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  1. 1. Imaging & Data Management Solutions for Clinical Trials
  2. 2. Network of established ophthalmic reading centersIntegrated central laboratory services: Pre-clinicalthrough clinical trialsComprehensive spectrum of services◦ Trial design and outcome measures◦ Expertise in imaging and data analysis◦ Site training and certification for ophthalmic testing◦ Workflow and data quality tracking and reportingLinked through innovative software that allows sponsorsunprecedented ability to track study progress and sharestudy data.
  3. 3. E XCE LSIOR is a web-based software application builtspecifically for data collection and management ofcentralized imaging and data analysis in ophthalmicclinical trialsCentralized clinical trial database with secure,remote accessibilityUtilizes DICOM standard for data archiving andanalysis; standardizing and harmonizing data fromdiverse modalities and device manufacturers
  4. 4. E XCE LSIOR : one viewing and data analysis platformfor many modality and devices◦ Spectral domain optical coherence tomography◦ Fundus photography◦ Fluorescein Angiography◦ Indocynine green angiography◦ Autofluorescence imaging◦ Visual fields, scotopic microperimetry◦ Specular microscopy◦ electroretinogram