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3D Internet as future business opportunity
Vice Director Mika Rantakokko

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5 3-mika rantakokko

  1. 1. FInES Cluster MeetingBrussels,12.10.2012 3D Internet as future business opportunityVice Director Mika Rantakokko
  2. 2. Some basic facts about Oulu• City region has 250 000 inh. with more than 100 nationalities• Largest regional R&D expenditure per capita in Finland • 10% of Oulu GDP R&D related, EU average 3%• Globally strong in ICT; 14 000 ICT jobs in region • Wired Magazine ”Among top 28 ICT cities in the world”• Good business infrastructure: • Fortune Magazine ”7 best global cities for start-ups”• City’s central administration is very pro ICT and R&D• Long collaboration tradition - PPPP• Enthusiastic and innovative individuals
  3. 3. Some examples from Oulu track record in ICT• innovation The first phone call over a cognitive radio network 2010• The world’s first Open source 3D Internet platform 2007• The worlds first WCDMA (3GPP) telephone call 2002 Tähän tulee tekstiä.• The world’s first WCDMA telephone call 1996 • Tässä voi olla listausta.• The 1st contactless fare collection system for public bus • Fonttina käytetään Verdanaa, 22pt. transportation 1992 • Tekstin väri on harmaa, #403827• The worlds first GSM telephone call 1991• The worlds first GSM base station early 1991• The worlds first NMT network early 1981• The worlds first wrist watch heart rate monitor 1980
  4. 4. Oulu Innovation Alliance• Oulu Innovation Alliance aims to keep Oulu as an internationally acknowledged center for innovation.• The OIA founding partners are committed: • To focus their operations, education, research and development activities on agreed innovation areas. • To invest in the development of agreed infrastructures. • To create and develop mechanisms for mutual use.• The initial focus areas were agreed as Internet research, printed electronics, international business, environment and healthcare sectors.
  5. 5. OuluInnovationEcosystem- ICT- Health- Energy/ environment- Printed electronics
  6. 6. Oulu, FinlandWhile Finland is best known as thebirthplace of Nokia, the real growththese days in the country is comingfrom the city of Oulu. The areasurrounding the city boasts twoscience parks, a number ofresearch institutes and the city isconsidered a "living lab" — sinceresidents often experiment withnew technology on a broad scale.http://www.cnbc.com/id/49348509?slide=1 – CNBC 10.10.2012
  7. 7. Center for Internet Excellence• Research and innovation unit focuses to co-create novel Internet user experience and ensure sustainable development for smart societies• Combines leading-edge Internet research and new infrastructures, with special focus on emerging 3D technologies.• Provides unique environment to combine research and network partners from different fields in a practical setup.• Established 2009, staff ~30, annual budget 2,5MEur
  8. 8. Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center, Oulu• First joint Intel and Nokia research laboratory, hosted in the Center for Internet Excellence at the University of Oulu.• Focus on compelling mobile user experiences - first projects on 3D mobile interfaces and virtual worlds used in mobile environment.• Laboratory builds on strong 3D internet development community in the Oulu region: Technologies such as the open-source virtual reality platform realXtend have been created in Oulu.
  9. 9. Oulu Urban Living Labs• OULLabs is an ecosystem built for companies, where you can test your products in real environments with authentic users.• OULLabs is a business friendly Living Lab – activity whose goals is to help you become acquaint with your target users views. User centric design becomes reality with OULLabs.• OULLabs goals are • Business process speed up by user centric design • OULLabs member organization promotion with the Europe’s Living Lab-networks, companies and markets • Networking and co-operation support nationally and internationally• www.oullabs.fi
  10. 10. The Open Source platform for 3D Internet• Kick-off in Oulu, Finland 2007• Initiated by the need for a de facto standard for 3D Internet• Permissively licensed open source software and content• Globally developed and utilized by academia and business http://realxtend.org/
  11. 11. 3D Internet -the next step after the mass adoption of the web• While the web can be defined as a set of linked text documents, 3D Internet consists of interconnected services, presented as virtual worlds.• Many of the connected services are best accessed using a digital character, an avatar.• 3D Internet provides the possibility to interaction - user experience and interface supports individuality but essentially enhances the formation of a social network.• Mass adoption of the 3D Internet by the year 2015
  12. 12. 3D Internet -the next step after the mass adoption of the web• WWW: • As nice as – a phone book • Only practical way to use: Search Engines • What is the most used button today? BACK• 3D: • Natural way to navigate and to remember • Social interaction • Integration of media • Evolution of the user experienxce
  14. 14. Avatar in 3D Internet• 3D Internet is all about doing something together• Avatars play a crucial role in recognizing users and as self-expression
  15. 15. Push/pull towards 3D Internet• Today’s Game Culture • Average age of players is already 35… • People are expecting game-like solutions also for other purposes• Economical aspects• Ecological aspects• Even large companies getting involved • Google – Google Earth • SUN – Open Wonderland • …
  16. 16. 3D Internet roadmap 9 8PAST FUTURE USERS• Closed systems • Open systems 7 (100 million)• No interoperation • Interoperation 6• Proprietary sw • Open source Avatar for everyone 5 4 3 2 Open! 1 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  17. 17. Is there really a business?In Virtual Worlds
  18. 18. Is there really a business?
  19. 19. Is there really a business?
  20. 20. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1330552/Jon-Jacobs-sells-virtual-nightclub-Club-Neverdie-online-Entropia-game-400k.html
  21. 21. Is there really a business?
  22. 22. Is there really a business?
  23. 23. Challanges to turn 3D internet to big business • Awareness of the potential/possibilities • User interface challange • How to turn research into business? • And above all – our limited imagination
  24. 24. 3D Internet - How to tackle the business potential?• 3D Internet means limitless business possibilities for companies in the form of new products, new market and new value chains.• To get full benefit of this potential requires efficient networking in between • companies, but also • with research organisations and above all • with end-users
  25. 25. Collaboration in form of 3D Internet Alliance – 3DIA• Business oriented alliance, set up in Oulu, bringing together the experts of 3D Internet and representatives from other fields of business.• Members comprise of 3D specialists, content providers, research organizations, public institutes, media, venture capitalists and end customers from several fields of business• 3DIA is looking forward to new collaborators/members http://3dinternetalliance.org/
  26. 26. Examples of collaboration results:3D UI & virtual worlds for mobiles
  27. 27. Examples of collaboration results: 3D in TOURISMSee also: http://www.mericitytunturi.fi/en/
  28. 28. Examples of collaboration results: 3D Virtual Gallery Weekend BerlinShared experience withthe aim to explore thepossibilities ofinteraction in the contextof art within a virtual 3Denvironment andbetween the real andthe virtual world
  29. 29. Examples of collaboration results: Virtual Meeting
  30. 30. Examples of collaboration results: Virtual church
  31. 31. ”3D City ”
  32. 32. Examples of collaboration results: 3D Presentation tool
  33. 33. 3D Internet as a business• There is huge potential • For new companies • For new jobs • For new success stories• Cooperation is a central key to tackle the opportunity• What can we do to the business when it has grown up – instead of selling it to U.S.? • How can we support that?
  34. 34. Thank you!For more information:Mika Rantakokkotel. +358 400 55 00 67e-mail mika.rantakokko@cie.fiwww.cie.fihttp://3dinternetalliance.org/