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Certified financial planners | Equity Indexed Annuities | Retirement planning


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This presentation from Find Me An Advisor™ will guide you through, how you can grow your retirement money with help of Certified Financial Planners with investment options like; equity indexed annuities, variable annuities and more to boost your retirement planning.

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Certified financial planners | Equity Indexed Annuities | Retirement planning

  1. 1. Annuity Advocacy fromCertified Financial Planner™FiduciariesThe Institute for RetirementPlanningFind Me An Advisor™
  2. 2. Find Me An Advisor™ is an authority on Variable andEquity Indexed Annuities contracts as well as SuccessfulRetirement Income Strategies.Unlike many life insurance only advisors that can onlyoffer fixed life insurance products, Find Me An Advisor™has a Series 7, 66, life and health licenses, allowing ourteam to represent a large mix of investment products.Certified Financial PlannerFind Me An Advisor™
  3. 3. "Based upon many years of helping retirees withretirement distribution and income maximization it isevident that Equity Index Annuities have become anintegral role of a core portfolio.”Certified Financial PlannerFind Me An Advisor™
  4. 4. Two Basic Components1. Your Account Value2. Living Benefit Rider - your income isguaranteed for lifeEquity Index AnnuitiesFind Me An Advisor™
  5. 5. 1. Account ValueYour Account will earn interest annuallyfrom 0% to potentially over 40%.Your account can never lose money in thestock market.The interest earned is dependent upon thecontract and investment strategy chosen.Equity Index AnnuitiesFind Me An Advisor™
  6. 6. Your money grows based upon a variety ofstock market index strategies, but you cannever lose money from stock marketdeclines.In fact, the only way your investments candecline is if you withdraw the funds or fromliving benefit rider fees, if elected.Part 1: How Your Account GrowsFind Me An Advisor™
  7. 7.  Contracts will earn a variable rate of return from a 0%worst case scenario to as high as the market can growor a CAP, depending on the contract. Strategies have a starting point value of a stock orcommodity index on the contract issue date. i.e. S&P500 3/1/2012 was1408. At the end of one (or more) contract year an interestrate for the time period is declared and you receiveyour statement. i.e. S&P 500 3/1/2013 was1551. This could equate to a 10.2% return with somestrategies. (1551 1408).Part 1: How Your MoneyGrowsFind Me An Advisor™
  8. 8. It is important to understand how interest is calculated as it can varybetween contracts dramatically. Here is a short list of strategies toconsider:Fixed rate option (money market)Annual point to point with a cap rate option (if the index earns 20%and the cap is 6%, than you earn 6%). If the number is negative, you earn0%.Monthly cap rate option (example: if the cap is 2 for the month, that isthe most you can earn that month, conversely, there is no cap on thedownside)Monthly average option (averages the monthly index returns)Uncapped point to point two year strategy minus a spread (earnwhatever the index earns minus an annual fee)NOTE: Review these strategies in more detail with a qualified advisor.Part 1: Investment ChoicesFind Me An Advisor™
  9. 9. All annuities grow with tax deferral much like a401(k).Ordinary income tax is due when annuity profitsare withdrawn on non qualified funds.As always, Qualified or IRA funds are taxed atordinary income when withdrawn.Part 1: Annuity TaxationFind Me An Advisor™
  10. 10. One new strategy is calculated off thecommodities Trader Vic Index.This can provide your portfolio with muchneeded diversification.This strategy has no cap on a 5 year, point topoint option.Historically this strategy option is averaging 8%with no market risk.Commodities Index StrategyFind Me An Advisor™
  11. 11. Your named beneficiaries will receive youraccount balance remaining in the contract.Your heirs will receive the money free fromprobate court hassles.Your beneficiaries will have tax consequencesthat can be manipulated to their favor withproper tax planning.Part 1: BeneficiariesFind Me An Advisor™
  12. 12. Many contracts offer an attractive 8% -10%signing bonus.The longer the contract the higher the bonus,generally.Some contracts take back their bonus if contractsare surrendered early.Part 1: Signing BonusesFind Me An Advisor™
  13. 13. "Historically, insurance companies are saferthan banks and include tax deferral oninvestment growth. With CDs at all timelows and Hybrid Equity Index annuitiesproviding signing bonuses, income for life,and stronger return potential, it is clear whythe industry has grown exponentially, as oflate."Certified Financial PlannerFind Me An Advisor™
  14. 14. 2. Living Benefit RiderGuarantees income for your life and your spouseYour rider grows income each year you delaytaking income.Similar to Social Security, each year you delayincome, your check grows.Equity Index AnnuitiesFind Me An Advisor™
  15. 15. Living Benefit riders are an optional benefit thatcan be elected at contract issue for a fee usuallyunder 1%.The rider can provide income for life, sometimeson two lives.Each year income is delayed, the guaranteedlifetime check grows larger, like Social Security.Part 2: Living Benefit RidersFind Me An Advisor™
  16. 16. Living Benefit riders provide income for life and aspouses life or another persons life if desired.This can be very useful tool to protect peopleagainst running out of money.Riders grow on a guaranteed basis so one canplan withPart 2: Living Benefit RidersFind Me An Advisor™
  17. 17. Riders grow at a contractually guaranteed ratethat cannot be changed.The growth of this rider is then multiplied by apayout factor which is based upon your age at thetime you wish to turn on lifetime income.Part 2: Living Benefit Riders -How Income is CalculatedFind Me An Advisor™
  18. 18. How Income is CalculatedInvestment 7% LB Rider AgePayoutFactorLifetimeCheckIncreaseUS$100,000 US$100,000 Age 60 5.0% US$5,000 -0% - ?% US$107,000 Age 61 5.1% US$5,457 9.1%0% - ?% US$114,490 Age 62 5.2% US$5,953 9.1%0% - ?% US$122,504 Age 63 5.3% US$6,493 9.1%0% - ?% US$131,800 Age 64 5.4% US$7,078 9.0%0% - ?% US$140,255 Age 65 5.5% US$7,714 9.0%0% - ?% US$150,073 Age 66 5.6% US$8,404 8.9%0% - ?% US$160,578 Age 67 5.7% US$9,153 8.9%0% - ?% US$171,819 Age 68 5.8% US$9,965 8.9%Find Me An Advisor™
  19. 19. In an article written by the Wall Street Journal on March5, 2013, professor Pfau at the American College ofFinancial Services said, "There is no need for retirees tohold bonds, annuities with their promise of income forlife act like SUPER BONDS with no maturity dates.”Certified Financial PlannerFind Me An Advisor™
  20. 20. Living Benefit Riders can grow at simple orcompound interest and should be comparedbetween carriers by the final lifetime incomecheck.Do not get manipulated by high bonuses on livingbenefit riders, all parts of the contract must bereviewed by an experienced agent for bestresults.Part 2: Comparing RidersFind Me An Advisor™
  21. 21. Sometimes just taking a regular withdrawal andletting your living benefit rider compound can bea wise move.It is best to call your agent and review youroptions carefully when withdrawing money fromyour contract for best results.Part 2: Maximizing RiderFind Me An Advisor™
  22. 22. Some contracts have a home health care - doublerfeature which will double your income for fiveyears - if you cannot perform 2 of 6 activities ofdaily living.This feature has been attracting many seniorsthat do not want to pay long-term care insurancepremiums.Part 2: Home Health CareDoubler FeatureFind Me An Advisor™
  23. 23. Some contracts now include a death benefit featurethat grows the investment for your heirs at aguaranteed rate.These contracts have unique benefits but need to beunderstood to maximize their benefits.Death Benefit RidersFind Me An Advisor™
  24. 24. Hybrid Equity Indexed Annuities represent a solidcore portfolio holding for retires in the 21st century,providing invaluable income for life certainty andthe potential to outpace some inflation whilemarinating a principal balance potentially for heirsor an emergency.ConclusionFind Me An Advisor™
  25. 25. As always, it is important to review ALL yourinvestment options and work with fully licensedand experienced financial professionals.Review Your OptionsFind Me An Advisor™
  26. 26. If you would like to speak to our CFP™ or a memberof our nationwide team please schedule your freestrategy session by calling(855) CFP-NOWWFree Strategy SessionsFind Me An Advisor™
  27. 27. The information provided represents HybridEquity Indexed Annuity contracts in general andshould not be considered specific to any onecontract.For further illustrations, comments or questionsplease contact (855) CFP-NOWW.DisclaimersFind Me An Advisor™
  28. 28. Contact Us Atfindmeanadvisor.comIT’S FAST, FREE & EASYAddress1845 Palm Cove Blvd #303Delray Beach, FL 33445United States of AmericaFind Me An Advisor™Website: Find Me An Advisor™