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F in es_pp_caps v01

  1. 1. Michele MissikoffUniversity Polytechnic of Marche, ItalyBIVEE: Business Innovation in Virtual Enterprise Environments, Scientific CoordinatorFInES Cluster MeetingBrussels, May 6th, 2013FINES CLUSTER POSITION PAPERFInES Cluster Position Paper:Embarking on New Research Orientations towardsHorizon 2020CAPS – Collaborative Awareness Platforms
  2. 2. FINES CLUSTER POSITION PAPER- CAPS -Collective Awareness Platforms forSustainability and Social Innovation“ICT systems leveraging the emerging‘network effect’ by combining open socialmedia, distributed knowledge creation anddata from real environments ("Internet ofThings") in order to foster new forms ofsocial and business innovation. (EC 2012)
  3. 3. 0 What is Awareness?0 It is primarily a state of mind and, as such, lies on a different plane of, andcannot be directly compared with, ICT solutions0 For a winning enterprise Awareness implies a clear understanding of thebusiness and operating context, available resources, competitors, ...0 Thus Awareness needs ICT solutions to be achieved0 Awareness ICT support0 Acquisition of factual data: from sensors, smart objects, people andorganizations0 Aggregate, enrich, share, making sense of it: Big Data analytics, semanticanalysis and interpretation, statistics and simulation, ...0 Support to: collective intelligence, group decision making, strategic thinking, ...0 Awareness Tiers0 From FACTS to DECISIONS to VALUE PRODUCTION: a 3 Tiers Architecture0 Lower Tier: Data Acquisition (e.g., from Internet of People and Thinigs, from DataClouds, from Sensors Networks)0 Aggregation Tier: derive valuable information / knowledge (e.g., with data analytics,semantic search, statistical analysis, collective intelligence, ...)0 Strategic Tier: support to human experts / managers for strategy building, decisionmaking, ...FInES Cluster Meeting, May 6th, 2013 3
  4. 4. (i) Expanded knowledge bases, representing the businessdomain and the (digital) enterprise, with its internal andexternal resources: collectively created and used (SemanticWikis, ...), in the Open Cloud Knowledge Space(ii) Enterprise rationale, including vision and strategies, bestpractices and business rules (e.g., according to OMG-SBVR)(iii) Knowledge lifecycle and the usage patterns modelling, thedifferent business actors with their semantic profiles, forenhanced usability(iv) Collaborative social networks, connecting communities ofsmart interoperable entities, based on Internet of People andThings (IoT), including FI & interconnected sensors networks(v) Semantics-based solutions and Big Data Analytics methods, tomake sense of large data and knowledge bases, supported byLinked Open Data, NLP solutions, Open Cloud Services, ...
  5. 5. FInES Cluster Meeting, May 6th, 2013 50 To Revamp the famous Lisbon Strategy0 Transform EU economy and make it the most competitive Knowledge-basedEconomy of the World ... But we are still waiting...0 Why Knowledge-based Economy did not meet the objectives?0 We have the technology, but ... It is just part of the solution0 Invent new paradigms and models: 360 Innovation0 New socio-economic paradigms (from market-centric to people-centric, BeyondGDP)0 New development models (from consumerism to sustainability, Low Carboneconomy) and social relationships (new value systems and behavioural patterns)0 New cultural and social integration (from divergence to synergised differences,new forms of IPR, Creative Commons, ...)0 New breed of enterprises (see Qualities of Beings of FInES RR)0 Leverage on the rich diversityAll the above can be achieved only if we are AWARE of the power of cross-fertilization, community building, crowdsourcing, collective intelligence,integrating0 Culture, Digital technologies, Socio-economic systems
  6. 6. 60 CAPS as a key enabler for the European Knowledge-basedEconomy0 Transform the way people interact, exchange ideas, aggregate for commonobjectives0 Transform the way we acquire, organise, distribute, use the knowledge0 Towards a culture of innovation and social cohesion0 People-centric approach to CAPS0 Designed and develped around the people’s needs0 Towards a ‘humanistic’ design theory0 Enterprise-centric approach to CAPS0 Conceived to support the emerging of a new breed of enteprises (see FInESResearch Roadmap)0 Collective Intelligence, everyone entrepreneur, collaborative networking, ...0 Open Knowledge and Semantics technologies for Awareness0 Develop a new discipline merging from ICT, AI, SSH, Economy & Business, ...0 Science Base for new forms of adaptable, self-regulated, complex Cyber-physical systems
  7. 7. 70 Pushing forward the key socio-technological research lines0 Mix and match traditional academic disciplines0 Make ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ sciences interact and cooperate0 Change the value systems and rewarding paradigms0 Promote a socio-technological paradigm shift0 Proceed beyond the market-driven economy0 Promote development in a scenario of limited growth0 New cultural and social integration (from divergence to synergiseddifferences)0 Adopt a Cross-disciplinary approach0 Cross-domain research initiatives0 Rebuilding an unitary view of the enterprise, through it full digitaltransformation0 Opening of enterprise boundaries, to promote Open Innovation, crowdsourcing and social integration0 Economic, social, environemntal sustainability should be systematicallysought, at individual and community level: