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O'toole strength weaknessesrevisions


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O'toole strength weaknessesrevisions

  1. 1. PROPOSED REFINEMENT OF “SYSTEM STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES” SECTIONFrom: Representative O’TooleReceived: 8:08 a.m., Saturday, November 3, 2012Strengths1. The Board of Governors is supported by an effective,efficient,and professional staff,whospecialize in academic and student affairs,budget and finance,and public affairs. In this rolethey creatively and efficiently explore opportunities for continuous improvements inthe SUS.2. The control of the universities by local board members enables the State of Florida to offer amultitude of excellent learning environments to students.3. The ability of the Board to steer the operation,regulation, and the management of the entireState University System (SUS) allows for the comprehensive coordination of multiple variableswhen addressing Florida Higher education goals.Weaknesses1. Limitations on the ability of the Board to collectively analysis data and identify patternsinhibit the decision making process; fully utilizing forward-thinking technologies could expeditethe process.2. Over-centralization may hinder the ability of the board to innovate and function in anenvironment of transformation.3. The Board currently lacks the necessary data to assess the institutional performance of eachuniversity. Obtaining a diverse array of performance and funding metrics is necessary to makeinformed recommendations and decisions.