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Consumer startups trends


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Some trends in consumer startups 2012

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Consumer startups trends

  1. 1. Consumer startups: facts,trends, business models. St. Petersburg| 2012 Jane Smorodnikova, CEO
  2. 2. Fact №1Thousands of early-stage consumer web/mobilecompanies were started and funded in last 24months.
  3. 3. Fact №2 There are only a few dozen VCs who activelywrite consumer Series A checks, and those Vcs will only do a few deals a year.
  4. 4. Fact №3Facebook’s market cap is about half of whatmost tech investors expected before the IPO.
  5. 5. Fact №4Groupon, Zynga and Facebook are down.
  6. 6. Fact №5But Google is still growing. Because it’s useful?
  7. 7. Fact №6Chances for M&A (CrunchBase insights)1. Enterprise software2. Networks and hosting3. Hardware4. Games and video5. Mobile6. Web7. Ad8. Search9. E-commerse
  8. 8. Fact №6Chances for VC (CrunchBase insights)1. Hardware2. Enterprise software3. Mobile4. Games and video5. Networks and hosting6. Web7. E-commerce8. Ad9. Search
  9. 9. «Web and mobile are mostmentioned startups on…»
  10. 10. CrunchBase facts
  11. 11. «Ten million usersis the new one million users» Chris Dixon
  12. 12. Failed model 1: Pay-Per-Bid
  13. 13. Failed model 2: AirBnB of cars
  14. 14. Trend 1. NewismIn fact the entire world, from emerging* tomature economies, is now creating newproducts, services and experiences on a daily, ifnot hourly basis, in every B2C industry.
  15. 15. Trend 2. FSTREverything is getting faster and FSTR ;-). The onlineworld, with its relentless acceleration andamplification – of information, of excitement, ofattention.
  16. 16. Trend 3. EXPERIENCE CRAMMINGConsumers want to collect and mix-and-match asmany new and varied experiences as possible.
  17. 17. Trend 4. STATUS STREAMSocial status will come from being in-the-know, andfrom being part of the new.
  18. 18. Trend 5. TRYSUMERSThe risk of trying out something new isapproaching zilch.
  19. 19. Trend 6. TO HAVE IS TO (H)OLDFor smart consumers, trading in is thenew buying in 2012.Possessions dont(need to) get oldanymore.
  20. 20. Trend 7. RED CARPETThe World Tourism Organization has estimatedthat the total number of outbound tourists fromChina will reach 100 million by 2020 (now 30).For comparison, US citizens made only 37million outbound air travel trips during thewhole of 2010.
  21. 21. Trend 8. DIY HEALTHApp Store currently offers 9,000 mobile healthapps (including nearly1,500 cardio fitness apps,over 1,300 diet apps,over 1,000 stressand relaxation apps, andover 650 women’s healthapps) and by mid-2012,this number is expected reach 13,000.
  22. 22. Trend 9. DEALER-CHICMORE FOR LESSBEST OF THE BESTFor consumers,securing the best dealsis fast becoming a wayof life, if not a sourceof pride and status.
  23. 23. Trend 10. ECO-CYCOLOGYNext for recycling? Brands takingback all of their products (and recyclingthem responsibly and innovatively).*Patagonia claimsto have so far takenback 45 tons ofclothing for recyclingand made 34 tons into new clothes.
  24. 24. Trend 11. BOTTOM OF THE URBAN PYRAMIDIn 2012, the opportunities to cater tohundreds of millions of low-income urbanconsumers will be unprecedented.
  25. 25. Trend 12. IDLE SOURCINGExpect crowd-based problem solving tofuel endless innovations in 2012, especiallyas for consumers, contributing will bemore effortless than ever.
  26. 26. Trend 13. FLAWSOMEfor 2012s consumers, brands that behavemore humanly, including showing theirflaws, will be awesome.
  27. 27. Trend 14. SCREEN CULTUREIn 2012 will see three mega-tech currentsconverge: screens will be (evenmore): ubiquitous / mobile / cheap /always on; interactive and intuitive;an interface to everything and anything.
  28. 28. Trend 15. POINT & KNOW2012 will see a mix of the known (Apps!Augmented Reality!) and the very known(QR codes!) bringing information about theobjects (and even people) that consumersencounter in the real world instantly.
  29. 29. Good idea 1.For consumer startupswith non-transactional models(ad-based or unknown business models),you need something closer to 10 millionusers versus 1 million users to get Series Afunded. Be sure that market is big
  30. 30. Good idea 2.When you think that you know your competitorlandscape – start another competitor research.And repeat it. Don’t forget the world. Don’t forget substitutes. Be sure that you know it
  31. 31. Good idea 3.Use charts to visualize competitor landscape: 2 dimensions for 2 main values blue ocean canvas Be sure that you have something
  32. 32. Good idea 4. UserBase UserBase Market share Conversion Market PromotionThen forget market
  33. 33. Good idea 5. Big and growing market Trend and model Niche and advantage Team and background Facts and proofs
  34. 34. Go to and sign up! St. Petersburg| 2012 Jane Smorodnikova, CEO