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Tides notes ppt


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Tides notes ppt

  1. 1. What objects will havea gravitationalattraction to the Earth?
  2. 2. Which one has agreater gravitationalpull on the Earth’stides?
  3. 3. Why does the moonhave a greatergravitational pull onthe Earth’s tides?Because it is closer tothe Earth!
  4. 4. The moon exerts agravitational pull onthe Earth that causesthe oceans to rise andfall.
  5. 5. The rise and fall ofthe oceans are called
  6. 6. The moon’sgravitational pullcauses the oceansto bulge.
  7. 7. Bulging of the oceans
  8. 8. The oceansbulge in twoplaces:
  9. 9. • The side of the Earth facing the moon.
  10. 10. •The side of theEarth facing away from
  11. 11. Each of these bulgescauses a high tide.
  12. 12. At the same time, lowtides occur betweenthe two bulges.
  13. 13. The high tides ALWAYSfollow the moon.
  14. 14. The difference betweenthe level of ocean waterat high and low tide is
  15. 15. How many high tidesand low tides occureach day?
  16. 16. How long does it takefor the Earth to rotateonce on its axis?
  17. 17. How many hours arethere between a hightide and a low tide?
  18. 18. How many hours arethere between twohigh tides?
  19. 19. At any given time ofthe day, how manyhigh tides are there?
  20. 20. High tides that arehigher than normalare called
  21. 21. This also means thatthe low tide is lowerthan normal during aspring tide.
  22. 22. Spring Tides occurduring the Full Moonand New Moon phases.
  23. 23. The gravitational pull ofthe sun and moon arecombined togethersince the sun, Earth andmoon are in a straightline.
  24. 24. High tides that arelower than usual arecalled
  25. 25. This means that thehigh tides are not veryhigh and the low tidesare not very low.
  26. 26. Neap Tides occur duringthe First and Last QuarterMoon phases.
  27. 27. This means that themoon’s gravitationalpull is partiallycancelled out by thesun’s gravitationalpull.