Melanie Edwards: Twitter Chats #FLBlogCon13


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Melanie Edwards's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

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Melanie Edwards: Twitter Chats #FLBlogCon13

  2. 2. Background  Blogging/social media since 2006  Parenting/lifestyle blog to tell stories  Began working with PR/brands, reviews  Evolved to long- term relationships & campaigns, plus consulting @EllaMedia | @modernmami
  3. 3. What are Twitter Chats?  Conversation on specific topic or theme tracked with a hashtag.  Take place on a specific date and time.  Moderated by chat host.  Normally recurring. @EllaMedia | @modernmami
  4. 4. Sponsored vs Non-Sponsored  Focused on sponsor’s message  Usually involve giveaways to engage participants  May have multiple hosts  Great for building quick buzz  Focused on sharing and learning  Giveaways optional & not expected  Usually have 1-2 hosts plus guest “speakers”  Great for building community & authority @EllaMedia | @modernmami Sponsored Twitter Parties Non-Sponsored Twitter Chats
  5. 5. Why Host Twitter Chats? @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Builds community  Great way to connect with others sharing similar interests  Discuss topics all are passionate about  Creates buzz (for brand, self, services)  Increase visibility & social media presence  Share & learn  Sets you up as expert
  6. 6. Why Participate in Twitter Chats? @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Builds community  New connections  Shared interests  Learn from others Source: Bob Cotter/Flickr
  7. 7. How to Find Existing Twitter Chats @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Google Doc listing –  @ChatSchedule -  Search Twitter  Keep an eye on hashtags used in your stream!  Hashtag shout-out! #GetRealChat #BrandChat #SMChat #BlogChat #SEOTalk #JournChat
  8. 8. How to Host a Twitter Chat @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Decide on hashtag (140 characters!) & date/time  Promote  Graphic button  Landing page  Register it (  FB event page  Tweet it out! A lot…  Use tools to help you moderate ( Source: Maria Sinayskaya/Flickr
  9. 9. After the Chat… @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Respond to tweets you didn’t get to during chat.  Keep tweets going by asking questions.  Recap the chat, provide a transcript, archive it.  Storify  (subscription service)
  10. 10. Let’s Talk Numbers  Analyze Twitter chat results  # of tweets  # of retweets  # of participants  Reporting tools    Tweets Retweets Participants @EllaMedia | @modernmami
  11. 11. Things to Consider… @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Trolls/spam  Popular hashtags attract spam  Beware trolls  Hashtag hijacking  Taking over hashtag with unintended use Source: Cali4beach/Flickr
  12. 12. Is It Really Trending?  Default setting on trends list.  Based on your location & who you follow.  Have to manually change setting to see non-tailored trends.  Can see worldwide, individual countries, even city-level. @EllaMedia | @modernmami Tailored Trends Location-Specific Trends Friends might tell you your hashtag is trending, but is it really?
  13. 13. Tips from Twitter Chat Hosts @EllaMedia | @modernmami “[Come] prepared with 6-8 questions per hour [and] prepare to address other questions from attendees...” ~ Rajean Campbell Blomquist, “Don't aim for perfection, you will very likely miss a tweet or ten, but the community will automatically retweet what they find valuable...” ~ Elma Placeres Dieppa, “Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag. You need a hashtag that is short, sweet, and can't be misread as something else.” ~ Lisa Martin, “Pick a time that isn't overly busy on Twitter and that works for your target audience.” ~ Whitney Trujillo,
  14. 14. Take Action! 5 Steps You Can Take in the Next Week to Get You Started @EllaMedia | @modernmami 1. List topics you're passionate about or often asked about for your expertise. Narrow list down to 1 you'd like to focus on. 2. Create a hashtag that’s descriptive, but concise. 3. Survey your community for a good day of the week and time to host your chat. (Does morning or night work better? Is a certain day of the week not good?) 4. Try it out! Test your hashtag and have an informal chat with your community. 5. Decide on a frequency for your chat and begin promoting!
  15. 15. Learn More! @EllaMedia | @modernmami  Twitter Chat Guide (Social Media Examiner)  How To (Mashable)  Hashtag Hijacking (Small Biz Trends) Source: Alexander Levin/Flickr
  16. 16. Questions? Melanie Edwards | @EllaMedia