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Weathering lab


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Weathering lab

  1. 1. 11/19 Weathering Lab Mechanical, Chemical, Oxidation Purpose: To demonstrate mechanical and chemical weathering, plus oxidation. Materials: 1- 25 ml beaker 10 ml vinegar 1 – pipette 3 - petri dishes 1 – piece of chalk broken in half 1 – small piece of steel wool 1 rock or gravel piece
  2. 2. Weathering Lab Weathering Agent Steel Wool 1st piece of chalk 2nd piece of chalk Observation Before Observation After 11/19 Oxidation, Mechanical or Chemical
  3. 3. Lab Questions: 1. What evidence of oxidation was present on the steel wool? What causes oxidation? 2. Describe, in detail, what happened to the piece of chalk when it was rubbed on the pieceof rock. What type of mechanical weathering took place? 3. Describe, in detail, what happened to the piece of chalk that had the vinegar added to it. What evidence of chemical weathering did you observe?
  4. 4. Conclusion: Write a paragraph explaining your results.