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The official conference/workshop guide for FLBlogCon*tent being held May 10, 2014. For more information go to

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Content Conference Guide

  1. 1. Official Conference/Workshop Guide
  2. 2. “Use words. Years of research have resulted in findings that while readers do like to look at pictures, you will never amount to being anything more than a cartoonist if you don’t use actual words.”! ! -Adam Avitable from his “Tips for Writing Well”
  3. 3. Workshop! DetailsLocation: Date and Times: • Orlando Improv Club • 901 International Dr., orlando FL 32819 • Saturday, May 10, 2014 • Check in: 9:30 am - 10:00 am • Conference runs from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm The Improv is located on the second level of the Pointe Orlando Plaza, and there is a multi-level garage accessible from both International Drive and Pointe Plaza Drive. ! You can get your parking validated for $2.
  4. 4. What To! Bring Dress • Dress is casual - this is a workshop so enjoy the day! • We will be in-doors for lunch. Electronics • There is wi-fi so bring your devices. Smart phone, laptop, tablet. etc. • Bring a charger! We will have plenty of outlets to help your device make it through the day. • Use the hash tag #FLBlogContent Other • If you don’t have a mobile device, bring paper and pencil to take lots of notes, but be warned, writing exercises are in store! • Lunch is provided. • Bring a smile and positive attitude - we are all there to learn, network, and grow our technical knowledge.
  5. 5. Important Links FLBlogCon: • General Website: • Con*tent Website: • Facebook: • Twitter: During the Conference: • Follow along on Twitter using hash tag #FLBlogContent • Follow along on Tagboard: After the Conference: • Review presentations at
  6. 6. Agenda 9:30-10:00!! Registration! ! 10:00-10:15! Welcome to FLBlogCon*TENT!! ! 10:15-11:00! Basic Skills/Grammar/Pet Peeves! Nothing turns a reader away more than great writing that’s marred by #badhashtags, grammar fails and spelling mistakes. But you don’t need an English degree to know how to write well and stand out in the crowded blogging world. We’ll go back to the basics and discuss everything from proper sentence structure to punctuation pitfalls, and share the ways that you can take your work from good to better and from better to best.! ! 11:00-11:30! Writing Workshop #1! Break into groups and follow some fun instructions to stretch those creative muscles and write!! ! 11:30-12:45! Lunch! Enjoy a complimentary lunch while being entertained by some of Florida’s best comedians.! ! 12:45-1:30!! Developing Your Voice! Developing a genuine voice that rings true for you and is relatable and approachable for your readers takes time, effort, and thought. We’ll discuss the various ways to determine what your specific voice is and how to foster it without pandering to your audience or getting lost in a need to be unique in your writing.! ! 1:30-2:00! ! Writing Workshop #2! Break into groups and follow some fun instructions to stretch those creative muscles and write!! ! 2:00-2:15! ! Break! ! 2:15-3:00! ! Blogging Nuts and Bolts! Sometimes the business of blogging can be overwhelming. Even if you write well and use proper punctuation and find a way to celebrate your unique voice, how often should you post? What’s the difference between a headline that will hook the readers and one that will get picked up by search engines? How can you take traditional writing tools like outlines and storyboards and make them work in a digital environment? We’ll talk about all of that plus explore some of the ways that you can organize your blog’s layout and navigation to enhance your great content.! ! 3:00-3:45! Writing Workshop #3! Break into groups and follow some fun instructions to stretch those creative muscles and write!! ! 3:45-4:00! ! Wrap Up
  7. 7. Adam Avitable Since 1999, Adam Heath Avitable has been entertaining audiences from every demographic. His award-winning writing has been collected and published, his book Interviews with Dead Celebrities was a best selling book on, and he has performed stand-up comedy on stages from Los Angeles to Orlando. He has lectured college students about developing humor, presented to hundreds on the rewards of vulnerability and transparency in life and in writing, and spoken at conferences, inspiring audiences with his life philosophy and entertaining them with his comedy. ! As a lawyer, author, small business owner, comedian, ordained minister, social media manager, blogger, and professional speaker, he has a unique ability to speak directly to any audience, from comedy clubs to lounges to corporate conferences and private parties. ! Connect with Adam on Twitter at @Avitable.
  8. 8. Katy Widrick Katy Widrick is passionate about healthy living — through food, fitness, and other “F” words. She’s been a TV producer by day, a runner and triathlete by night and she loves hearing social media tips of her blog ! Katy is the Emmy-nominated Executive Producer for the Bolder Media Group, a production company based in central Florida. She wears many hats in the role (sometimes even a princess crown), but her main job is to produce the Growing Bolder TV Show. It’s a 30-minute program that features men and women who smash the stereotypes of what it means to grow older. Growing Bolder — get it? ! Connect with Katy on Twitter @Kwidrick.
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