Nature of psychology


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Nature of psychology

  1. 1. NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY By Imran Niazi Subject Specialist GCET Mianwali
  2. 2. NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY  It is an accepted reality that the nature of psychology is quite scientific, as the definition of psychology is “the scientific study of behavior or science of behavior”.  Let’s try to analyze why psychology should be called a science? In general we may term a subject scientific, if it : (1) Possesses a body of fact which can be supported through universal laws and principles. Psychology possesses a well- organized theory which is supported by relevant psychological laws & principles.
  3. 3. NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY (2) Emphasizes the search for truth. Psychology also emphasizes on it. (3) Does not believe in hear & say or stereotypes. Psychology also has got rid from study of soul, study of mind & study of consciousness definitions, which were not possible to explain and not possible to open for experiences. (4) Believes in cause and effect relationship. Psychology also believes that every behavior has its root and factor causing or influencing.
  4. 4. NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY (5) Adopts the methods of objective investigation, systematic and controlled observation and scientific approach. In psychology also all method and techniques are quite scientific. Steps like  Analysis of behavior  Formulation of hypothesis,  Objective observation,  Controlled experimentation,  Deduction,  Verification and generalization of results etc provide the solid base for the scientific method and approach in psychology.
  5. 5. NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY (6) Helps in predicting future development. Psychology also helps to predict future developments. (7) Is able to turn its theory into practice by having an applied aspect. Psychology is also able to do this in the shape of educational psychology, clinical psychology, industrial psychology, legal psychology etc. So On the bases of above comparison, it is cleared that psychology qualifies as a science. So its nature is quite scientific and not philosophical.
  6. 6. BUT IF PSYCHOLOGY IS SCIENCE THEN WHAT KIND OF SCIENCE?  We can divide all kind of science in to two broad categories: The positive The normative  All physical and life sciences are termed as positive sciences.  While subjects like logic, philosophy and ethics are included in the category of normative science The question that arise is can we equate psychology the science of behavior with the positive science like physics, chemistry, botany, zoology & math? The answer is “NO”. In comparison to these sciences psychology is not perfect.
  7. 7.  In fact it is a behavioral science which deals with the behavior of an individual of an organism.  This behavior is quite dynamics and unpredictable.  Methods of study are also not as absolute and objectives as the adopted by the other natural sciences. So we cannot place psychology in the same category as the physical and natural sciences. Thus may be called developing positive science. Rather than developed positive science so we can define psychology as a “Developing positive science of behavior”