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Ms. Fenareti Lampathaki from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) provided an overview of the current status and progress of the FInES Task Forces. She also underlined the FInES supportive systems (wiki and collaboration environment) that facilitate the Task Forces' work.
(FInES Cluster Meeting, December 2012)

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2 fines_tfs_progress-lampathaki

  1. 1. FInES Cluster Task Forces Fenareti Lampathaki National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) FInES Cluster Meeting December 19th, 2011
  2. 2. Task Forces Landscape Business Values, Business Scenarios and Business Models (re- visited) Task Force Collaborative Networks Task Force Communication Task Force Contribution of FInES Research to the Digital Agenda Task Force Inter-relation between FInES Research and Standards and Standardisation Task Force FInES Architectural Design Principles Task Force FInES Research Exploitation and Impact Creation Task Force FInES Research Roadmap Task Force Going Global: The International Dimension of FInES Research and International Cooperation Task Force Manufacture and Industry Task Force SMEs in the Future Internet Task Force Technology watch and FET Task Force The Internet as a Universal Business System and ISU Re- visited Task Force Short-term, Focused Horizontal Inactive New Task Forces FInES Scientific Publications Task Force
  3. 3. Projects in Task Forces Each Project participates in 2-11 TFs 3-10 Projects are represented in each TF
  4. 4. How to actively get involved? Identify the TFs of interest to your project Declare your intention for participation Get in touch with the TF leaders Get involved in the TF activities • Via e-mail – To the TF leaders – To ENSEMBLE – To INFSO-FUTURE-INTERNET@ec.europa.eu • Through your comments in the website Invest on the web presence of your TF
  5. 5. FInES Task Forces in the portal
  6. 6. FInES Cluster Supportive Systems • Register in the FInES Cluster portal (http://www.fines-cluster.eu) – The website administrator assigns the appropriate access rights to each user • Access the FInES Cluster wiki through the menu “Services” or the link “Wiki – Knowledge Base (KB)” in the User Menu • Access the FInES Cluster Collaboration Environment through the menu “Services” or the the link “Collaboration Environment” in the User Menu Contact e-mail: fines-cluster@intrasoft.com
  7. 7. FInES Cluster Wiki
  8. 8. FInES Cluster Collaboration Environment
  9. 9. Voice your Thoughts on the Website or the Web Presence of your TF…
  10. 10. For further details please refer to our on-line resources: www.cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/enet/clusters_en.html www.fines-cluster.eu Connect with us: Or contact us: INFSO-FINES@ec.europa.eu Cluster Chair: Cristina.Martinez@ec.europa.eu Co-chair: Man-Sze Li: msli@icfocus.co.uk ENSEMBLE: Fenareti Lampathaki flamp@epu.ntua.gr Thanks for your attention!