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Mr. Sergio Gusmeroli from TXT e-solutions SPA presented the charcteristics and positioning of the ISU. In addition, he noted the ISU business and technical roadmaps.
(FInES Cluster Meeting, December 2012)

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5 isu and-wbs_tf-gusmeroli

  1. 1. E n te rp ri s e C O llab o rati o n & I N te ro p e rab i li tyThe Internet as Universal Business System: ISU re-visited FInES Cluster Meeting Brussels, December 19th 2011 Sergio Gusmeroli TXT e-solutions SPA, COIN Project Technical Coordinator
  2. 2. ISU/UBS TF Related Events• Digital Agenda Assembly, 16-17 June, 2011 Brussels, Pillar II “Interoperability & Standards”. Public Procurement open standards (Action 23) and possible measures to adopt in the absence of standards to favour interoperability and openness (Action 25).• Samos 2011 Summit on Future Internet, 4-6 July 2011 Samos. Workshop “Realizing the vision of the ISU: public interest, competitive service offering and service innovation” held on July 6th.• Future Internet Assembly, 25 October 2011 Poznan. Session 1.1: Value creation, Value flows and liability over virtual issues, societal and business applications perspective” plus a moderated debate.• eChallenges 2011, 26-28 October 2011 Florence. Session 9a: Networked, Smart and Virtual Organisations - Applications”. SaaS- U@ESA . “The Economics and Innovation of Utility Services in ICT”.• Future Internet Symposium, two half-day workshops to present and debate COIN outcomes, in particular the technical and business vision of the ISU. Moderated experts panels and audience participation.
  3. 3. A Discussion Paper1. What is it the ISU?2. What’s the relation between ISU & FInES?3. What’s the relation between ISU & SSAI?4. What’s the relation between ISU & FI research?5. Projects’ Contributions to ISU Implementation6. ISU and EU Policies (EU2020 strategy; DAE)7. A 2020 Business Roadmap to ISU8. A 2020 Technical Roadmap to ISU9. ISU & Internet as Universal Business System
  4. 4. What is it the ISU? Source: Man Sze Li (IC Focus), COIN Project WP62• Delivery of IT as services• Interoperability as a – utility-like capability for enterprises Collaborating Innovation Ecosystems – a public good Collaborating Enterprises• ISU as a basic infrastructure that supports Value-added and proprietary IT services – information exchange between knowledge sources, software ISU applications and Web services Web – a new generation of self-* services and Internet e-business services – connection between islands of Telecommunications interoperability – especially SMEs and start-up companies Conceptual View of the ISU• ISU is independent of, rather than an extension to, EI solutions on the market
  5. 5. ISU Positioning in the FISource: Man Sze Li (IC Focus), FIA Valencia
  6. 6. Four main views to ISU FINES (Arch) SSAI (NEXOF RA) INNOVATION FUTURE INTERNET art art FI Sm rgy Enterprise Interoperability / Collaboration 1853 1913 1969 2025 2061 2081 Sm lth a En e FI He Utility Service Providers (public Clouds) Rapid Textile Railway Auto Computer Distributed Nanotech FI art Adoption Intelligence Sm sport n art Federated – Open – Trusted Tra S m ng 1800 1853 1913 1969 2005 2025 i Li v PlatformsCOIN Search … Invoke Non-COIN 1771 1825 1886 1939 1997 2007 SEMANTIC WAVE FI Facility FI art e Sm art Industrial Revolution Information Revolution Sm ersiv ?Generic Service Platform Service Platforms m Im pace s art s art FI s FI Sm prise FI Sm stics r gi E nte LoPlat/Service Intelligent Software Web Models Reasoning Components Interface Commodity ProductCOIN BP Mgmt / Outs Non-COIN Facility CustomCollaboration Platforms Collaboration Platforms 9 concerns Invention Enterprise Software and Applications 125 functionalities Value-added Service Providers (private Clouds) 100 from ext, source ISU Interoperability Service Utility
  7. 7. Projects contributions• COIN: service delivery platform for EI/EC services• COMMIUS: people, community-centric infrastructure• NISB: wisdom of the Business Network, µ-mappings• NEXOF RA: reference architecture for GSDP• FI-WARE: Core Platform FI PPP, Generic EnablersComing soon• MSEE: service innovation in manufact. ecosystems• Extreme Factories: agile mgmt innovation process
  8. 8. ISU in the DAE• 03. Interoperability and standards: making it happen – Action 23: Provide guidance on ICT standardisation and public procurement. Issue a Communication in 2011 to provide guidance on the link between ICT standardisation and public procurement to help public authorities use standards. – Action 25: Identify and assess means of requesting significant market players to licence information about their products or services. Examine the feasibility of measures that could lead significant market players to license interoperability information. – In charge of it is DG INFSO D3 (Annemarie Sassen)
  9. 9. From ISU to Internet as UBSInnovation Source: M-S Li Ecosystem pricing, relationship led rather than cost based Utility service infrastructure as (generative) platform Marginal cost “close to” 0.0 Making new needs: co-deisgn, Value based dynamic pricing co-creation, co-development, Variable costs Service infrastructure as utility co-sumption Shared resources Service federated Fixed costs Service oriented Dedicated resources IT Store Product oriented IT Switch IT Tap IT Plug Source: M-S Li 9 Commoditisation
  10. 10. ISU Business Roadmap Towards Universal Business (Eco-)SystemsValue & Business Innovation A system of exchange based on Technology infrastructure Business values & Social communities Business relationships based on Core technology offering Value added apps based on Generic technologies Utility Trajectory of ISU business development Paradigm: Paradigm: Paradigm: Store Marketplace Market System 10 (Today) (2020?) & new modes of exchange (2020+) Source: M-S Li
  11. 11. ISU Technical RoadmapValue & Business Innovation Interoperability cloud ecosystem from / for everyone, Interoperability as Public Service Interoperability of Service Delivery Platforms in different domains Interoperability of Services in a Service Delivery Platform Utility ISU 1.0 ISU 2.0 ISU 3.0 Paradigm: Paradigm: Paradigm: CP Gateway FOT Platforms Cloud Ecosystem Source: M-S Li 11 (2015) (2020) (2020+) Source: modified by S. Gusmeroli from M-S Li
  12. 12. E n te rp ri s e C O llab o rati o n & I N te ro p e rab i li tyThe Internet as Universal Business System: ISU re-visited FInES Cluster Meeting Brussels, December 19th 2011 Sergio Gusmeroli TXT e-solutions SPA, COIN Project Technical Coordinator