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WW Equipment - General Catalog

- Equipment for road paving and oil&gas industry;
- Siefer Trigonal mills;
- Maintenance and service road paving equipment
- Chemicals and additives supply.

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WW Equipment - General Catalog

  1. 1. Polymer Modified Bitumen Process Description Bitumen Emulsion Process Description A bitumen emulsion is bitumen, which has been converted to a fine suspension of bitumen droplets in water, usually by means of a high energy shearing device called a "colloid mill". These droplets are prevented from agglomerating by the action of chemical emulsifiers which cause the surface of the droplets to become charged and hence repel each other. In emulsified form bitumen can be handled at ordinary temperatures and this eliminates the need of expensive solvents as diluents. In the first stage, the hot bitumen is pumped at the required temperature (usually around 185ºC) into agitated tank. The thermo-plastic rubber is added and stirred for equal distribution. Following the mix flows to the mill by gravity. The mix is passed through the mill to physically reduce the thermo-plastic rubber particles in size by mechanical shear, accompanied by a significant input of heat energy. This provides rapid and efficient disintegration of the thermo-plastic rubber particles in the bitumen. The most common production configuration is the batch production where all chemical products converge into a reactor followed by recirculation through a high shear mill, to achieve homogeneity and final properties. Lower Thermal susceptibility Higher cohesion Higher elastic response Higher water resistance Higher resistance to aging The modification process improves the final characteristics such as:
  2. 2. FEATURES - Soap System - Production Unit - Additives Dosing System - Control System OPTIONS - Cooling Exchanger - Kerosene Storage Tank - Emulsions Storage Tank - Bitumen Storage Tank FEATURES - Soap System - Production Unit - Additives Dosing System - Control System OPTIONS - Hot Oil Boiler - Cooling Exchanger - Kerosene Storage Tank - Emulsions Storage Tank
  3. 3. FEATURES - Polymer/Rubber dosing system - Mill and Pre-Mixer Unit - Dosing system - Control System OPTIONS - Pure bitumen storage tank - Solid sulfur injection system - Discharge pump - Maturation tank - PMB storage tanks FEATURES - Polymer/Rubber dosing system - Mill and Pre-Mixer Unit - Dosing system - Control System OPTIONS - Pure bitumen storage tanks - Charge Pump - Solid sulfur injection system - Heat Exchanger - Discharge pump - Maturation tank - PMB storage tanks Double pass 8/10/15 ton/hour Single pass 16/20/30 ton/hour Double pass 8/10/15 ton/hour Single pass 16/20/30 ton/hour
  4. 4. FEATURES - Pump System - Cooling Tower - Plate Heat Exchanger - Cooling Unit - Filling System - Electric Equipment OPTIONS - Fully Automatic - Manual FEATURES (Big Bags Model) - Thermal insulation - For bitumen bags up to 1t - With access ladder - Max. temperature: 180 °C - Capacity of 6-8 ton/h - Structure with electric winch Models: - Big Bags - Drums - Boxes
  5. 5. FEATURES - Bitumen Pump - Kerosene Pumps - Telescopic Loading Arm - Control Touch Screen - Fully Automatic - Static Mixer - Heated Bitumen Lines - Capacity: up to 50 ton/h MODELS - Storage Tanks - Bitutainers - Bounded Tanks - Isotanks - Pick Up & Go Tanks - Road Sprayers Stanks STORAGE - Bitumen - Heavy Oils - Crud - Hydrocarbons - Water
  6. 6. By combining our various turnkey solutions it's possible to configure a bitumen terminal suitable for your business needs: - PMB plants - Bitumen emulsion plants - Cut-backs plants - Bitumen melters - Bitumen storage tanks - Lubrication stations - etc. STATIONARY PLANTS According with space availabity for this purpose and costumer capacity requirement we can design, supply and install complete solutions of bitumen emulsion and bitumen modified by polymers units.
  7. 7. Spare Parts and Components Each component can be sold and installed as an individual skid for mobile, stationary plants or in case of retrofitting. SOAP SYSTEMS PRODUCTION UNITS DOSING SYSTEMS PRE-MIXER UNITS CONTROL SYSTEMS
  8. 8. FEATURES: - Range Capacity: 24.000/30.000 Lts - Fully framed structure - Conner twist locks and damage reinforcement plats - Fitted heating tubes/hot oil coils (Optional) - Hight quality MANHOLE on the top - Tanks contents can be re-circulated A simple cost effective bulk storage solution WWB-Container is a bitumen container designed and constructed for the transportation of cooled bitumen (or other similar cargo, all should be in solid form during the transportation), on sea (above or under deck) or on land (road and rail) throughout the world.
  9. 9. FEATURES - Diesel Generator - Mass System - Oil System - Used Oil Storage - Water Storage - Diesel Storage - Winch - Hidraulic Press - Storage Box - Cabinet - Tools - Work Benches - Compressor FEATURES: - Compartments for Diesel, Water and Oil - Tank: Carbon steel type S235JRG2 - Motor-compressor group - Lubrication bridge - Tow TIP: Equipment installation in any chassis and at the customer facilities
  10. 10. FIELDS OF APPLICATION - Agricultural Chemistry - Biotechnology - Bitumen - Chemistry - Paints and Coatings - Pet Food - Cosmetics & Pharmaceutics - Food and Paper Industry FIELDS OF APPLICATION - Agricultural Chemistry - Biotechnology - Bitumen - Chemistry - Paints and Coatings - Pet food - Cosmetics & pharmaceutics - Food - Paper & Recycling Industry Four different sizes and a universal range of application
  11. 11. FIELDS OF APPLICATION: - Biotechnology - Bitumen - Chemistry - Pet Food - Paper - Recycling industry FIELDS OF APPLICATION - Biotechnology - Bitumen - Chemistry - Paints and Coatings - Pet Food - Recycling Industry Designed for continuous use, all Trigonal®-Machines excel at a high reliability and a long life span even under harsh conditions
  12. 12. WWAddipav Bitumen Additives WW pHR Properties Specs. Concentration (HCl%) 33 Iron (mg/kg) 4 Oxidant Comp. (Cl2 mg/kg) 30 Density at 20ºC (g /cm3) 1,16 Boiling Point at 100 Kpa 75 ºC Melting Point at 100 Kpa -40 ºC Vapour Press. at 20ºC (mmHg) 43 Relevant uses: •Wastewater treatment •Textile Industry •Paper Industry •Surface treatment Industry •Tanning Industry •Organic Chemistry Industry WW PPA 6210/105 Properties Specs. Color (Hazen) 40 H3P04 (%) 105 Arsenic (As%) 0,005 Heavy Metals (Pb%) 0,001 Melting Point (ºC) 16-30 Boiling Point (ºC) 1920 Specific Gravity 20ºC (Kg/m3) 1920 Dynamic Viscosity 840 (25ºC) 35 (100ºC) Relevant uses: •Chemical industry •Synthesis intermediate in organic chemistry •Catalysis •Surface treatment •Asphaltic bitumen modifier. WW SBS Properties Specs. Styrene (%) 30 Hardness (Shore A) 77 Fluidity (g/10 min.) 1,00 Tensile Modulus 2,8 Tensile Strengh 26 Elongation at Break (%) 760 Volatility (%) 0,5 Ashes (%) 0,02 Relevant uses: •Excellent performance in several bitumen sources; •Reduction of operating times; •High flexibility, tensile strength, resistant to temperature variations and stable to storage. WW FIX Properties Specs. Concentration (%) >10 E <25 Amino Nitrogen < 12 Relevant uses: •Increases adhesion between aggregates and bitumen. •Improves bitumen susceptibility to large variations in temperature and damp. •Improves the coating properties of the bitumen to the aggregates. Improves road quality and reduces the maintenance costs of roads. WW NF100 Properties Specs. Color (ASTM) 1,5 Density at 15ºC Kg/l (D1298/D4052) 0,917 Flash Point, PM ºC (D93), min. 214 Pour Point, ºC (D97) -21 Viscosity Cin. at 40ºC, mm2/s (D445) 112 Viscosity Cin. at 40ºC, mm2/s (D445) 8,5 Pto Aniline (D611), ºC 85 CS, (%) (D2140) 12 Relevant uses: • Excellent performance at low temperatures; • High power of solubility. WWBimulpav Bitumen Emulsifiers Relevant identified uses of thesubstance or mixture : - Chemical Industry. - Cationic emulsifier for bitumen emulsions. Composition Fatty Acids, Tall Oil, reaction products with polyethylene polyamines. Amines, N- Tallow alkyltrimethylenedi- ,ethoxylated SUBSTANCE NAME 68910-93-0 61790-85-0 CAS N.º <75% <25% CONCENTRATION WW RS N, N, N ', N'. N'' '- pentamethyl-N-tallow- 1 alkilo, 3 - propanodiamonio chloride SUBSTANCE NAME 68607-29-4 CAS N.º <50% Ethylene glycol 107-21-1 <25% CONCENTRATION WW SS Dipropilenglycol methyl ether 34590-94-8 <25%
  13. 13. Also in our scope we can develop your solution directly into an container or skid for easy transportation, installation and handling. Our expertise in the field of transforming containers enables us to offer containerised solutions for the most diverse uses.
  14. 14. | email. | tel. +351 256 910 200 WWEF2.3 Office, Warehouse & Production: Av. Parque Desportivo, 128 4505-688 Caldas S. Jorge, Portugal Branches: Algeria / Kuwait / Morocco / Mozambique / Nigeria / Saudi Arabia Weeds West Equipments, Lda. Porto C.R.C. - NIPC 514 250 577