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Fr4med Company Profily #instagram marketing tool


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FR4MED is a powerfull tool what helps your organisation repurposing your advocates' content and build valuable relationships with your fans by rewarding them for the content they create.

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Fr4med Company Profily #instagram marketing tool

  1. 1. we believe in the power of thank you! …build valuable relationships through user generated content
  2. 2. “I would rather be rewarded for what I do, than to be forced to do something for an incentive”
  3. 3. what we do helps you achieve your marketing objectives by using your target audiences’ content to inspire others and rewards them for creating it. why look for influencers when you already have fans with a voice?
  4. 4. create collect & curate repurpose publish we take the next step x
  5. 5. a tool that Finds and uses your fans’ Instagram content to inspire others Stimulates your fans’ behaviour through rewards Curates and creatively repurposes their content for your marketing activities
  6. 6. why we do it Because we believe in the power of Thank You. ! Because we believe fans’ content is the most authentic brand message that influences others 92% of consumers say they trust ‘earned’ media Decrease content production costs by using fan content ! Because we believe relationships are built, not bought !
  7. 7. consent + publish integrate + reward Microsites iPad stations Ad Widgets Social Sharing Gifts, Vouchers, E-Commerce integration value Traffic Exposure Awareness Sales Relationships Loyalty grow database collect&curate what’s in the tool?
  8. 8. products & services tools & customisation campaign & engagement tool, reward function, campaign template & integration in web / e-commerce environment ! campaigns & communications content strategy, communications concept & planning ! community management & measurement project strategy, monitoring & measurement
  9. 9. In a nutshell FR4MED delivers a powerful tool to thank your audience for the Instagram content they produce. FR4MED lets you curate and republish Instagram content for your marketing activities. FR4MED makes Instagram content shoppable for your commercial activities. FR4MED builds valuable relationships by rewarding your audience. FR4MED creates campaigns with you around your audience's content. ! FR4MED is a believer in the power of THANK YOU!
  10. 10. thank you Herengracht 270 1016BW Amsterdam ! +31 6 5203 5887