#MP2013 Presentation by the Minister Special Duties & Intergovernmental Affairs


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#MP2013 Presentation by the Minister Special Duties & Intergovernmental Affairs

  2. 2. 2His Excellency ,Dr .Goodluck Ebele Jonathan , GCFR,President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  3. 3. 3His Excellency , Arc. Namadi Sambo , GCON ,Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  5. 5. 5Mrs . Winifred Oyo-Ita, FCAPermanent Secretary
  6. 6. VISIONTo serve as a platform for the effective and efficientdelivery of the gains of transformation agenda throughthe implementation of constituency projects,performance of special duties as assigned by Mr.President and conducting Inter-Governmental Affairs.MISSIONTo serve as strategic tool for Grassroots development,effective implementation and monitoring ofGovernment policies and programs for NationalDevelopment.6
  7. 7. THE CHOICE FOR CHANGE AND FORTRANSFORMATION !Following the election of hisExcellency Dr. Goodluck EbeleJonathan , GCFR in May 2011 asPresident and Commander in Chief ofthe Armed Forces of the FederalRepublic of Nigeria, the Administrationinitiated the Transformation Agendato fast track the nation’s development .
  8. 8. INTRODUCTIONThis presentation is aimed at highlighting theprogress and achievements made by theFederal Ministry of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs and Agencies under itssupervision, in line with the TransformationAgenda of President Goodluck EbeleJonathan’s Administration.8
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION CONT’D. The Ministry as it is known today was recreated by thegovernment of President Jonathan in February 2013,to amongst other things discharge very specialassignments as deemed necessary by the President. The Special Duties arm of the Ministry until February2013 was hosted by the Office of the Secretary to theGovernment of the Federation and had carried outessential National assignments in line with itsmandate. The other major arm of the ministry is Inter-Governmental Affairs, and was hitherto managed bythe Department of States and Local Government,OSGF.9
  10. 10. MANDATEImplementation, Monitoring and Evaluation ofConstituency Projects;Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementationof Federal Executive Council approved policiesand projects by other Ministries, Departmentsand Agencies (MDAs) and report back to thePresident in Council;Conducting, coordinating, promoting good andharmonious relationship amongst the ThreeTiers/Arms of Government and relevantInternational bodies.10
  11. 11. MANDATE CONT’D.Providing leadership in the development of riskreduction measures and disaster management;Extending Fire Service facilities to the Grass-roots;Providing leadership for a safer sustainable andresilient society;Intervening in specific areas as directed by thePresident, etc.Implementation of Government policies on Anti-Corruption Crusade.Handling all functions of Ad-hoc nature;Handling specialized requests for assistancee.g. flooding.11
  12. 12. ACHIEVEMENTSCurrently relevant Experienced Staff have beenposted by the Office of the Head of Civil Service ofthe Federation to the Ministry ;Review of unified scheme of service for LocalGovernment employees;12
  13. 13. 13The Ministry is presently compiling and updating the list ofconstituency projects covering several sectors and alsodetermining the status of the Projects already executed byMDAs.ACHIEVEMENTS
  14. 14. 14 Participation at the 7th conference of theCommonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF)(2013) in Uganda and payment of all outstandingduesACHIEVEMENTS CONT’D.
  15. 15. ACHIEVEMENTS CONT’D.Review of Proposed 2013 Amendment of theNational Lottery Act;Effective Coordination/Oversight of Parastatalsunder the Ministry;Re-establishment of relationship with Donoragencies including successful negotiation andsigning of agreement in May 2013 with theUNDP on partnership for strengthening of LGAsfrom 2013-2017.15
  16. 16. AGENCIESThere are currently four Agencies under thepurview of the Ministry, namely:Nigerian National Merit AwardNational Commission for Refugees, Migrantsand Internally Displaced PersonsNational Lottery Regulatory Commission andNational Lottery Trust Fund16
  17. 17. NIGERIAN NATIONAL MERIT AWARD(NNMA)Primary Responsibility:To confer the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM)on deserving Nigerians by Mr. President .ACHIEVEMENTSIncrement of the Award Prize to N10 million in 2011 byPresident Goodluck Jonathan.Conducted controversy-free selection of Awardees ofthe Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) and thusestablished a global reputation for the Award. 17
  18. 18. ACHIEVEMENT’S CONT’DEstablished an Electronic Database, a VirtualLibrary and a Cyber Café for public use as wellas an internet facility within the NNMA complex.The Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA)successfully hosted the 5th Annual Forum ofLaureates of Nigerian National Order of Merit.18Successfully conducted two Award Winners’Lecture in Lagos and Abuja in 2012.Conferment of the Nigerian National Order ofMerit Award on 2012 recipients by thePresident.
  19. 19. NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR REFUGEES,MIGRANTS AND INTERNALLY DISPLACEDPERSONS (NCFRMI)Established by Act No 52 of 1989 for safeguardingthe interest and treatment of persons seeking tobecome refugees in Nigeria and persons seekingpolitical asylum in Nigeria and other mattersincidental thereto.Its mandate is to bring operations closer to personsof concern - Asylum Seekers, Refugees,Returnees, Stateless Persons, Migrants, InternallyDisplaced Persons and Persons-in-need.19
  20. 20. The Commission has facilitated theestablishment of six assisted voluntaryreturn centers in the Country.20ACHIEVEMENTS
  21. 21. President Goodluck Jonathan visits flood victims at Adankolo camp in Lokoja21The Commission assisted the flood victims of Sokoto,Kebbi, Jigawa, and Oyo States with relief materials tocushion the effect of displacement and also worked withStates Government on their resettlement.ACHIEVEMENTS CONT’D
  22. 22. ACHIEVEMENT’S CONT’D Food and essential non-food relief items were distributed inthe affected areas and camps hosting Internally DisplacedPersons were supported with mobile toilets, watertreatment chemicals, medical supplies and other essentialthings of life .22
  23. 23. ACHIEVEMENT’S CONT’DThe commencement of the Health InsuranceScheme for Refugees in May 2012 and theenrolment of 561 persons in two batches inLagos and Ijebu Ode. Of the Enrollees, 411Refugees were treated for various ailments fromthe beginning of the scheme till December 2012.Five out of the nine bridges that linked Amana toItuav were repaired in 2012 to ensure access tothe refugees in remote areas.23
  24. 24. Six boreholes and hand pump wells weresunk and maintained in Amana and Ituav(both in Cross Rivers State) in 2012.24ACHIEVEMENT’S CONT’D
  25. 25. 25 The Oru camp which was opened to cater for Sierra–Leonean and Liberian refugees was renovated in 2012for handing over to the owners of the land.ACHIEVEMENT’S CONT’DNational Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons(NCFRMI)
  26. 26. A rise in the Commission’s capitalappropriation from N33million in 2008 toN250million in 2011 with 100% budgetquotient.In 2012, the Federal Government gave theCommission special funds of about N150million outside its appropriation toameliorate the suffering of the displacedas a result of the floods witnessed in thatyear.26ACHIEVEMENT’S CONT’D
  27. 27. NATIONAL LOTTERY REGULATORYCOMMISSION (NLRC)Responsible for regulating the operation andbusiness of National/Promotional Lotteries inNigeria and Setting standards.Established by the National Lottery Act 2005section 1.Compliance with the regulation regime was inthe early days a dodgy business.27
  28. 28. COMPLIANCE IN THE INDUSTRYMany of the licensees had in the absence of astrong regulatory authority been used tomarching to their own band.Government lost potential revenues while thosewho subscribed to games, were frequentlycheated.Currently, any infraction is punished and the lawcourts are at present dealing with matters ofthose who fail to comply with the lottery rulesand regulations in Nigeria.28
  29. 29. ATTACKING MISCONCEPTIONSIn the past , lottery operation was associated withcrude gambling and the odiousness of theunderworld. It was seen misunderstood as criminaland impure. In Northern Nigeria , where Islamicorthodoxy prevails, lottery was a matter that evokedgreat sensitivity.NLRC has established lottery as an honestendeavor, which in other climes, had been deployedfor good social causes.In response to the anxieties of the Northern States ,an advocacy team visited various parts of that regionand was able to reach a consensus with the Ulamaon the usefulness of the lottery.The intervention has won the organisation respect. Ithas also raised subscription levels for lotteryactivities and promoted the notion of integrity as agoverning creed in the industry. 29
  30. 30. ACHIEVEMENTSBRANDING AND SIGNAGE Complete re-lunch of the NLRC with a newlogo and nationally recognizable signage.The opening of offices across the six geo-political zones between 2010-2012 hasincreased not only the reach of players toauthentic games but also expanded thescope of operations for the licencees.30
  31. 31. OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS Greater awareness on National and Promotional LotteryBusiness in Nigeria. Verification of delivery of prizes to winners in any locationin Nigeria. Ensuring the publication of an authentic winners’ list inthe dailies by both operators and the Commission. Public pronouncements at draw events and prizepresentations at relevant public function have gone along way in regaining the lost confidence of Nigerians inthe lottery business. Publication of the list of authentic lottery operators hasguided the public on the right games. Ensuring that the winners of prizes get what they havebeen promised has also increased the credibility in theprocess and increased participation.31
  32. 32. NATIONAL LOTTERY TRUST FUND(NLTF)NLTF is a self - financing agency established bythe National Lottery Act 2005 (Section 35) tocollect remittances directly from lottery operatorsand promoters in the country. By virtue of section 40 of its establishment, theagency promotes lottery funding for projects thatseek to bring succor to Nigerians.32
  33. 33. ACHIEVEMENTSOPENING OF OFFICESIn order to bring the NLTF closer to the people,supervise intervention projects and collectremittances from lottery operators, NLTF officeswere opened in the six geo-political zones of theCountry with Headquarters in Lagos, Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Makurdi, Kano and Bauchi.Also, in a bid to enhance the effective and efficientrealization of its mandate and contribute to theTransformation Agenda of the FederalGovernment, NLTF has leased a new Head Officelocated in Maitama, Abuja.33
  34. 34. ACHIEVEMENTS CONT’DPROMOTION OF THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMPONENT One of the lesser known aspects of the NLTF is socialresponsibility. According to this protocol, which is observeduniversally in more developed societies, a percentage of alllottery outlay, is reserved for socially determined causes. It was under this mandate that the 2012 Olympics weremostly funded as in other climes. Accordingly , the agency developed an extensive ‘databank’ of over 3,000 Good Cause Projects in sports,education, health and water resources following acomprehensive Needs Assessment Survey that took NLTFofficials on field trips across the length and breath of thenation to collect relevant data on areas in urgent need ofintervention.34
  35. 35. CHALLENGESIn spite of the achievements listed, the New Ministryis faced with the following challenges: Lack of Sufficient Office Accommodation; Limited Funding; Limited Coverage: operators lack the technology tocover the entire country and because ofprodigious cost can only operate in little coverageareas.Dishonesty: Revenue leakages due to lack oftransparency in the operation of lottery operators.35
  36. 36. PROSPECTS FOR TOMORROWCapacity Building for Local Government Tierof Governance.Awareness creation of funding channelsavailable through Development partners forLocal Governments.Encouraging Harmonious interface amongthe various arms/tiers of Government aswell as relevant international Bodies toenhance good governance.36
  37. 37. Considering the fact that lottery business can bea gold mine if properly harnessed, we are puttingin place modalities to ensure that in the yearsahead, we are able to impact and touch the livesof Nigerians positively.This will be through the provision of co-financingfor infrastructural amenities in health care,education, water supplies, grass root sportsfacilities, provision of relief materials to displacedNigerians in distress from natural disasters suchas flood, etc. even if on a small scale.37PROSPECTS FOR TOMORROW CONT’D
  38. 38.  Effective Coordination, Implementation,Monitoring and Evaluation of the ConstituencyProjects to ensure full realization of Mr.President’s objectives.38PROSPECTS FOR TOMORROW CONT’D
  39. 39. CONCLUSIONThough a fledgling Ministry, we have greatpotentials to manage issues relating togovernance among the three arms and tiers ofgovernment so as to ensure that at the end ofthe day, not only is governance carried outaccording to the dictates and letter of theconstitution, but in such a way and mannerthat there is transparency, integrity and betterservice to Nigerians.39
  40. 40. APPRECIATIONThe Ministry heartily expresses its appreciation forthe support and cooperation from the following; His Excellency, the President, Dr. GoodluckEbele Jonathan GCFR.His Excellency, the Vice President, Arc.Namadi Sambo, GCON.Leadership of the National Assembly.Secretary to the Government of the Federation.Head of the Civil Service of the Federation.Honourable Ministers.Permanent Secretaries/Heads of Agencies.Our Development Partners.Members of the Press. 40.