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  1. 1. The DICOM Image ViewerFreeware for viewing ophthalmic DICOM images and associated DICOM tags. Fundus Photograph Reading Center University of Wisconsin - Madison
  2. 2. Viewing DICOM files• DICOM OP (retinal photography)• OPT (optical coherence tomography)• ePDF (generic report) IODs
  3. 3. Caliper Measurement• Distance in mm between 2 locations – OP images allow for lines in all directions – OPT images allow for horizontal or vertical lines
  4. 4. View and Validate DICOM Tags• Full support of DICOM header viewing and consistency checking for OP, OPT and ePDF modalitiesView DICOM tags and select Validation results are color coded for the type of violation Color Significance Type 1, 2 tag missing Type 1C, 2C tag missing Type 1 tag with missing value Type 1C tag with missing value Shared Functional Group Sequence tag missing Per-Frame Functional Group Sequence tag missing Shared/Per-Frame incorrect position or incorrect number of instances Shared/Per-Frame tag missing value
  5. 5. FREEWARE DICOM Viewer