth ActivitiesPage 20 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  21. 21. Single Soldier Events 6-6 CAV STRONG BONDS SINGLE SOLDIER RETREAT 6004 Fair Lakes RoadEast Syracuse, NY 13057 Phone: 315-431-4800 29th - 30th March 2012FRSA FLASH Page 21
  22. 22. FRG FundraiserPage 22 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  23. 23. FRG CornerHHT 6-6 Squadron FRSAStephanie Monroe 404-580-6890 Mrs. Tiffany Woods 315-774-1306A Troop 6-6 Staff DutyMeghann Terry 502-797-0429 TF Six Shooters 315-774-1300Amanda Murphy 813-732-1065 Brigade 315-774-1100A Company 2-10 TF Six Shooters ChaplainMelissa Rexroad 315-405-5304 CPT Hurst 315-774-1303B Company 1-10 MFLCAlisha Monette 423-782-9202 Joan UpoleC Troop 6-6 315-608-0584Erin Milas 847-702-2898D Troop 6-6Kim Hill 315-405-8347 Do you know who your FRG leader is? Please check out ourHeather Ketchmark 912-657-4012 list of leaders, find yours andE Troop 6-6 contact them today!Emily Sivula 651-353-6926Julie Moore 989-482-9926 TF Six Shooters Advisors Trish Downey 315-608-1688 Theresa McGuire 315-773-3685