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U1 B4 Z

  1. 1. Unit one: E-mail and Internet
  2. 2. New Words and Expressions Blonde adj. 金发碧眼的 e. g. Who was that blond I saw you were with last night?  昨晚我看见和你一道的那个金发女郎是谁? Roll v. 滚 , 使 ... 转动 , 摇摆 e.g. The dog rolled on the floor.  狗在地板上打滚。 The ship was rolling heavily to and fro.  那船晃来晃去很不平稳。
  3. 3. Respectable adj. a. 值得尊重的 , 人格高尚的 e.g. She is a respectable married woman.  她是个受人尊敬的已婚妇女。 An apparently respectable person, group, or business used as a cover for secret or illegal activities.  掩护表面值得尊敬的人、团体或企业,实际上用阴谋或不法活动做掩盖 Community n. 社区,团体 e.g. Everyone should invest some time in community service.  每个人都应 该花些时间在社区服务上。 His speech was an affront to all members of the community .  他的话对社区所有成员是故意的侮辱。
  4. 4. Access n. 通路 , 进入 , 使用之权 e.g. Citizens may have free access to the library.  市民可以免费使用这个图书馆。 He is a man of easy access .  他是一个很好接近的人。 Voluntary adj. 自愿的 , 志愿的 e.g. Many social services are still provided by voluntary societies in our city.  在我们的城市,许多社会服务仍然是有志愿团体提供的。 Attendance is purely voluntary .  这次出席纯粹是自愿的 .
  5. 5. Contribution n. 贡献 e.g. All contribution , however small, will be greatly appreciated.  所有捐款,无论数目多么少,我们都深表感谢。 I'll try to wangle a contribution out of him.  我要设法让他出把力 . Website n. 网站 e.g. The next time you go to a "Shocked" website , the Shockwave control loads and plays the movie.  下次再到一个需要使 Shockwave 的网站时, Shockwave 控制程 序就会自动装载并播放电影。
  6. 6. Finance n. 财政 , 财务 e.g. Unless we can get more finance , we'll have to close the store.  除非我们能得到更多的资金,我们将不得不关闭这家商店。 The politician was appointed as the Minister of Finance .  这位政治家被任命为财政部长。 Financial adj. 金融的 , 财政的 e.g. Please give us a90-day extension on loan repayment to help us tide over current financial difficulty.  请给我们延长 90 天的贷款偿还期限,以便克服目前的财政困难。 The journalist was probing into several financial scandals.  那记者正在调查几起财务丑闻。
  7. 7. Link n. 环节 , 联系 e.g. Is there a link between smoking and lung disease?  吸烟与肺部疾病之间有关系吗? Police suspect there may be a link between the two murders.  警方怀疑这两起谋杀案可能有关联 . v. 连接 , 联系 e.g. Television stations around the world are linked by satellite.  全世界的电视台通过卫星联系一起。 The road links all the new towns.  这条路把所有的新城镇都连接起来了。
  8. 8. Range n. 范围 , 行列 , 射程 e.g. Several cars are available within this price range .  在这个价格范围内,有好几种汽车可供选购。 It came within my range of vision.  该物体进入了我的视野 . v. 排列 , 归类于 , 延伸 e.g. The children‘s ages range from 8 to 15.  这些孩子们的年龄在 8 岁到 15 岁之间。 This rifle ranges over a mile.  这种步枪射程达一英里 . Our conversation ranged over many topics.  我们的谈话涉及很多话题。
  9. 9. Knit v. 编织 , 密接 , 结合 e.g. She often knits while watching TV.  她常常一边看电视一边织毛衣。 he broken bones have knit (together) well.  断骨已愈合良好 . Digital adj. 数字的 e.g. Most of the computers we are using are digital computers.  我们正在使用的计算机大多数是数字计算机。 The only error you shall receive back is from the DTS clerk on the digital machine.  应该接收回来的唯一错误来自于 Digital 机上的 DTS 职员机。
  10. 10. Isolation n. 隔离,孤立 e.g. Looked at in isolation , these facts are not encouraging.  孤立地看,这些事实并不乐观。 His isolation has made him blunt about the feelings of others.  他的孤立使他对别人的感情木然无知。 Liberty n. 自由 e.g. I took the liberty of reading the letter, even though it was addressed to you.  尽管这封信是写给你的,但是我冒昧地看过了。 I am afraid that I am not at liberty to discuss this matter.  对不起,我无权讨论这个问题。
  11. 11. Comfort v. 安慰 e.g. I tried to comfort him after he was defeated by his opponent.  他被对手击败后,我尽力安慰他。 n. 舒适 , 安慰 , 安慰者 e.g. My husband was a great comfort to me when my son was ill.  我儿子生病时,丈夫给了我极大的安慰。 The dress is carefully styled for maximum comfort .  这服装精心设计,力求达到最大限度的舒适。
  12. 12. Constitution n. 组织,宪法,体格 e.g. He has a good constitution .  他体质很好。 The constitution of a primitive society is not necessarily simple.  原始社会的结构并不一定就是简单的。 Britain has an unwritten constitution , and the United States has a written constitution .  英国有不成文的宪法 , 美国有成文的宪法 . Sentence v/n. 宣判,判决 e.g. The man was sentenced to three years in prison.  他被判三年监禁。 The condemned man listened to his sentence without batting an eyelid.  那被定罪的人木无表情地听著对他的宣判 .
  13. 13. Lack n. 缺乏,无,不足 e.g. The plant died for lack of water.  植物因缺水而枯死了。 Lack of evidence resulted in their acquittal.  因证据不足而宣判他们无罪 . v. 缺乏,短少,不足 e.g. He is good at his job but he seems to lack confidence.  他工作不错,但似乎缺乏信心。 Money for the project is still lacking .  进行这个项目的钱还没有著落 .
  14. 14. New Phrases and Expressions A handful of 少量的 e.g. We invited twenty people, but only a handful of them came.  我们邀请了 20 个人,但只来了寥寥数人。 All the trouble is being caused by a handful of malcontents.  这些是非都是由一小撮不满分子搬弄的 . I picked up a handful of letters and began to open them.  我拿起一叠信,开始把它们拆开。
  15. 15. Thanks to: 由于,多亏 e.g. Thanks to your timely intervention.  多亏你及时调停。 Thanks to his effort, it is more successful than we have expected.  由于他的努力,获得了比我们预期的更大的成功。 Thanks to the bad weather, the match had been cancelled.  多亏这个倒霉天气,挺好的比赛取消了。 I am feeling better now, no thanks to you.  我现在觉得好多了,这并非由于你的原因。 It's no thanks to you (that) we arrived on time your short cuts weren't short cuts at all!  我们及时赶到可并没叨你的光 -- 你说的近路一点儿也不近 !
  16. 16. Passage: Seniors Find Fun on Web Thousands of Americans over 50 are discovering friends, fun, and new ideas on an Internet-based community called SeniorNet. “ I am an old lady –except on-line when I am 37, blonde and ready to roll ,” says a respectable member of SeniorNet, a true community of seniors that includes a 104-year-old member. A fifth of Americans with Internet access , or 8-10 million people, are over 50.
  17. 17. SeniorNet is non-profit site that develops very quickly thanks to voluntary contributions from its 25,000 members and a handful of retirees who designed the website and manage more than 200 discussion groups set up on the network. “ Of course, the usual topics linked with old age are very much there – health and financial questions – but they are not the only topics, ” says Glen Gilbert, the site’s director of development. Subjects ranging from cooking and knitting to digita l cameras and politics are discussed, he says.
  18. 18. “ It’s a place where one can break the isolation of a bedroom without having to leave it, where you can comfort one another in times of sickness,” Gilbert says. “But it is also a place where you can share in the happy moments of life, be it birthdays or even weddings.” The most complete liberty of expression provided by the Web also allows for a “men’s lounge” which wives are asked to avoid, and for the constitution of a group of “gay and lesbian seniors.”
  19. 19. This group permits men and women to discuss issues that, in their youth, would have been shameful to them. One senior says that, “for a teacher like me, to come out at that time was a bit like signing your death sentence.” SeniorNet has also established a network of 130 computer learning centers. These provide the basics on navigating the Internet and tips on setting up a website as well as a computer for those for those who lack their own equipment.
  20. 20. EXERCISES 1. Build up your language stock <ul><li>Voluntary contribution </li></ul><ul><li>B. Manage discussion groups </li></ul><ul><li>C. Director of development </li></ul><ul><li>D. Navigate the internet </li></ul><ul><li>E. A respectable member </li></ul><ul><li>F. Liberty of expressions </li></ul><ul><li>G. Sign death sentence </li></ul>H. A non-profit site I. Internet access J. Comfort one another K. internet-based community L. Thanks to M. Break the isolation N. Discover new ideas O. Establish a network
  21. 21. (L) 由于 (J) 互相安慰 (G) 宣布死刑 (F) 言论自由 (I) 进入因特网 (O) 建立一个网络系统 (C) 发展部部长 (A) 自愿捐助 (B) 组织讨论组 (M) 消除孤独 (K) 因特网上的虚拟社团 (D) 浏览因特网
  22. 22. 2. Decide whether the following statements are true or false according to the passage. ① Only people who are over 60 are referred to as senior people. ② Health and financial questions are frequently discussed on SeniorNet. ③ Senior people can discuss the issues which are shameful to young people. ④ People must pay to go to any of the computer learning centers. ⑤ It can be inferred that people are more open-minded on the net than in Realistic places. Answers: ①F ②T ③F ④F ⑤T
  23. 23. 3. Choose the best answer ① All the seniors can have ___ to SeniorNet. a. entrance b. enrollment c. admission d. access ② He is a senior University student, but he has never been ___ the Internet. a. at b. on c. in d. with ③ His well-written short stories made him a ___ man. a. respectable b. respectful c. respective d. respecting
  24. 24. <ul><li>④ When he was in Australia, he did a lot of ___ work. </li></ul><ul><li>volunteer b. voluntary c. vulnerable d. volatile </li></ul><ul><li>⑤ She spends too much on her clothes and thus is often </li></ul><ul><li>frustrated with ___ problems. </li></ul><ul><li>a. fiscal b. monetary c. physical d. financial </li></ul>Answers: ⑴d ⑵b ⑶a ⑷b ⑸d
  25. 25. 4. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. ① She wants to bring home a boyfriend from the other side of the world, with whom she’s been having a virtual relationship for months. ② She has also built a website for Jane, her best friend in the US, whom she met online. ③ Gordon, who met Mona in an online chat room four years ago, works nights as a security guard and goes online in the morning.
  26. 26. ④ The first time when he visited the online chat room was in 1998, when he was only 10 years old. ⑤ The Net is also helping the couple run a 93-hectare farm business, which they own in partnership with their friends.
  27. 27. ① 她想将男友从世界的那边带回家。她和男友在网上保持了数月的恋爱 关系。 ② 她还为美国好友珍妮建立了一个网站。她是在网上遇见珍妮的。 ③ 戈登是位上夜班的保安,他早晨上网。他是在几年前在网上聊天室遇 见默娜的。 ④ 他第一次访问网上聊天室是在 1998 年。那时,他仅 10 岁。 ⑤ 网络也帮助这对夫妇经营着 93 公顷的农场。这农场是他们和朋友合伙 经营的。 Answers:
  28. 28. 5. Translate the following sentences into English by using the given phrases. ① 由于学生们的积极参与,这次足球比赛进行的很顺利。 ② 这部电影描写了一位中国老人的幸福时光。 ③ 因特网的普及改变了人们以往寻找新朋友和新观点的方式。 ④ 在众多的网址中,有很多是非盈利的网址。 ⑤ 老年网为美国的一些老年人提供了表达自己情感的机会。 ⑥ 学生们谈论的话题涉及文化和政治。 ⑦ 这位老人甚至在患病期间还经常安慰他人。 ⑧ 看来我们不能回避一些少量的难题。 ⑨ 这个学习中心已和很多研究中心建立了网络联系。
  29. 29. Grammar Focus Non-restrictive Attributive Clause
  30. 30. <ul><li>① He traveled to the southern part of the country, ___ he got many ideas for this book. </li></ul><ul><li>Who B. where C. which D. that </li></ul><ul><li>② The mother got a good job on the farm, ___ provided extra income for the family. </li></ul><ul><li>Where B. who C. Which D. that </li></ul><ul><li>③ For years they have lived a life in the countryside, ___ was very enjoyable. </li></ul><ul><li>Where B. who C. which D. that </li></ul><ul><li>Complete the following sentences by choosing the </li></ul><ul><li>best one from the four choices. </li></ul>
  31. 31. <ul><li>④ The father, ___ was the world champion, was regarded as the hero </li></ul><ul><li>in the little village. </li></ul><ul><li>A. Who B. whom C. which D. that </li></ul><ul><li>⑤ The injured soldier, ___ leg had been broken, was carried away. </li></ul><ul><li>A. Who B. whom C. which D. whose </li></ul><ul><li>⑥ Martin’s garage, ___ the car had been parked, was not far away. </li></ul><ul><li>Whose B. whom C. where D. whose </li></ul><ul><li>⑦ I can lend you two books, both of ___ are very good. </li></ul><ul><li>Whom B. that C. whose D. which </li></ul>
  32. 32. Answers: BCCAD CDAAA ⑧ They will fly to Xi’an, ___ they plan to stay for two days, and then go on to Wuxi. A. Where B. who C. whose D. which ⑨ We will put off the outing next week, ___ we won’t be so busy. A. When B. where C. which D. that ⑩ Most significantly, the boy has a magic violin, ___ lets him travel across time and space and lets him zip between heaven and earth. A. Which B. when C. that D. who
  33. 33. 2. Rewrite the sentences after the example given. Example: The director looked very confident. He spoke for 20 minutes. The director, who looked very confident, spoke for 20 minutes. ① He said environment protection was everyone’s responsibility. It is a key issue. ② Lockville is now beauty spot. There used to be a chemical plant there. ③ We made many mistakes in the past. We knew less than we do.
  34. 34. ④ The managing directors of the company have more responsibilities. This is known to all the staff. ⑤ The industries produce the products. We criticize the industries. We buy the products. ⑥ She made all kinds of suggestions. I couldn’t understand most of them. ⑦ Small computers need only small amounts of power. It means that they will run on small batteries. ⑧ This happened in 1975. Then I was still a baby.
  35. 35. ① He said environment protection, which is a key issue, was everyone’s responsibility. ② Lockville is now a beauty spot, where there used to be a chemical plant. ③ We made many mistakes in the past, when we knew less than we do. ④ The managing directors of the company have more responsibilities, which is known to all the staff. Answers:
  36. 36. ⑤ The industries, which we criticize, produce the products which we buy. ⑥ She made all kinds of suggestions, most of which I couldn’t understand. ⑦ Small computers need only small amounts of power, which means that they will run on small batteries. ⑧ This happened in 1975, when I was still a baby.
  37. 37. Thank you !!!