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Pippa S


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Pippa S

  1. 1. What she did for us 1.background 2.what she did 3.reasoning 5.Self evaluation
  2. 2.  BACKROUND  Emily Pankhurst was born on the 15th July 1858.She was brought up in Manchester and she had politically active parents and when she was eight she was introduced to the suffragette movement In 1878. she married Richard Pankhurst, a barrister who supported women's right to vote; they had five children over the next ten years. He also supported her activities outside the home.
  3. 3.  After her husband died she started an organization called the WSPA (women’s social and political union) who protested and won the right for women to vote. When they started protesting they became famous because they smashed windows and attacked police officers and this is when she and her friends got arrested and sent to prison. In the prison she and her friends went on hunger strikes to grab the attention of the public and this was when people started to listen. Pankhurst was arrested a further seven times and then finally the government approved and she had won the right to vote.
  4. 4. Well Emily Pankhurst protested for women's rights because her parents were part of the suffragette movement and also because she felt that it was so unfair that men were socially above women . She also had some female daughters who supported her very much and she had a whole organisation backing her. So she had so many people
  5. 5. •I have learnt how cruel society was towards women and I thin I have done ok with presenting what Emily Pankhurst has done for us however next time I will definitely do more research.