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FocusManagement are leading Food Recruitment specialists. This presentation outlines our specialist divisions. We're Looking for You.

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Were Looking For You

  1. 1.  Giving greater clarity to all who come into contact with us
  2. 2.  Focus Management Consultants is the holding company, and is focused on improving service and delivery across all the divisions
  3. 3.  the Search and Selection Division of the Group.  After twenty years in business it is a truism that we know somebody who knows everybody in the Food and Drink sector  Focus Select has been operating within Focus management for several years, but with demand increasing and the squeeze on talent every greater we have decided to set it up as a separate specialist division
  4. 4.  After 15 years the yellow has gone to be replaced by the new brand logo and colour of FocusManagement  Many are relieved to see the end of gaudy yellow - but it certainly stood out in the days of press advertising and helped us grow our business
  5. 5.  FocusChefs is the new name of "Check-on" our specialist Development Chef Division  This division has seen significant growth over recent years and holds the pre-eminent position in the recruitment of Product Development Chefs for UK, and International Food and Drink operations
  6. 6.  FocusInterim has changed very little apart from the corporate colour, and is still focused on delivering timely, excellent interims for clients in the UK and Internationally
  7. 7.  FocusGraduates is as the name suggests focused on the graduate food recruitment sector  In its early incarnation Carrus, it placed hundreds of graduates into the food and drink industry since it's launch has worked closely with clients both large and small who see graduate recruitment as a key cornerstone of business growth and development
  8. 8.  The web site is live and showcases some of the best International Food Jobs available  Visit the site here: http://www.ifr-a.com/  Working with our partners, our goal is to offer clients the best candidate for the job, no matter where they are based  Offers candidates the widest range of International food jobs
  9. 9.  More changes and improvements on the way including ◦ more intuitive web sites ◦ stronger Social Media engagement ◦ new innovations in networking..
  10. 10.  To find out more about these exciting developments and how they can benefit you, contact consultants@fmcl.co.uk or call us on 01625 560778