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DROM Clients - Chanel , Hugo Boss,


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DROM Clients - Chanel , Hugo Boss,

  1. 1. JUNE 09COMING next Air drom«From Lolita Lempicka to Michael Kors»IN THE NEW WINS culture«Kenzo» «Green Summer» by Yves Rocher«Lacoste» «Hollywood Stromboli 1950» by Parfums 137«Chanel»«Hugo Boss» BRAND«Christian Dior»«Zadig & Voltaire» L’ORÉAL: 100 YEARS OF SUCCESS!!!
  2. 2. COMINGHOUSE: Lolita Lempicka nextGROUP: Pacific Création ParfumsFRAGRANCE: «Si Lolita»LAUNCH DATE: 2009 HOUSE: Paris Hilton GROUP: Parlux FRAGRANCE: «Siren» LAUNCH DATE: Summer 2009 HOUSE: Issey Miyake GROUP: B.P.I. FRAGRANCE: «A Scent by Issey Miyake» LAUNCH DATE: August 2009 HOUSE: Dolce & Gabbana GROUP: P & G FRAGRANCE: «Anthology» LAUNCH DATE: September 2009 HOUSE: Michael Kors GROUP: Estée Lauder group FRAGRANCE: «Very Hollywood» LAUNCH DATE: 2009
  3. 3. IN THE Air H O U S E : Ke n z o G R O U P: LV M H g r o u p F R A G R A N C E : « Ke n z o A m o u r E a u F l o r a l e » L A U N C H DAT E : M a y 2 0 0 9 B OT T L E D E S I G N E R : Ka r i m Ra s h i dCONCEPT :T he collection Kenzo Amour is flourishing with a new flanker “Kenzo Amour Eau Florale”. With the frangipani blossom still present in the heart, the floral note incorporates rosebud andgardenia.Top notes have the sparkling essence of neroli and cardamom oil.Base notes are softened with white musk.The opaque bottle was designed by Karim Rashid.Olga Kurylenko is the face of the advertising campaign, photogra- OLFACTIVE FAMILY: - Floral, White Flowers,phed by Patrick Guedj. Citrus, Musky.
  4. 4. IN THE Air HOUSE: Lacoste G R O U P: P & G p r e s t i g e p r o d u c t s FRAGRANCE: «Lacoste Challenge» L A U N C H DAT E : M a y 2 0 0 9CONCEPT :C reated to pay tribute to René Lacoste, this new eau de toilette takes its cue from the famous musketeer with the slogan “just play”!Olfactively, Challenge opens on notes of tangerine and lemonwith a hint of bergamot, whereas the more aromatic hearthides ginger, lavender and purple leaves. Base notes featureteak and ebony wood. OLFACTIVE FAMILY:The bottle evokes the handle of a tennis racquet with a black - Fougere, Fruity, Woody.“soft touch” cap.The advertising campaign is fronted by the actor HaydenChristensen, known for his role of Hanakin Skywalker in thecult movie Starwars.
  5. 5. IN THE Air OLFACTIVE FAMILY: - Floral, Citrus, Musky. HOUSE: Chanel G R O U P: C h a n e l S A F R A G R A N C E : « C r i s t a l l e E a u Ve r t e » L A U N C H DAT E : A p r i l 2 0 0 9 B OT T L E D E S I G N E R : J a c q u e s H e l l e uCONCEPT :F rench luxury brand Chanel is adding a first flanker, as successor of Cristalle, the first fragrance after the Gabrielle Chanel era. Cristalle, originally launched in 1974, isa Henri Robert creation. The new edition is a Jacques Polgein-house perfumer view, on a magnolia flower accord, married toother white flowers, such as jasmine, with honeysuckle, neroli,and citrus notes. For lightness, the white flowers are surroundedby bergamot and lemon.The typical Chanel bottle boasting a pale green juice, is cappedwith a modern white top.
  6. 6. IN THE Air HOUSE: Hugo Boss G R O U P: P & G p r e s t i g e p r o d u c t s FRAGRANCE: «Boss White Edition» L A U N C H DAT E : M a y 2 0 0 9 B OT T L E D E S I G N E R : C h r i s L e v i n e L u t z H e r m a n n ( Pe t e r S c h m i d t G r o u p ) Simon Hill OLFACTIVE FAMILY:CONCEPT : - Woody, Aromatic,T Citrus, Spicy. he latest creation in the collection «Boss in motion» by Hugo Boss, «White edition» opens with scents of ruby orange. This fragrance is a rich and powerful combination of musks and woods. Top notes arestrongly marked by ruby orange. The heart notes, musk, cinnamon, saffronand black pepper create a sensual harmony. The base note is composed ofvetiver, reinforcing the masculine woody character. The bottle remains fai-thful to the spherical design of the Boss in Motion collection but this time inwhite, reflecting the clean and fresh blend of the fragrance. The advertisingcampaign seeks to capture the spirit of perfume; carefree, optimistic andspontaneous. Tyson Ritter, singer and bass guitarist with the group “All-American Rejects”, embodies that man. This perfume closes the «Boss inmotion» collection begun in 2002, with an eponymous scent, spherical inshape and with a matt-white finish.
  7. 7. IN THE Air HOUSE: Christian Dior G R O U P: LV M H F R A G R A N C E : « E s c a l e à Po n d i c h é r y » L A U N C H DAT E : M a y 2 0 0 9 B OT T L E D E S I G N E R : D i o r S t u d i oCONCEPT :D ior is to follow up last year’s Escale a Portofino, with Escale à Pondichéry, named after an ex-French Colony in OLFACTIVE FAMILY: India. - Citrus, Woody, Spicy, Aquatic, Tea.The perfumer François Demachy was inspired by this place tocreate this new Eau thus adding to enrich the collection andinviting us on yet another journey…The treasures of India are revealed in this olfactive translationin the spirit of cologne:Intense black tea extract, jasmine sambac, cardamom essenceand mysore sandalwood are enwrapped in a fresh and lightsignature that harmonizes with sophistication.The same classic bottle signs all the fragrances in the escalescollection.
  8. 8. IN THE Air OLFACTIVE FAMILY: - Floral, Fruity, Citrus. H O U S E : Z a d i g & Vo l t a i r e F R A G R A N C E : «TO M E 1 L a Pu r e t é » L A U N C H DAT E : A p r i l 2 0 0 9CONCEPT :T he French ready-to-wear line Zadig et Voltaire relies on the originality of its first ever perfume. Created in collabora- tion with niche house Le Labo, this perfume entitled «TomeI - La Pureté» is distinctive in that it is intended for both menand women. The white bottle symbolises the purity of the fallenangel, presented in a very original white book pack recalling theliterary references of the brand.The perfume is described by Thierry Gillier, creator of the brandas « spiritual, wrapping the heart and soul in a delightful andinnocent whirl. »The perfume is built around patchouli oil and a milky blend thusthe name Patchoulait. It tells a story of musk, amber and orangeblossom and sweet faceted almonds.
  9. 9. NEW WINS drom H O U S E : Y v e s Ro c h e r G R O U P: Y v e s Ro c h e r OLFACTIVE FAMILY : - Fruity, Floral, Musky FRAGRANCE: «Green Summer» L A U N C H DAT E : M a y 2 0 0 9 B OT T L E D E S I G N E R : Va l é r i e B e r n a r d D e s i g n Y V E S R O C H E R P R E S S A G E N T: S é v e r i n e B o ko b z aCONCEPT :T his Eau de Toilette plunges us into the exuberance of summer fantasies. An ultra refreshing fruited fragrance, Green Sum- mer is a genuine breath of nature with a note of optimism. Thisperfume evokes a luxuriant jungle through the tangy andsparkling tones of fruit (juicy mango, green lime, clementine,orange) in the top and the intoxicating aroma of exotic flowerssuch as hibiscus in the heart… Philippe Romano - Paris
  10. 10. NEW WINS drom H O U S E : Pa r f u m 1 3 7 FRAGRANCE: «Hollywood Stromboli 1950» L A U N C H DAT E : M a y 2 0 0 9CONCEPT :P arfum 137 is a story, 3 essences alone or blended together for 7 fragrance possibilities.What if wearing a perfume became a game?It all began in August 1950. Betty, a descendant of SecondEmpire perfumer Akimoff sets off to conquer Hollywood. Inspiredby its opulence, she starts to create fragrances for Hollywood OLFACTIVE FAMILY:actresses. But the stunning Betty and her talent soon attract - Spearmint.the attention of mobster Jack.D. who runs a Las Vegas numbers Corinne Cachen - Immortelle. - Myrte.racket… - ParisThe perfumer Corinne Cachen was invited to revisit the Bettystory: a tribute to women ready to experience an adventure infragrance steeped in suspense, glamour, and mystery…
  11. 11. BRAND culture THE FIRST GROUP EVER TO COMBINE PERFUME LICENSES 1964: L’Oréal acquired the Lancôme brand. Simultaneously, the designer Guy Laroche entrusted the brand with a licensing agreement, a first for that time, to create perfumes. After came Cacharel, Ralph Lauren, Paloma Picasso, Giorgio Armani and more recently Diesel, Viktor & Rolf and Maison Martin Margiela. With all of these brands grouped together under the same roof, L’Oréal formed the first-ever group of perfume brands, a new legal structure for that time invented by L’Oréal and which is today managed under the Luxury Products division. by Thibault Leriche L’Oréal global account manager - Paris
  12. 12. BRAND culture MAKING PERFUME ACCESSIBLE In 1969 Lancôme launched Ô, the first “Eau Fraîche” «Ô» by lancôme perfume making that daily habit of perfuming synonymous with freshness and well-being. The same occurred in 1978 when Cacharel launched Anaïs Anaïs, the first perfume for «Magie» by lancôme young girls in their prime. . Laroche THE BIRTH OF FLANKERS «Drakkar Noir» by G. Laroche Also in 1978, Lancôme invented the notion of «Drakkar» by G «Flanker» with Magie Noire, reinterpreting Magie, a magnificent floral aldehydic fragrance created in 1950. e by lancôm 1982: the flanker turned masculine with Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche, reviving Drakkar, the first perfume for men launched by the brand 10 years before. oire» «Magie N e «Magie» by lancôm y lancôme «Tropiques» by lancôme SOME SIGNIFICANT OLFACTIVE SIGNATURES «Fidji» by G. Laroche b Acqua di Gio by Armani (3), has been influencing the masculine «Hypnôse» freshness for men since 1996, in 1990 Trésor intensified the Lancôme rose note with a fruity one. Two in one in 1978: Polo by Ralph Lauren (4) in the United States and Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel (5). The first White flowers expressed in light and airy tones, continue to ROOTS AS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION be all-time favourites today. Hypnôse by Lancôme launched in 2005 reinterprets the Magie twisted bottle shape. (2) Fidji by Guy Laroche launched in 1966 recalls the shape of the perfume bottle Tropiques, the first perfume by Lancôme created in 1935. Lancôme also launched Tré- sor (1) in 1990, mirroring that already magnificent (3) (4) (5) (1) eponymous perfume (2) launched in 1952.