AMA 2011 Spring Fact Sheet


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AMA 2011 Spring Fact Sheet

  1. 1. TSX.V:AMAI N v E S T O r FA c T S h E E T Spring 2011 AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (TSX-V:AMA) was founded in 1998 with the goal of perfecting an automated data collection and delivery service for aircraft operators. The company has become one of the world’s leading providers of real-time data communications for the aerospace industry. AMA markets its products and services under the FLYHT TM brand. InveStMent HIgHLIgHtS • Unique line of patented products • Increasing customer growth in and ser vices flights, hours and aircraft types • AFIRS key industry differentiator • Recurring long-term revenue moving to next generation stream from installed base • Strategic alliances with industry • High regulator y barriers sector leaders to entr y AFIRSTM 228 ISSUE SOLUTION Current technologies cannot provide real time operations AMA’s AFIRS system installed on an aircraft monitors essential data, including location, on an aircraft in flight. The black functions and transmits real time data to the ground box is a solution that only works when recovered, but not anywhere in the world. It permits constant monitoring of an in real-time. aircraft’s location, efficiency and performance. Solution Map UpTime Data REAL-TIM Repository DATA TR E SATELL ANSM I TS & A ISSIoTE SMI T N T R A N V E S DA Compact Flash EI REC QAR Data Transfer VoICE TRANSMISSIoN* DATA Flight Maintenance Safety Management TRANSMISSIoN Operations System Administration External Clients TEXT MESSAGING & DATA TRANSMISSIoN T RE RANS CE IVE M ITS SD & ATA EFB / PDA / Laptop * Cockpit Integrated Audio Interface, Handset, Cordless Handset, and Dialer Pad’
  2. 2. InveStor FAct SHeet AeroMechanical Services Ltd. Spring 2011 FInAncIAL HIgHLIgHtSAFIrS Uptime tM tM AMA’s product centerpiece is theAutomated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS). customer growth in Flight Hours and FlightsIntroduced in 2004, AFIRS allows aircraft operators tomanage and monitor aircraft operations anywhere, anytime, 350,000in real-time. AFIRS gathers, stores, and transmits data and Flight hours Flights 300,000UpTime, the client-web interface, delivers information inreal-time reports to aircraft operators via e-mail. 250,000 200,000AFIrS 220 has received regulatory certification for 150,000installation in approximately 30 widely used aircraft types. 100,000As of January 1, 2011 the total number of hours AFIRS220 has flown on board all aircraft reached 700,000 hours. 50,000The next generation product, AFIrS 228, in the final stages 0of development, will offer new and improved features while 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010remaining fully compatible with existing technologies. Financial resultsFLyHtStreamtM is an emergency data streaming mode that ($millions except per-share amounts)can be manually activated by the flight crew, ground supportor automatically triggered by predefined emergency 2010 2009 2008 2007parameters. FLYHTStream sends critical data such as global revenue (gAAP) $ 5.0 $ 5.1 $ 3.2 $ 2.0position, equipment status and black box information to revenue (cash)* 6.1 7.5 5.3 2.6ground-based operations. This patent pending service uses net Loss (9.1) (4.5) (8.5) (6.9)the Iridium satellite network and UpTime data packets to Loss (before r&D) (4.3) (4.0) (7.8) (6.6)stream this data to the ground, anywhere in the world in Loss/Share $ (0.09) $ (0.05) $ (0.11) $ (0.11)real-time. (basic & fully diluted) Assets $ 11.0 $ 11.8 $ 6.0 $ 6.3FLyHt Fuel Management System offers a powerful toolfor aircraft operators to achieve cost savings. With this Long term Financial $ 2.4 $ 0.3 $ 0.3 $ 0.4 Liabilitiesinteractive application, aircraft operators can automatically *AMA defines cash revenue as revenue for accounting purposes (GAAp) plus paymentsidentify fuel consumption trends and will not have to- received for AFIRS shipments that cannot yet be recognized for accounting purposes.manually generate the required fuel management reports. MArket FActS*BArrIerS to entry Issued & outstanding 118.6 millionAMA holds patents or patents pending on all FLYHTproducts. In addition, installation of aftermarket electronic Fully diluted 150.8 milliondevices on aircraft must be authorized by government Share price $ 0.19aviation regulators with a Supplemental Type Certificate Market cap $ 22.5 million(STC). AMA currently holds 30 approved STCs and another15 are pending or in progress from Canada, the U.S., the Insider holdings ** 6.2%European Community and China. *As at April 4, 2011 ** Management, Directors & officersCoMpANY InForMAtIonM A n Ag e M e n t I n v e S to r r e L At I o n S BArneS communications Inc.Bill tempany CEo colin Languedocrichard Hayden president telephone: 1-403-250-9956 clanguedoc@barnesir.comthomas French, CGA Vp Finance & CFo toll Free: 1-866-250-9956 telephone: 1-416-367-5000Matt Bradley Vp Business Development www.barnesir.comHead office 200W, 1144 - 29 Avenue NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 7p1