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Brogan bog june11

  1. 1. BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida Presentation to Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on State Higher Education Reform Frank T. Brogan, Chancellor June 11, 2012 BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 1
  2. 2. Building a Better System — Legislation 7135 – Higher Education Requires that the Board of Governors’ 2025 Strategic Plan go beyond current goals and objectives for the State University System to track each institution’s contribution and assign contributions to the overall outcomes as stated. The legislation also: • Establishes formula for performance funding to support specific engineering and technology programs; • Directs State Board of Education to clarify mission statements of each Florida College System institution and respective roles; • Requires Board of Governors , State Board of Education and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to adopt a unified state plan for STEM ; • Requires an FCS institution’s notice-of-intent to propose a baccalaureate degree program to include independently determined workforce demand and unmet need data; and • Requires that the DEO prepare an annual report on employment and earning outcomes data for degrees or certificates, starting in December BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 2
  3. 3. Building a Better System — Regulations 2010 - Regulations updated to align with the Governance Agreement • Provided greater flexibilities to universities over certain fees • Further clarified roles and responsibilities of Board of Governors and Boards of Trustees 2011 - Regulations updated to align with new legislative authority • Provided greater flexibilities to universities over market-rate and block tuition options 2012 - Regulations updated to enhance accountability and system collaboration • Provided greater clarity regarding the opening and closing of campuses • Created “rules of the road” when universities propose programs in other geographic areas • Established processes for new degree program vetting to reduce unnecessary duplication and ensure the System is meeting the State’s BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 3
  4. 4. Three-Part Accountability Structure ANNUAL SYSTEM-WIDE UNIVERSITY ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT: STRATEGIC PLAN: WORK PLAN: Tracks performance on key metrics Provides a long-range Provides a short-term plan of (past five years) roadmap for the System action (next three years) BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 4
  5. 5. Annual Accountability Report • Tracks Performance of Past Five Years for the System and each University • Aligns with new Strategic Plan and new Work Plan Template • Simplified from two-volume, hundreds of pages to user-friendly 29-page document • Interactive Dashboard companion available online at BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 5
  6. 6. 2025 Strategic Plan The Overarching Context: Balancing Quality and Access Evolving the Historical Tripartite Mission from Teaching, Research and Service to: • Teaching and Learning • Research and Commercialization • Community and Business Engagement Three Points of Emphasis: 1) Excellence (quality programs, research, and engagement) 2) Productivity (more degrees, greater efficiencies, more research support) 3) Strategic Priorities for a Knowledge Economy (more degrees in specific areas, relevant research, relevant engagement with business and industry) BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 6
  7. 7. University Work Plans: Metrics Based Academic Quality Return on Investment National Ranking for University and Programs Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded Avg. SAT Score of incoming students Percent of Bachelor’s Degrees in STEM Avg. High School GPA (on 4.0 scale) of incoming students Graduate Degrees Awarded Professional/Licensure Exam Pass Rates Percent of Graduate Degrees in STEM First-time Pass Rates Percent of Baccalaureate Graduates Exams Above National/State Benchmark Students Employed in Florida after Graduation Exams Below National/State Benchmark Percent of Baccalaureate Graduates Percent of Undergraduate Seniors Graduates Continuing their Education (in FL) Participating in a Research Course Annual Gifts Received ($M) * Faculty Awards Endowment ($M) * National Academy Members * Total Research Expenditures ($M) * Number of Post-Doctoral Appointees * Science & Engineering Research Expenditures ($M) * Number of Science & Engineering * Percent of Research Expenditures funded from External Sources * Disciplines Nationally Ranked in Top 100 for Research * Patents Issued * Licenses/Options Executed * Licensing Income Received ($M) Operational Efficiency * Number of Start-up Companies Freshman Retention Rate * Science & Engineering R&D Expenditures FTIC Graduation Rates in Non-Medical/Health Sciences In 4 years (or less) * National Rank is Higher than Predicted by In 6 years (or less) the Financial Resources Ranking AA Transfer Graduation Rates * Research Doctoral Degrees Awarded In 2 years (or less) * Professional Doctoral Degrees Awarded In 4 years (or less) Percent of Bachelor’s Degrees (* indicates metrics for research universities only) BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 7
  8. 8. Other Higher Education Working Groups Board of Governors Task Force on Facilities Funding • Exploring new options to fund capital projects • Report due November 8, 2012 Board of Governors Online University Task Force (TBA) • Enhancing online higher education • Report due December 31, 2012 Board of Governors Commission on Florida Higher Education Access and Degree Attainment • Looking at supply/demand gap analysis to make recommendations for how the State can optimize baccalaureate degree production • Report due Summer 2013 Board of Governors Select Committee on the Florida Polytech • Board of Trustees to be appointed this month Higher Education Coordinating BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 8
  9. 9. Florida Public Universities — ―Underpriced‖ State University System is 45th-lowest for tuition & fees in the nation. $13,507 $8,244 U.S. Average $5,626 FL Average Source: College Board, Trends in College Pricing, BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 9
  10. 10. Tuition Burden to Students Increasing while State Investment Decreases *Based on estimated 2012-13 enrollments. State and Total funding for 2009-10 and 2010-11 includes federal stimulus of $508 and $489 respectively. Does not include IFAS or medical centers. Adjusted for BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 10
  11. 11. BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida BOARD of GOVERNORS State University System of Florida 11