Science equipment 2014 2015


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Science equipment 2014 2015

  1. 1. Science Equipment REMEMBER!!!! Always write your NAME (first and last) Class period, and Teacher’s Name on all your papers!
  2. 2. Name Drawing Use Units Test Tube Rack • used to hold test tubes n/a Chemical Tray • Holds many chemicals n/a Erlenmeyer Flask • Used to swirl liquid items • can be heated mL
  3. 3. Name Drawing Use Units Florence Flask • Container • Used for boiling mL Beaker • Used to hold and heat liquids. • Measures volume. mL Eye Dropper • Used to transfer small amounts of liquid n/a
  4. 4. Name Drawing Use Units Slides: A) Dry mount or prepared Drawing A) Dry samples n/a B) Wet mount B) Liquid samples n/a C) Well or Depressed A) Sunken midsection to allow for a larger wet amount n/a Used to observe samples under a microscope
  5. 5. Name Drawing Use Units Meter stick or Ruler • measures length cm, m Tweezers • Used for picking up small objects n/a Stirring rod • Glass; • to stir or mix a solution n/a
  6. 6. Temperature and pH probes • instruments to collect and manage data. Hot Plate • A flat heated surface, typically portable, • used for keeping items hot. na Thermometer • an instrument for determining temp. °C, °F Timing Device • Used to measure exact time na
  7. 7. Microscope • To observe organisms or specimens too small to be seen with the naked eye. na Triple Beam Balance • used to measure masses very precisely grams Safety Glasses • Provides protection for eyes n/a Chemical Goggles • Provides protection for eyes from splashes n/a
  8. 8. Graduated Cylinder • used to accurately find displacement • measures volumes accurately mL Pipette • used to transfer small amounts of liquid •(similar to an eyedropper) mL Hand lens • Used for observation has a small magnification n/a Spring Scale • Used to measure force or mass Newtons or Grams
  9. 9. Funnel • Used for pouring liquids from a large container to a small container n/a Petri Dish • holds a culture medium (agar) • Used to grow and study things n/a Agar • Solution used in Petri dishes to culture bacteria. (gel-like) n/a Bunsen burner • Used for heating n/a
  10. 10. Mortar • Container for holding dry, solid chemical samples. (used with pestle) n/a Pestle • Used to grind dry solid chemicals into fine powder (used with mortar) n/a Test Tube (Tongs) • Holds one test tube • Holds test tubes with extreme high or low temperatures n/a Test Tubes • Holds liquid, solid or lab items to either be observed or heated n/a