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4 3-com vantage introduction


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In her presentation entitled: “ComVantage”, Dr. Angelika Salmen presented the basic information, objectives and expected impact of the ComVantage project.

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4 3-com vantage introduction

  1. 1. ComVantage<br />FInES Cluster Meeting<br />Dr. Angelika Salmen<br />European Commission, Brussels<br />October 12th, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Project ID<br />coordinatorSAP Research Dresden, SAP AG<br />budget10,941,334 €<br />duration09.2011 -08.2014<br /><br /><br />
  3. 3. Objectives and Expected Impact<br />ComVantage envisions<br />a product-centric, collaboration space <br />dynamic and flexible information exchange betweenLE, SME, and end customers<br />rich interaction based on Web 2.0 best practices<br />ComVantage objectives<br />secure collaboration via a dynamic & de-centralized access to information<br />easy to handle & trustful collaboration apps for mobile interaction<br />collaboration apps with verified added value<br />Expected outcome<br />new business services on interorganizational level<br />optimal set-up of ICT & business model for operational and strategic effects<br />metrics for value-adding user experience<br />