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Ms. Cristina Martinez, Head of FInES Cluster, presented the FInES Cluster's
Strategic directions for 2012. She outlined the FInES areas of activity and proposed the next steps.
(FInES Cluster Meeting, December 2012)

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4 fines_strategic_directions-martinez

  1. 1. FInES Cluster :Strategic directions for 2012 Cristina Martinez Head of FInES Cluster INFSO D4, European Commission European Commission, Brussels FInES Cluster meeting, 19-20 December, 2011
  2. 2. INFSO Policy Context and Timeframe • Other Europe 2020 Flagship Initiatives2012 FIA Conference FInES Conference • 29/6 Multi-annual Financial DAE Conference Framework (MFF) proposal ? Princeton • WP 2013 Preparation workshop • Digital Agenda for Europe2013 • Connecting Europe Facility • MFF decision • WP 2013 calls • CSF decision2014 HORIZON 2020
  3. 3. Horizon 2020: Structure of the proposed Framework Programme Europe 2020 priorities European Research Area International cooperation Shared objectives and principles Tackling Societal Challenges Creating Industrial Leadership and Competitive Frameworks Health, demographic change and wellbeing Leadership in enabling and industrial Food security and the bio-based economy technologies Secure, clean and efficient energy ICT Smart, green and integrated transport Nanotech., Materials, Manuf. and Supply of raw materials Processing Resource efficiency and climate action Biotechnology Inclusive, innovative and secure societies Space Access to risk finance Innovation in SMEs Excellence in the Science Base Frontier research (ERC) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Skills and career development (Marie Curie) Research infrastructuresSimplified access Dissemination & knowledge tranfer Common rules, toolkit of funding schemes
  4. 4. 2012: A transition year towards H2020• Technology matured but critical issues to be solved (EU enterprise competitiveness, Future Manufacturing, the rise of the digital society, transition to a new paradigm for our society, etc.)• New research programmes, end of FP7, revision of the DAE, re-orientation of the priorities for the research family to cope with societal challenges• A WP in 2013 (CfP)• But also new opportunities… – Focus on innovation – Entrepreneurship – EU manufacture – New instruments, simplification – Change, change, change!
  5. 5. FInES Cluster Strategy for 2012 Catalysing the Competitiveness of European Enterprises• Scope: Re-focus and reach out based on a clear vision of the domain (FInES Position Paper)• Mission: for 2012: We target business value innovation in open paradigms, structurally embedded in future enterprise systems• Toolbox: 14 Task Forces, 19 projects, a support project (ENSEMBLE), massive online presence… and a dynamic & committed community!• Evaluation: cluster KPI to measure progress• Risk analysis?
  6. 6. FInES Areas of Activity 1/4• Policy – Objective: Supporting change of culture “Everyone can be an enterprise”, promoting the value of Collaboration & Innovation – framed into the EU policy context – Plan is needed: • Promoting our work (internally and externally) • Investing efforts in reaching out to other communities (DAE, horizontal innovation actions, International, clusters) but also the socio- economic circles • Focusing on key subjects (as FInES Position Paper and Research Roadmap)
  7. 7. FInES Areas of Activity 2/4• Research – Objective: Building a world-class community of multi-disciplinary researchers (focused and proposing only AV research) for our domain – Plan based on our Research Roadmap is needed: • Building a Science base / common understanding (scientific publications…) • Targeting and reinforcing our industry dimension • Encouraging disruptive and bottom-up research (grass-root innovation, arts, digital entrepreneur.) • Focused on the network circle (the Network is the Enterprise)
  8. 8. FInES Areas of Activity 3/4• Dissemination – Objective: Reinforcing our visibility & reaching out to new communities (int’l, regional network, FI-PPP) through our TF – Communication plan is needed: • Cluster publications (Research Roadmap) • Scientific publications (CTF and SP TF) - Guidelines • Events participation (CEBIT – Technology TF) and Workshops organisation (FIA Aalborg, Princeton, others?) - Guidelines • Web presence (more videos) and social media - Gdl
  9. 9. FInES Areas of Activity 4/4• Exploitation – Objective: Demonstrating our value proposition (to policy makers, to users, to citizens) – Exploitation plan is needed: • Impact creation (industry, SMEs, change of culture) through use cases and showcases – value of collaboration. Need for clear standardisation plan. • Results exploitation (adoption of results: regional link, targeted associations): shared assets, bag of assets, visualization of assets (people, knowledge, etc.)
  10. 10. Next steps• Adoption and publication of the FInES Strategy and Action Plan (ENSEMBLE with collective support)• Enacting identified initiatives• Preparations for FInES key events• Major Reports ahead (RR, TF, etc.)• Next cluster meeting: TD (March 2012)• Celebrate the end of the year!
  11. 11. What are we waiting for?
  12. 12. Questions?For further details, please refer to our online resources:www.cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/enet/clusters_en.htmlwww.fines-cluster.euOr contact us:INFSO-FINES@ec.europa.euCristina.Martinez@ec.europa.euMichael.DE-BOER@ext.ec.europa.eu Thank you for your attention!