Jeanette Scott: How Bloggers Make Money #FLBlogCon13


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Jeanette Scott's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

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Jeanette Scott: How Bloggers Make Money #FLBlogCon13

  1. 1. “How Do Bloggers Make Money?”
  2. 2. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Today We Are Talking About: Tactics for Monetizing: 1. Affiliate links 2. Banner ads 3. Sponsorships 4. Freelancing 5. Free items 6. Related programs 7. Paid content Myths of Monetizing: 1. It’s yucky 2. It’s not lucrative 3. It alters content 4. It’s passive 5. It’s expensive 6. It’s that simple
  3. 3. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Tactics for Monetizing
  4. 4. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 1. Affiliate Links  Advantages: use them anywhere, use them anytime, link to whatever you are most passionate about.  Programs: - ShopStyle (a PPC program) - RewardStyle - Amazon Associates - ShareASale - Commission Junction
  5. 5. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 2. Banner Ads  Two types: networks and direct sales  Ad networks - install code in your sidebar, relevant ads from the network appear. Examples: Izea, Google AdSense  Direct sales - ad space sold directly to a company  Compute your CPM ($1 = per thousand impressions) to set a price
  6. 6. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 3. Direct Sponsorships  Paid content on your blog  Paid spokesperson  Provide full disclosure (required by the FCC)  Use CPM and your “hourly” rate to set a price
  7. 7. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 4. Freelance Gigs  Writing gigs -  Other services within your industry: personal shopping, personal trainer, in-home chef  Besides income, these opportunities can provide SEO and credibility
  8. 8. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 5. Free Items  It may not be cash, but free items can save you money  Consider selling the items later on eBay or Craigslist
  9. 9. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 6. Related Programs  Multi-level marketing programs  You can sell jewelry, nutrition products, Tupperware  These are full and part-time programs that work well when paired with a blog
  10. 10. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 7. Paid Content  eBooks  YouTube  Or even a short PDF with exclusive content
  11. 11. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Implications of Monetizing
  12. 12. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #1: It’s yucky  My personal story: lemonade from lemons  Blogging uses the same methods to monetize as trusted publications  Provide full disclosure  Blogging can be a powerful source of income, and help you financially
  13. 13. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #2: It’s not lucrative  Examples from other bloggers: 10k from one photo, 50-70k per month  These #s should not be intimidating. You may never reach that level, but it’s encouraging and motivating knowing that the potential is really that high.
  14. 14. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #3: It alters your content  I was already linking to things, I just needed to monetize the links.  As you learn to use different methods, you may alter your content slightly. But these changes can benefit your readers. You can monetize and provide better content at the same time.
  15. 15. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #4: It’s passive  Not all websites are monetized, and income doesn’t just happen.  You don’t have to wait for a company to hire you to make money. You already have tremendous earning potential available through affiliate links and banner ads. So go out and get it!  My income is completely set without ANY sponsorships from companies.
  16. 16. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #5: It’s expensive  You don’t need to put in money to make money. Blogging costs are very small, with a high profit margin.  That said, investing in your blog is not a bad idea. It’s just not necessary to raise a lot of capital to get started.
  17. 17. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #6: It’s that simple  The big secret: tactics will get you nowhere!!  Anyone can add a monetization tactic to their blog, but that won’t make you money. Where you really shine, is producing the content you are passionate about. That’s the true key to monetization.
  18. 18. “Of any activity you do, ask yourself: If I were the last person on earth, would I still do it?” - Steven Pressfield, War of Art
  19. 19. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #6: It’s that simple  Arnold would still be at the gym, Stevie Wonder would still play piano.  If you would still be doing the things that you blog about, that is your sweet spot.  Monetizing is not about the tactics you use, but about you doing what you were born to do.
  20. 20. “Creative work [blogging] is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It's a gift to the world and every being in it. Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you've got.” - Steven Pressfield, War of Art