Affordable online lead-generation and marketing services


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Affordable online lead-generation and marketing services

  1. 1. “There is no army stronger in the world than an idea who’s time has come.” -Victor Hugo-
  2. 2. FOCUS Consulting GroupA sales and marketing consulting firm based inDenver Colorado with over 10 years of marketexperience, providing you an alternative to the way you pay for your marketing .
  3. 3. Every second there are over 1,000 online searches preformed by consumers looking for a reputablecompany to provide their products or services. We specialize in strategically placing you and your company in front of these online consumers with  NO long-term our custom online lead-generation packages. commitments  NO monthly feesWe generate real results with real-time leads sent instantly to your email and cell phone as a text message with the consumer’s name, phone  NO lead number, email, and a brief description of what fees they need.
  4. 4. How It Works….
  5. 5. Step #1.We design and developyou a custom lead-generation site, tailoredspecifically to yourcompany with all thetools and capabilitiesnecessary to generateyou targeted leads inreal-time.Every site comescomplete with aninstant lead-generationsystem, photo gallery,site content, a freeapplication for trackingleads, and formattingfor viewing on mobilephones.
  6. 6. REAL EXAMPLESTEP #2. Below is a real example of our results. This is a client ranking number 1 and number 3, taking up multiple positions on theWith 97% of first page of Google for a competitive keyword.consumers going KEYWORD: metal fabrication denver (109,000 results).online to researchproducts andservices, weprovide you withan exclusiveSearch EngineOptimizationCampaigndesigned to drivetargeted traffic toyour custom lead-generation site.
  7. 7. STEP #3.We covert traffic intotargeted leads ,capturingthe consumers name, phonenumber, email, and a briefdescription of what theyneed, generating you real-time leads that are sentwithin a matter of seconds,via text message and email.Name: John DoePhone Number: 555-555-5555Email: jdoe@yahoo.comProject Details: I need ametal staircase designed ,built, and installed for mycompany’s warehousedowntown.
  8. 8. Why Consulting Group?At FOCUS Consulting Group we have engineered the VALUEmost affordable and complete marketing solution We provide you ownership of youravailable today for companies nationwide. marketing, cutting out the middleman giving you the tools to generate your own leads eliminating up to 80% of your We provide our clients ownership of their marketing reoccurring marketing offering a custom lead-generation package riskfree, with no long-term commitments. Our business RESULTSmodel was designed to cut out the middleman in our Our custom lead-generation packages are built around your company, generatingclient’s marketing and eliminate up to 80% of our you real-time leads that are specific toclients costly reoccurring marketing costs. your areas of service and the services your company provides.Today’s business is rapidly changing, and today it ismore important than ever to informed decisions with AFFORD-ABILITY We work with each client on a flexibleyour company’s marketing. That’s why people choose deposit schedule with NO long-termFOCUS Consulting Group. Start putting your commitments, giving you complete controlmarketing dollars to work for you and your company and allowing you to test drive our (A Pay-For-Performance Business Model.) EXPEREINCE Each client has a dedicated team with over 33 years of experience working on their project around the clock, along with access to 24/7 customer support.
  9. 9. Introducing your company’s secret weapon.