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Katalog make-up Nigeria, Skype networketer

  1. 1. Product catalogue no. 8 2015
  2. 2. Help us help others! www.golden-tulip.com F O U N D A T I O N Go for the WOW effect! This season make up is all about creativity – the current trends let you give free reign to fantasy. When selecting novelties to this catalogue we wanted the beauty products not only to suit your needs but also to make your everyday make up routine fun and pleasant. I recommend our novelty – the Lash Specialist Serum – to your special attention. This concentrated elixir makes your lashes longer, thicker, denser and more flexible. Healthy, well- maintained and nourished lashes are always in, regardless of whether you go for a natural and subtle make up or for a stronger one. We also have something for those of you who need an immediate effect: the Phenomenal Mascara provides spectacular results. Also, the Volume Designer Mascara has gained two new colours: Royal Blue and Dark Brown. Another big hit of the catalogue is definitely the transparent Bamboo Powder – perfect to finish your make up or to touch it up during the day. I believe that many ladies will make room for this Powder in their beauty bags. The CC family cosmetics have invariably enjoyed your high appreciation so we decided to expand their range and with this catalogue we are introducing the luxurious CC Colour & Care primer in the Brilliant Peach shade – which perfectly handles all discolourations and skin imperfections. This season is perfect to play with colours: match matte eye shadows with glittery, loose with cashmere. To make blending and creating gorgeous colour transitions easier, I recommend trying our next novelty – the Blending Brush – which is the first step to do make up like a professional makeup artist. Our response to the hottest manicure trend – the eye-catching and artistically decorated nails – are top coats: matte and brilliant. I highly recommend giving them a try. I hope that discovering our novelties will give you as much pleasure as we had while creating this offer. Enjoy your shopping! Katarzyna Trawińska FM GROUP Poland All prices in our catalogue include VAT. FM GROUP MAKE UP product catalogue no. 9 has been valid since May 2014. The offer included in the catalogue, in terms of prices and products, has been valid since May 2014, while stocks last or until a new catalogue is introduced. The catalogues, Marketing Plan and other advertising, promotional and information materials that are issued or explicitly approved by FM GROUP World, FM GROUP Polska or by FM GROUP Mobile are the only authorised sources of information for the purpose of selling and advertising the FM GROUP products.
  3. 3. FACE a g o r g e o u s
  4. 4. FM | NF03 NATURAL BEIGE WARM WALNUT FM | NF07 GINGER CAKE FM | NF08 SANDAL WOOD FM | NF09 Foundation ADVANCED FOUNDATION COVERING EFFECT » a perfectly selected mix of polymers ensures a perfect coverage and a satin skin effect » pigments wrapped in silicone sheath ensure long-lasting colour » an amino acid complex has a high water binding potential which is good for moisturisation and smoothing of your skin » vitamin C stimulates collagen renewal while vitamin E protects your skin from the harmful effects of external factors » contains UV filters » easy to spread, does not cause a“mask effect” » suitable for all skin types » an elegant glass bottle with a practical pump dispenser » capacity: 30 ml 2,920.00 NGN/ 4 G Beauty cream primer BEAUTY CREAM PRIMER » prepares your skin for make up application » contains pearl pigments that add glow to your complexion, conceal imperfections and wrinkles » specially selected ingredients absorb the excess of sebum restoring the natural balance of the skin » Hydromanil® and hyaluronic acid deeply moisturise, firm and smooth the skin » vitamin E has an antioxidant effect delaying skin the ageing process » delicate pink colour enlivens the skin and reduces the signs of tiredness » velvety and creamy formula is easy to spread and ensures a perfect durable make up » suitable for all skin types » size: 15 ml FM | fb02 1,145.00 NGN/ 15 ML Eyeshadow base EYESHADOW BASE » the cream base ensures the perfect eye make up, increases colour intensity and depth » simplifies eye shadow distribution, prevents fallout and creasing » nude shade evens the skin tone » the rich formula contains an anti-aging vitamin C and E complex, hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and firms the delicate skin of the eyelids, and beeswax which softens it » designed for all eye shadow types » scentless » weight: 4g FM | cb02 1,135.00 NGN/ 4 G Silicone base SILICONE BASE » a transparent base makes your skin perfectly smooth, enlarged pores and wrinkles become less visible » prolongs make up durability and facilitates its perfect application » mattes the skin ensuring its fresh look » the secret behind its recipe is a combination of smoothing silicones, antioxidant C and E vitamin complex and soothing bisabolol » light, velvety formula makes the Base easy to spread, absorbs quickly and does not cause the feeling of skin tightness » suitable for all skin types » capacity: 15 ml FM | nb01 1,515.00 NGN/ 15 ML 6 7 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
  5. 5. 1,515.00 NGN/ 8 G Mineral blush MINERAL BLUSH » elegant shades subtly define cheekbones and contour your face » contains micronised sapphire which nurtures and moisturises the skin » tourmaline improves skin colour while kaolin additionally absorbs the excess of sebum » olive oil (rich in vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and iron) has rejuvenating, moisturising and protective properties » A, E and F vitamin complex accelerates skin cells renewal making your skin smooth and supple » its new formula spreads smoothly and evenly » pressed » for every skin type » weight: 8 g CORAL FM | NR02 Baked blush BAKED BLUSH » a high content of illuminating particles guarantees a pearly shine and a beautiful colour » rich in nutritious jojoba oil » contains macadamia oil which makes your skin more supple and smooth, and an intensively moisturising Limnanthes alba seed oil » vitamin E protects the skin from harmful effects of external factors » innovative baking technology guarantees to preserve natural properties of active ingredients » easy to apply, for dry and wet application » perfect as an eye shadow too » weight: 1,4 g 1,840.00 NGN/ 1,4 G 2,920.00 NGN/ 9 G 1,730.00 NGN/ 9 G BLOOMING ROSE FM | NR04 DESERT ROSE FM | NP15 DESERT ROSE FM | NP15 Mineral powder MINERAL POWDER MATTIFYING EFFECT » perfect for make up finish and make up corrections during the day » specially selected ingredients give your skin natural matte look and equal colour effect » rich in microelements and minerals kaolin perfectly absorbs the excess of sebum » micronised sapphire moisturises the skin and smoothes out minor wrinkles » natural filters protect your skin from UV radiation » silky texture » suitable for all skin types » in a convenient cassette with a mirror and a sponge » weight: 9 g HONEY BROWN FM | NP10 WARM CHOCOLATE FM | NP11 BROWN JASPER FM | NP05 Mineral powder MINERAL POWDER BRONZING EFFECT » two perfectly matched powder shades subtly warm up your skin tone and create the effect of natural looking tan » mineral particles reflect light and conceal imperfections making the skin fresh and radiant » rich in vitamins safflower oil and soybean oil guarantee brilliant and healthy look » argan oil intensely moisturises and regenerates the skin making it soft and supple » natural filters protect the skin from UV radiation » suitable for all skin types » in a convenient cassette with a mirror and a sponge » weight: 10 g 2,380.00 NGN/ 15 ML AMBER FM | NP13 8 9 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
  6. 6. EYES m y s t e r i o u s
  7. 7. 1,730.00 NGN/ 11 ML MIDNIGHT BLACK FM | M003 Tattoo brow tint TATTOO BROW TINT » convenient and precise eyebrow styling » gives a natural, long-lasting effect » capillary dosing system » does not smudge » capacity: 3 ml 1,515.00 NGN/ 3 ML DARK BRONZE FM | KR14 Store in a horizontal position. Apply the tint on clean, grease-free skin. Automatic eye pencil AUTOMATIC EYE PENCIL LONG-LASTING EFFECT » draws thick and thin lines with immaculate precision » enriched with nourishing waxes and ethereal oils » waterproof » does not smudge » twist to open… twist to close » convenient sharpener at the base of the pencil » weight: 0.31 g 1,030.00 NGN/ 0,31 G STRONG GRAPHITE FM | KR03 FROZEN GREY FM | KR04 MALACHITE GREEN FM | KR06 DEEP MAROON FM | KR02 DECADENCE BLACK FM | KR01 DARK BLUE FM | KR05 Mascara VOLUME DESIGNER MASCARA » a distinctive look and volume of your dreams » a special formula enriched with plant origin complex makes your lashes elastic and naturally soft » rice wax rich in vitamin E nourishes and nurtures your lashes » natural copernice leaves wax (Brazilian palm) leaf extract regenerates and prevents lashes from falling out » a perfectly chosen thick brush with dense hair structure separates lashes and covers them with an even layer of mascara » creamy texture allows the mascara to be spread evenly giving regular deep colour » long-lasting, does not smudge or crumble » thickened and perfectly modelled lashes will add magnetic beauty and mystery to your look » capacity: 11 ml 1,730.00 NGN/ 8 ML 3 step mascara 3 STEP MASCARA » an innovative formula based on the advanced technology extremely increases volume of the lashes and provides adequate moisturisation » spectacularly lengthens and precisely separates lashes after just first application » natural active substances – extracts from fruits and flowers – make the lashes look bigger and enhanced » no sticking together, no clumps, no smudging – polymer content provides an excellent coverage of eyelashes » an innovative shape of the 3 step brush with various lengths of hairs enables application from the base to the tips of the lashes » sensual black emphasises the intensity of the look by giving your make up an intriguing shimmer » capacity: 8 ml FM | m002 PERFECTBLACKThis product has been tested under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. 12 13 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
  8. 8. CARBON BLACK FM | EL02 Store in a vertical position with the tip downwards! 1,515.00 NGN/ 1,1 ML Liquid eyeliner LIQUID EYELINER » beautifully highlights the eye contour, visually thickens the lashes, and creates an expressive look » a perfectly shaped tip guarantees an excellent and easy application » a deep, intense color » excellent coverage after one application » long-lasting » capillary dosing system » three stunning colours » capacity: 1,1 ml CHOCOLATE MOUSSE FM | NC01 FALL GREEN FM | NC04 SILVER DUST FM | NC02 HEATHER INTENSE FM | NC03 Duo eyeshadows DUO EYESHADOWS » perfectly matched duet of colours puts a twinkle in the eyes and allows you to create the perfect every day and evening eye make up » aloe ensures proper moisturisation of the delicate skin of the eyelids » macadamia oil additionally nourishes, making your eyelids fabulously supple and firm » pressed » weight: 3 g pearly-matte duet VOLCANIC BROWN FM | NC08 INKY NIGHT FM | NC05 1,570.00 NGN/ 6 G Mineral eyeshadows MINERAL EYESHADOWS » composition of three harmonious colours allows you to make the perfect eye make up » delicate pearlescent shine illuminates and enlivens your look » based on specially selected mineral ingredients » argil rich in microelements such as silicon, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and mineral salts nurtures delicate skin of the eyelids » avocado oil has moisturising, softening, regenerating and antioxidant properties » contains natural UV filters » weight: 6 g 1,570.00 NGN/ 3 G 14 15 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
  9. 9. LIPS s e n s u a l
  10. 10. SPICY NUDE FM | LIN1 INNOCENT PINK FM | LIN2 SUBTLE ROSE FM | LIN3 PLUM GOLD FM | LIN4 1,515.00 NGN/ 9 ML Lip gloss LIP GLOSS WET LIP EFFECT » subtle colour and shimmering pigment particles provide the wet lip effect » grape oil nurtures your lips and provides optimal moisturisation » safflower oil protects the skin from harmful effects of external factors » vitamin A improves the colour of the lips, vitamin E has antioxidant properties while vitamin F nourishes and regenerates delicate lip epidermis » contains UV filters » capacity: 9 ml 1,515.00 NGN/ 9 ML Lip gloss LIP GLOSS » carefully selected pigments give your lips a tempting colour and subtle gloss » soybean oil, rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids, provides intensive care and protection » a vitamin complex regenerates and firms delicate skin of the lips » natural wax additionally oils and smoothes the lips » filters protect the skin from UV radiation » capacity: 9 ml Fruity lip gloss FRUITY LIP GLOSS » tempting aroma of delicious wild strawberries, bananas, cherries, peaches or raspberries » shiny colours subtly emphasise the colour and shape of your lips, optically enlarge and give a fantastic shimmer » regenerating vitamin complex nourishes and softens your lips » a special formula, contains shea butter, improves the appearance of dry and chapped lips by soothing and hydrating them » pampers your senses with appetising aroma and delicate taste » easy to apply thanks to convenient dispenser tip » capacity: 15 ml 1,515.00 NGN/ 9 ML Lip gloss LIP GLOSS PLUMP LIP EFFECT » sensual shine and delicate colour perfectly highlight the shape of your lips » toning and cooling substance makes them look full and slightly enlarged » a combination of nourishing vitamins provides intensive hydration and softness » nourishing vitamin complex makes the lips smooth and regenerates them, ensuring a healthy look » it can be used separately or on a lipstick to highlight its colour and prolong durability » contains UV filters » capacity: 9 ml WILD STRAWBERRY FM | LI20 CHERRY FM | LI18 RASPBERRY FM | LI19 PEACH FM | LI17 865.00 NGN/ 15 ML Pleasant tingling sensation. 18 19 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
  11. 11. MAKEUPREMOVAL s i m p l e 2,055.00 NGN/ 4 G Extra rich lipstick EXTRA RICH LIPSTICK » gives sensual colour and delicate sheen » contains argan and jojoba oils which have moisturising and regenerating properties » shea butter softens, smoothes and prevents your lips from chapping » vitamin A accelerates epidermal cell regeneration, vitamin E protects from free radicals, while vitamin F nourishes and oils the lips » contains UV filters » there are automatic lip liners matching all lipstick colours » weight: 4 g PALE FUCHSIA FM | LN02 SUNRISE PINK FM | LN04 AUSTRALIAN SAND FM | LN03 HOT RED FM | LN01 Choose the right shade using our lipstick tester. SHINY NUDE FM | BP2 CANDY PINK FM | BP1 PEACHY ROSE FM | BP3 1,250.00 NGN/ 4 G Glossy lipstick GLOSSY LIPSTICK » a combination of subtle colour with intensive shine and reflective glints give your lips sensual and seductive look » contains protective waxes » vitamins C and E nurture and regenerate delicate epidermis of the lips, make them soft and supple, well moisturised, nourished and resistant to free radicals » its light formula does not make your lips sticky » easy to apply, ideal for everyday make up » pleasant fruity fragrance » weight: 4 g 20
  12. 12. ACCESSORIES u s e f u l 2,160.00 NGN/ 200 ML Micellar lotion MICELLAR LOTION » effectively removes make up and cleanses your skin without damaging the natural hydro-lipid layer of the epidermis » based on rosewater made of Rosa Centifolia which has toning and soothing properties » you can use it instead of cleansing milk or toner, perfectly prepares the skin for further care » a moisturising complex prevents epidermal water loss » panthenol soothes irritations and nourishes the skin » allantoin makes the skin smooth » for everyday use » for every skin type » capacity: 200 ml FM | mi03 22
  13. 13. 2,435.00 NGN Blending Brush BLENDING BRUSH » made of natural hand-knotted pony hair » indispensable for shading and blending colours as well as in smoky eyes make up » suitable for the application of various types of eye shadows » in an oval shape that allows for an easy eye shadow application both to the whole eyelid as well as in the crease » durable and easy to clean » length: about 19,5 cm FM | w012 BLENDINGBRUSH EYESH A D O W BRU SH EYESH AD O W SPO N G E 1,405.00 NGN Eyeshadow brush EYESHADOW BRUSH » slightly flat shape » handmade from natural, hand-formed pony hair » suitable for precise application of various types of eye shadows » provides even application of the eye shadows and harmonious tonal transitions between the colours » does not absorb excessive amount of the cosmetic » length: about 19 cm FM | w007 1,190.00 NGN Eyeshadow sponge EYESHADOW SPONGE » made of soft foam sponge » can be used to apply every type of eye shadows » perfectly spreads the eye shadows, allows to make a smooth tone transitions between colours and the“smoky eye”effect » durable and easy to clean » length: about 19 cm FM | w003 PO W D ER BRU SH 3,780.00 NGN Powder brush POWDER BRUSH » handmade from soft and resilient racoon‘s natural bristles » excellent for applying and spreading both loose and pressed powders » perfectly profiled shape of the tip allows easy application of the powder » strong and resistant to frequent beauty treatments » does not absorb excessive amount of cosmetic and allows smooth application » length: 23,5 cm FM | w004 24 25 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
  14. 14. Make up bag MAKE UP BAG » made of elegant golden-creamy satin with black elements » convenient handle » closes with a zipper » carefully finished » size: around 19 x 9,5 x 7 cm FM | g59 2,800.00* NGN Ribbon make up bag RIBBON MAKE UP BAG » made of a durable poliester » zippered » size: 20,5 x 20,5 x 10 cm FM | H19 2,900.00 NGN Paper bag PAPER BAG » perfect for small gifts » size: 15 x 15 x 8 cm FM | tm1 250.00 NGN *Only while stocks last. 2,800.00 NGN Make up brush case MAKE-UP BRUSH CASE » created for convenient and safe storage of cosmetic brushes » has 8 compartments matching different types of brushes » black, made of synthetic material » tied with a cotton ribbon » size: 42 x 27 cm when unfolded FM | w011 BLU SH BRU SH 2,215.00 NGN Blush brush BLUSH BRUSH » round, slanting shape » hand-made from natural mountain goat hair with the addition of squirrel hair » delicate and pleasant to the touch » suitable for applying blushes, bronzers, powders and powder pearls » helps to contour and highlight your face by blending cosmetics on the skin » length: around 22 cm FM | w005 FO U N D ATIO N BRU SH LIP BRU SH 2,160.00 NGN Foundation brush FOUNDATION BRUSH » hand-made from the highest quality synthetic bristles » suitable for applying liquid foundations and concealers » does not absorb the excess of the cosmetic » allows even application of the foundation without a“mask”effect » durable and resilient to damage caused by frequent use » length: about 22 cm FM | w008 1,405.00 NGN Lip brush LIP BRUSH » handmade from the highest quality synthetic bristles » designed for precise application of lipsticks and lip glosses – both cream textured and liquid » a cone-shaped tip allows to precisely outline the lips contour and apply the correct amount of cosmetic » durable and easy to maintain » length: about 18 cm FM | w013 26 27 FM GROUP MAKE UP products are genuine FM GROUPWorld products.
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