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The Business of Blogging Building Relationships with Brands #FLBlogCon13


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Joscelyn Ramos Campbell, Sili Recio, and Yadira Ambert share their presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

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The Business of Blogging Building Relationships with Brands #FLBlogCon13

  1. 1. Yadira Ambert @Clubdelasdiosas Joscelyn Campbell Mami Innovative Media @JoscelynRC @InnovativeTalk Karina Fernandez @ConsaboraKaFe Sili Recio Mami Ink Media @MyMamihood @MamihoodMedia
  2. 2. AGENDA What happens AFTER you get the pitch or begin the relationship. The business side of working with the brand. • Questions that will be answered: • Your pitch was approved! Now what? • I’ve blogged about the product, what should I do now? • Reporting on your success: how to do it and what information to include. # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 2
  3. 3. WHAT YOU DID TO GET HERE • Joined Bloggers Groups to learn about opportunities for sponsorships. • Participated in Networks which are a great resource to find opportunities and sponsorships. • Follow other blogs and collaborate • Set a strategy in your Blog to attract brands and followers by:  Identifying if your blog is for business or personal  Knowing your own “brand” – what is the focus or themes of your blog?  Reaching out to brands and companies that would complement and enhance your blog.  Blogs are often considered ‘media’. Signing up for brand and company press releases. Connecting with public relations or media team and send an introductory email and background information about your blog.  Thinking “outside of the box” – How can you enhance or provide a service to a brand or company and make it mutually beneficial for your blog and their business? # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 3 Identify if your blog is for business or personal #SocialInfluenz Know your own brand. What’s the focus of your blog? #SocialInfluenz Reach out to companies that would complement YOUR brand #SocialInfluenz
  4. 4. THE PITCH Y O U R P R O P O S A L  What’s in it for the brand or company?  Be creative, need to stand out as brands receive daily pitches  Professional look  Brief and to the point  All in one sheet W H A T ’ S I N A P I T C H ?  Introduction – A description of you, your blog, and social media influence  Fees – A brief synopsis of the conference or event and the fees associated with attending  Invoice  Services – What are you and your blog willing to provide?  Announcement of sponsorship and recap post, social media amplification  Banner ad space  Wearing company apparel or handing out product information or giveaway # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 4 What’s in it for the brand? #SocialInfluenz Make sure your pitch looks professional & is concise #SocialInfluenz Be creative! You need to stand out from all the other pitches received #SocialInfluenz
  5. 5. YOUR PITCH WAS APPROVED? NOW WHAT?  Follow up with the brand and reiterate expectations  Begin planning  Create a to-do list for yourself and a schedule  Try to create a “clean” hashtag for your campaign in order to have better metrics  Tell your tribe! Let them know about your campaign and ask them to be on the lookout for that hashtag & support you # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 5 Date Task Notes  08/13/13 Send invoice Per brand, net 30 policy on payment  8/31/13 Post Blog 9/21/13 Pull report for metrics on contest 10/01/13 Create campaign recap After pitch is approved, reiterate deliverables #SocialInfluenz Create a campaign calendar/list to keep you on track #SocialInfluenz When your pitch is approved, tell your tribe! They’ll support you #SocialInfluenz
  6. 6. Know Your Stuff… # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 6 CASE STUDY
  7. 7. #CFLMEENCANTA CASE STUDY # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 7 A group of influential Central Florida bloggers (Social Influenz) were looking to create opportunities for general market and multicultural bloggers in the Central FL area Had been a conference speaker and advisory board member at Hispanicize which provided the opportunity to converse with the Director of Outreach and Brand Management for McDonald’s & McDonald’s Multicultural PR Agency Learned that McDonald’s was trying to promote their new healthy 300 calorie menu and the new blueberry banana nut oatmeal At that point, McDonald’s had not considered a blogger or digital outreach in the CFL area (especially for the multicultral market) Know your stuff before your pitch! #SocialInfluenz Don’t be scared…think outside the box. #SocialInfluenz “No” doesn’t mean never! #SocialInfluenz
  8. 8. #CFLMEENCANTA CASE STUDY # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 8 After the conference, SI submitted a proposal to bring awareness to the importance of breakfast, healthy breakfast and menu choices at McDonald’s Would incorporate McDonald’s bilingual Handle @MeEncanta (The Spanish version of McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It tagline)  The proposal included a 2-hour family-friendly event at a CFL McDonald’s location on a weekend with invited key community leaders, social media influencers and guests Live Twitter party during event, Facebook, various social media postings and use of customized hashtag #CFLMeEncanta Tracking social media impressions and postings in a post- report to the brand Understand the brand and market #SocialInfluenz What is a brand trying to accomplish? #SocialInfluenz Joining with other bloggers can lead to a bigger impact #SocialInfluenz
  9. 9. #CFLMEENCANTA RESULTS # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 9 With creating a weekend family-friendly event, the RSVP list was full because invitees could attend without interfering with their personal schedules and bring their children Attendees sampled all of the healthy options and families (including children) received healthy products and ‘swag’ gifts Live Twitter party and social media postings using the hashtag exposed McDonald’s healthy messaging to a greater audience beyond CFL – nationwide and globally Invited social media influencers and bloggers positively posted about the healthy menu before, during and after the event Tracking report showed that the event created 1,000,000 impressions for McDonald’s and its healthy messaging=SUCCESS Create customized hashtags for tracking #SocialInfluenz Products or ‘swag’ can be helpful tools for promotions #SocialInfluenz Be professional and accurate in your post reporting to the brand! #SocialInfluenz
  10. 10. NO doesn’t mean never… # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 10 CASE STUDY
  11. 11. DELIGHTFUL CASE STUDY # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 11 In the beginning there was Tap Influence… Met PR rep at BlissDom on the last night of the conference Connected when I returned from the conference and shared my sponsorship packet with rep for Hispanicize Due to the quick turnaround time, we were not able to make it work for that particular conference When Niche conference speakers were selected, I went back to ID with another sponsorship packet Got on the phone with reps and gave them my vision for how I wanted to execute the sponsorship Care, connect & keep it up! #SocialInfluenz Make it personal but don’t take it personal #SocialInfluenz “No” doesn’t mean never! #SocialInfluenz
  12. 12. # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z  NO doesn’t mean NEVER!  Be patient. Start this process early. Companies have processes and procedures to follow and at times, it takes a while to go through that system  YOU are the SME (Subject Matter Expert). Come to the table prepared with ideas, back up ideas and backups for your backups  There will be more than one conversation during the planning process  Be open to changes  Once the deal is made, you are a team. This means you work together with the brand to make not just the event/conference successful but the planning as well  Make it easy for the brand to work with you  Provide them with an invoice well in advance of the conference as the brand might have a payment policy that requires a net timeframe before payment Be patient when you pitch. Yeses take time too! #SocialInfluenz Come to the table prepared. YOU are the expert. #SocialInfluenz Email is great but sometimes, phone is better. #SocialInfluenz When working w a brand, you’re a team! #SocialInfluenz Make it easy for the brand to work with you. #SocialInfluenz Email is great but sometimes, phone is better. #SocialInfluenz 12 DELIGHTFUL LESSONS
  13. 13. DURING THE CAMPAIGN  Send follow up emails to the brand and let them know how things are going  If the campaign has a giveaway, be sure to include the brand’s handle in the “tweet about this giveaway” option so that they can see the volume of chatter prior to your wrap up  Tell your tribe and ask them to support you  Ensure you’re meeting your deliverables. If anything changes and you can’t do something when you were scheduled to, let the brand know # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 13 Ask your tribe for support but remember to return the favor #SocialInfluenz Follow up with the brand during the campaign #SocialInfluenz
  14. 14. REPORTING YOUR SUCCESS  Provide your sponsor with full recap in the form of a PowerPoint (because they can add it to their own presentation later)  Reports – TweetReach, Facebook Impressions, Pinterest pageviews, Instagram (  Include key metrics like Twitter hashtag impressions  Number of samples given out  Readership stats for blog posts about the conference  Links to the post  Amount of comments  Page Views/Impressions  Visits # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 14 Provide your sponsor with full recap in the form of a PowerPoint. They can add to their own presentations later #SocialInfluenz Be sure to include metrics like Twitter hashtags in your report #SocialInfluenz
  15. 15. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 15 FB insights can give you a wealth of info, don’t be afraid to dive in #SocialInfluenz Post impressions are easily found at the bottom of posts #SocialInfluenz Type Lifetime Post Total Reach Lifetime Post organic reach Lifetime Post viral reach Lifetime Talking About This (Post) Lifetime Post reach by people who like Page Lifetime Engaged Users Link 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Photo 5 422 417 5 6 201 45 Status Update 15 1,678 1,581 98 12 825 24 Grand Total 21 2,100 1,998 103 18 1,026 69 Avg Per Post 100 95 5 1 49 3
  16. 16. # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 16 TWEETREACH You can get a free report on @TweetReach up to 50 posts #SocialInfluenz
  17. 17. PINTEREST # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 17 Pinterest is not just for pretty pics, dig into the numbers! #SocialInfluenz
  18. 18. # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 18 STATIGR.AM  Search by username  Search by hashtag  Gives you # of likes and comments on images Provide a link to the page so the brand can get real time data #SocialInfluenz
  19. 19. TAGBOARD # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 19  Allows you to search for one hashtag across all social media platforms Search for hashtags across all platforms! #SocialInfluenz
  20. 20. YOUR SUMMARY Your presentation to the brand should include the following slides:  Overview  What did you do?  What was the purpose of the campaign?  Was there a winner? # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 20 Overview • Created 5 distinct blog posts in order to highlight the benefits of MS Office for Students as the school year begins • Rafflecopter giveaway of a copy of MS Office Home and Student 2010 • Yielded a total of 25,950 entries • Total of 1 winner (prize to be shipped by brand) Lucky Winner 1234 Winner’s Circle Las Vegas, NV 89121 702-555-1212 • Cross-promoted via Facebook, Twitter and Network groups • Used hashtag #OfficeParaMi in order to increase visibility among Latinos • Two of the 5 blogs were in Spanish
  21. 21. YOUR SUMMARY  Metrics  Twitter  Facebook  Blog posts  Instagram  Google+  Pinterest # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 21 Reach 132,840 Impressions 198,053 Tweets 120 Contributors 86 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 Twitter Metrics Reach Impressions Tweets Contributors Results - Twitter
  22. 22. YOUR SUMMARY  Summary and Next Steps (if any)  What were the wins? # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 22 Summary • Hashtag proved to be successful and engaging • The group angle was an innovative and different way to reach consumers by giving 5 different perspectives on one product • Created a lot of buzz in a short period of time • Increased engagement and followers Next Steps • Prepare for Twitter party • Promote on social media platforms • Provide invoice for payment
  23. 23. OUR SUMMARY # S O C I A L I N F L U E N Z 23  NO doesn’t mean NEVER!  Understand the brand and its mission  Create a pitch or proposal that stands out by thinking OUTSIDE the box!  Be enthusiastic about the product you’re representing  Be patient with the process  YOU are the Subject Matter Expert  Be open to changes and new ideas  Make it easy for the brand to work with you  Provide a recap after your event/conference/ambassadorship  Create summary in PowerPoint  Provide metrics for your work  Follow up with a thank you note  Keep the conversation going even afterwards  Remember, it is all about the relationship!
  24. 24. @SocialInfluenz @Clubdelasdiosas @JoscelynRC @ConsaboraKaFe @MyMamihood