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2017 FLBlogCon Conference Guide


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The official conference guide for the 7th annual Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference presented by Ford and Your Southern Ford Dealers.

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2017 FLBlogCon Conference Guide

  1. 1. FLBlogCon 2017 #Dream #Dare #Do Official Conference Guide Join us for the 7th Annual Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference Saturday, September 23 @ Full Sail University
  2. 2. #Dream #Dare #Do “If you are a dreamer come in, If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, A hoper, a pray-er, a magic-bean-buyer… If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire For we have some flax golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” -Shel Silverstein
  3. 3. #Dream #Dare #Do Our Philosophy FLBlogCon was founded on the principles of openly sharing experience and expertise with others. This conference provides one day where we cast aside differences in backgrounds, blogging topics, and competitive goals, and instead embrace coming together in the spirit of cooperation, helpfulness, and friendship. We know you will embrace this philosophy and focus on the great role models of professionalism set by yourself and your fellow bloggers. Most importantly, we want all bloggers to feel welcome and included, no matter their experience or background. Thank you for helping to make this happen! Remember to use the hashtag #FLBlogCon when posting!
  4. 4. Leading Up to the Conference #Dream #Dare #Do “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. 5. Participate in #FLBlogging4Good Write a blog post. Do some good. Win a prize. To Enter: 1) Choose a local nonprofit on the right to write about. Research their message and upcoming events. 2) Write your blog post (must be at least 300 words). Include appropriate images and graphics. Post by September 20th. 3) Amplify your post to your social media channels. 4) Be sure to tag your posts with #FLBlogging4Good to be entered to win a grand prize. 5) Winners will be announced at the FLBlogCon After Party. Just In Queso To aid people and programs in our local communities in their time of need and in unexpected times of tragedy. Great American Milk Drive Stocking Florida’s food banks with fresh milk for hungry families and children. Toolbox4Life To train students in the basic skills to succeed in a commercial kitchen or on a construction site.
  6. 6. Tune in to #FLBlogConLIVE Mondays @ noon and Wednesdays @ 6 pm #Dream #Dare #Do FLBlogCon founder Bess Auer will be chatting with this year’s speakers and sponsors and will be previewing the new features and special attractions at this year’s conference. She’ll also be answering viewers’ questions. Watch and chat live
  7. 7. Download the Layar App #Dream #Dare #Do Scan Images Experience AR Learn Something New Win Prizes Download the free Layar app and whenever you see this symbol at the conference, scan to see the AR. (Try it rightHold your phone over this picture using the Layar app. now on this page!) We’re going on a scavenger hunt!
  8. 8. #Dream #Dare #Do Post a pic of yourself with a Ford vehicle (not while driving!) Tag the pic with #Fordselfie17 Be entered to win a prize - winner announced at the conference Twitter or Instagram - or both! Post a #FordSelfie17
  9. 9. #Dream #Dare #Do Attend the Pre-Party Friday, September 22: Newbie Dinner @ 7 pm Tijuana Flats @ UCF Hosted by Anna-Marie Walsh Make a friend before you attend the conference Hear great tips from veteran blogger Lisa Wilk Enjoy some awesome food! Photos by Professor Josh
  10. 10. #Dream #Dare #Do Don’t Have Your Blog Yet? Develop your blog idea Determine the best blog platform Build write your first post Amplify your via social media Develop your expert reputation Grow and analyze your audience Launch Your Blog Click here for 10% off the course to build and launch your blog today!10% off for attendees
  11. 11. At the Conference #Dream #Dare #Do “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.” - Douglas H. Everett
  12. 12. What to Bring Dress • Dress is casual. This is an all-day conference, so be sure to dress comfortably! Electronics • Full Sail University is equipped to provide us with some kicking wi-fi, so bring on your devices! Smart phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, etc. • Bring a charger - we’ll have plenty of power strips for you to recharge! • Be sure to plan your day beforehand by visiting our online agenda and download your personalized schedule to your smart phone. • Remember, we are paperless, so you want to have a device to download conference materials as well as to be able to view the online agenda #Dream #Dare #Do
  13. 13. What to Bring Reminders • If you don’t have a mobile device, you will want to print your agenda and bring it with you. • Parking, snacks, water and coffee, Tijuana Flats Lunch, and the After Party are all included. • Bring your business cards, so you can network with other bloggers, brands, and PR pros in attendance. • Prepare your elevator pitch - what is your blog about? Be sure you can describe it succinctly and effectively to others. • Bring a smile and put your best foot forward. Remember, we are ALL there to learn from each other, no matter our blogging experience or skill level. #Dream #Dare #Do
  14. 14. Important Links Online Agenda: Conference Guide: During the Conference: Presentation slides: After the Conference: #Dream #Dare #Do We’re paperless so remember to find the agenda online.
  15. 15. The Venue #Dream #Dare #Do Full Sail University - Take a Virtual Tour Right Now!
  16. 16. Address for Your GPS: 141 University Park Drive Winter Park, FL 32792 Directions: •From University Blvd. •Turn South at the light on Driggs Ave. Parking State Road 436 (Semoran) University
  17. 17. Happening Here: • Morning check In • Keynotes • Monetization Track Full Sail Live
  18. 18. Happening Here: • Lunch by Tijuana Flats • After Party The Back Lot
  19. 19. Happening Here: • Expo Hall • Resting and recharging • Networking • Live Stream Selfie Studio The Blogger’s Lounge
  20. 20. Happening Here: Break Out Sessions • Social Media Track • Content Creation Track • Technical Track • Other Track Auditorium & Classrooms
  21. 21. Happening Here: • Live stream stage featuring food bloggers Florida Dairy Farmers Studio
  22. 22. Happening Here: • Attendee interviews • Carpool Karaoke In the Ford Studio
  23. 23. Lunch #Dream #Dare #Do Lunch is complimentary from Tijuana Flats. Be sure to support everyone’s favorite homegrown Tex Mex restaurant! Be sure to tweet a thank you to @TijuanaFlats and tag them in your lunch photos posted to Instagram!
  24. 24. Stay for the After Party #Dream #Dare #Do Sponsored by Orlando Tech & Beer
  25. 25. Agenda: Quick Look 10 Ways to Make Money Because You’re a Blogger How to take Advantage of Affiliate Marketing Write or Die: Don’t Let Poor Writing Keep You From Making Money Turning Your Passion Into Profit Making Your Business Work for You 2.0 This is Not Fake News! How to Get Media Coverage for Your Blog Blogging IRL: The Power of Live Video on Social Channels Widgets and Gadgets for Creating Killer Content Instagram Stories: SnapChat Killer or Storyteller’s Dream You Call that Email? A Data-Driven Guide to Email Marketing Strategy Save Time & Increase Pinterest Traffic with Tailwind SnapChat Strategies You Didn’t Realize You Could Use Attention Brands: This is How You Do Influencer Marketing Be a Google Analytics Ninja How to Set Up Facebook Funnels to Monetize Blogger Beware: Legal Issues every Blogger Should Know Psychology, Blogging & You: Another Layer to Success Let’s #MeetUp Utilizing Facebook Groups for Major Gains MONETIZATION CONTENT SOCIAL MEDIA TECHNICAL OTHER LIVE STREAM STAGE Florida Dairy Farmer Special Presentations - Utilizing Influencers How I Transformed My Food Blog to a Food Production Business Food Photography: How to Go from Fair to Fabulous The Secrets of Working with Restaurants, Hotels and Special Events Orlando Lady Boss Special Interview One-on-One WordPress Help from WordCamp Orlando Leverage the Media to Make Your Brand Famous
  26. 26. Full Agenda #Dream #Dare #Do Click here to view the full agenda, sessions descriptions, and speakers online. Reminder: We are a paperless conference so you will need to bookmark the agenda on your phone or print it at home to bring with you. Pro Tip: You can customize your agenda and star the sessions you are most interested in, then save the agenda to your SmartPhone.
  27. 27. Speakers #Dream #Dare #Do “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney
  28. 28. Rowdy Gaines 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist NBC Commentator Opening Keynote #Dream #Dare #Do “I failed in 5 different sports before I got to swimming and found my passion.” Click Picture to Learn More
  29. 29. Shaunna Evans 50k followers on Pinterest #Dream #Dare #Do “Don't wait for perfection or the ‘right’ time. Dare to do something right now.” Click Picture to Learn More
  30. 30. Dr. Rori Paul Has her doctorate in media psychology #Dream #Dare #Do “Who we are is at the heart of the stories we tell.” Click Picture to Learn More
  31. 31. Kayla O’Brien Video blogger for the Orlando Sentinel #Dream #Dare #Do “Lose the fear and just start making great videos!” Click Picture to Learn More
  32. 32. Tara Salinas Over 18k followers on Twitter #Dream #Dare #Do “From traveling around the world to walking red carpets, social media has paved the way to my dream job.” Click Picture to Learn More
  33. 33. Dennis Littley Over 1 million social media followers #Dream #Dare #Do “I started blogging simply as a way to reach my cooking students.” Click Picture to Learn More
  34. 34. Diana Griffith Host of Orlando Lady Boss #Dream #Dare #Do “I started Orlando Lady Boss right at FLBlogCon!” Click Picture to Learn More
  35. 35. Christina Thomas Determined to #MakeSomeDayHappen #Dream #Dare #Do “4 years ago I left a high profile great paying job with a great company. People thought I was crazy. I didn't know what the future held, I only knew that I had to trust myself and take a leap. Click Picture to Learn More
  36. 36. Jeanette Johnson Million dollar blogger Afternoon Keynote #Dream #Dare #Do “It's less about what happens to you, and more about what you do with it. I took losing my job and turned it into my dream career.” Click Picture to Learn More
  37. 37. Casie Shimansky #Dream #Dare #Do “Don’t be afraid to try something new. Failure only occurs when you stop innovating and learning.” Click Picture to Learn More Social Media Strategist for Cisco’s Talent Brand Team - @WeAreCisco
  38. 38. Joscelyn Ramos Campbell -Award-Winning Spokesperson & Top Latina Blogger -Former Federal Government Public Relations Spokesperson #Dream #Dare #Do “Utilize your talents, passion and creativity to create the life and business you want to have. You can use the resources available to you now to jumpstart your dreams on your own terms."” Click Picture to Learn More
  39. 39. Michael Mataluni Raised over $8 million through Facebook Ads #Dream #Dare #Do “If being an entrepreneur is David and Corporate America is the Goliath… social media marketing is your sling.” Click Picture to Learn More
  40. 40. Josh Murdock Go-to gadget guy on Blog Talk TV #Dream #Dare #Do “Put the three E’s into your social media: Engage, Excite, Educate!” Click Picture to Learn More
  41. 41. Ashley Grant Famous ghost writer #Dream #Dare #Do “I realized early on the 9 to 5 life wasn’t for me. Blogging made it possible for me to make my own rules.” Click Picture to Learn More
  42. 42. Anthony Bencomo Creator of the #sandwicheatup #Dream #Dare #Do “Stop talking about what you'd like to do & start doing it. Every day put time & work towards it. Will it be easy? No, but if you love it, it's worth it.” Click Picture to Learn More
  43. 43. Adam Avitable Went viral on Twitter #Dream #Dare #Do “I bare my soul to the world because once you have nothing to hide, only great stories remain.” Click Picture to Learn More
  44. 44. Anna-Marie Walsh Food and travel blogger extraordinaire #Dream #Dare #Do “I have kept a journal since I was 14. I have always loved to write. I quit my full time Golf Channel job to freelance with them so I could write. So far so good!” Click Picture to Learn More
  45. 45. Jenn Ross Has her own brand of ice cream in 6 locations across Florida #Dream #Dare #Do “Take a massive bite out of life, dahling. Dream bigger and leap, always!” Click Picture to Learn More
  46. 46. Chris Edwards Web Developer & Analytics Specialist #Dream #Dare #Do “Confront your fear face on and do what you're afraid of.” Click Picture to Learn More
  47. 47. Melanie Edwards Owner of modernmami™ #Dream #Dare #Do “Dare to be your authentic self. You might be surprised with the opportunities that come your way!” Click Picture to Learn More
  48. 48. Michele G. Moss Intellectual property attorney #Dream #Dare #Do “Follow your own path. Dare to do what others will not.” Click Picture to Learn More
  49. 49. Bethanne Weiss Fitblogger and published author #Dream #Dare #Do “Life’s going to throw lotza curveballs. I’m here to help!” Click Picture to Learn More
  50. 50. Faith Gorsky Top food photographer #Dream #Dare #Do “Food styling should tell a story and bring your dream into another's consciousness.” Click Picture to Learn More
  51. 51. Mandy Carter Writer, editor, and marketer #Dream #Dare #Do “When I decided to turn my passion into my job, my dreams became a reality.” Click Picture to Learn More
  52. 52. Jenny De Witt Social Media Manager at UCF #Dream #Dare #Do “The reward for taking risks is in creating authentic content that's truly valuable. Go make awesome!” Click Picture to Learn More
  53. 53. Pam Moore A Top 10 Social Media Influencer according to Forbes #Dream #Dare #Do “Dream big! God's plans for your life are bigger than your dreams can ever be!” Click Picture to Learn More
  54. 54. Kim Vij Over 1 million social media followers #Dream #Dare #Do “Dare yourself to embrace your true passions and you'll quickly find your community and voice.” Click Picture to Learn More
  55. 55. Carolina Castaneda Top marketer #Dream #Dare #Do “In today’s multi-platform world, there's no better time to make a career of being Mr. or Mrs. Right: Sharing the right content, on the right platform, at the right time.” Click Picture to Learn More
  56. 56. Julius Mayo Top food blogger #Dream #Dare #Do “Everyone can create something. If you have an idea, find a way to make it happen. Collaborate with others to make your vision a reality.” Click Picture to Learn More
  57. 57. Laura Kern Associate Director of Social Media at Rollins College #Dream #Dare #Do “Building a loyal fan base is hard work. Trust, transparency, personality, and intuition are necessary ingredients. The community you cultivate will become your best asset.” Click Picture to Learn More
  58. 58. Dr. Holly Ludgate Director of Learning for Full Sail Labs and DC3 Education #Dream #Dare #Do “All of us are storytellers; it's how we share it with others that makes the biggest impact.” Click Picture to Learn More
  59. 59. Josh Elledge Has made over 1,500 media appearances #Dream #Dare #Do “Every media celebrity or thought leader in their space dreamed it first.” Click Picture to Learn More
  60. 60. Bess Auer Host of Blog Talk TV Founder of FLBlogCon #Dream #Dare #Do “I started FLBlogCon in the elementary school gym where I was teaching at the time with no idea what it would become. I just wanted to learn from bloggers who were finding success.” Click Picture to Learn More
  61. 61. Kostya Kimlat Fooled the legendary Penn & Teller on National TV Closing Keynote #Dream #Dare #Do “Think like a magician.” Click Picture to Learn More
  62. 62. Sponsors #Dream #Dare #Do “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
  63. 63. #Dream #Dare
  64. 64. #Dream #Dare #Do
  65. 65. #Dream #Dare #Do
  66. 66. #Dream #Dare #Do
  67. 67. #Dream #Dare #Do Multi-publish your live stream to several destinations with Switchboard Live
  68. 68. Florida Dairy Farmers represents more than 130 dairy farm families who are proud to produce nutritious milk. FDF works to educate consumers about the state’s dairy farming industry and promote dairy foods as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our team includes Registered Dietitians who are always available as a resource to provide tips, recipes and expert nutrition advice for use on your websites and blogs. Contact us any time at 407-647-8899. #Dream #Dare #DoTweet at @FloridaMilk
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  70. 70. #Dream #Dare #Do PHANTASMAGORIA
  71. 71. #Dream #Dare #Do
  72. 72. #Dream #Dare #Do
  73. 73. #Dream #Dare #Do
  74. 74. After the Conference #Dream #Dare #Do “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” -Nelson Mandela
  75. 75. Send Us Your Posts We’ll repost them to our social media channels!
  76. 76. #Dream #Dare #Doitnow Pssst! Tickets are still available: Get yours now at