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1 fines_cluster_state-of-play-de boer


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Michaël de Boer from the European Commission presented the current State of Play in the FInES Cluster, as well as the meeting objectives. He reported on the outcome of the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) Poznan and outlined the key events for 2012.
(FInES Cluster Meeting, December 2012)

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1 fines_cluster_state-of-play-de boer

  1. 1. FInES Cluster Meeting Michaël de Boer INFSO D4, European Commission European Commission, Brussels 19-20 December, 2011
  2. 2. Today‟s agenda (I)
  3. 3. Today‟s agenda (II)
  4. 4. Social Event• Drinks and food• €30 to be paid at the venue• ATMs can be found at the ING bank next to themeeting building
  5. 5. Social Event•Drinks and food• €30 to be paid to me at the venue
  6. 6. Tomorrow‟s agenda
  7. 7. FInES State-of-Play
  8. 8. The FinES domain 2009 EI 2009 2010 Research 2011 Position 2011 ResearchResearch Roadmap Position Paper Roadmap Paper Roadmap EI FInES “The full potential of the Future Internet is accessible to, relevant for, and put to use by European enterprises including SMEs. The Internet thus becomes a universal business system on which new values can be created by competing as well as collaborating enterprises - incumbent as well as new - through innovation in a level playing field, with sustainable positive benefits for the economy, society and the environment”.
  9. 9. INFSO Policy Context and Timeframe2010 • EU2020 Strategy • FP simplification communication • A Digital Agenda for Europe • Financial Regulation revision • Innovation Union • EU budget review • FP7 interim evaluation • Other Europe 20202011 Flagship Initiatives • Green Paper: Common Strategic Framework (CSF) • 29/6 Multi-annual Financial for EU Research & Innovation Framework (MFF) proposal • 30/11 CSF proposal • WP 2013 Preparation20122013 • MFF decision • CSF decision
  10. 10. Current Activity• FInES community management and representation• Policy and research collaboration initiatives• Prioritization and cross- fertilization with 14 FInES Task Forces• Research roadmapping and policy activities
  11. 11. FInES CommunityFP7 Projects FP7 - FOF Projects VENIS STREP MSEE IP COMVANTAGE IP EPES STREP IMAGINE IP EXTREMEFACTORIES STREP ADVENTURE STREP GloNet STREP• 1000+ members on mailing list PREMANUS STREP BIVEE STREP• Monthly newsletters• Social media• Websites ••• 11
  12. 12. 14 Task Forces FP7 Projects FP7 - FOF Projects VENIS STREP MSEE IP COMVANTAGE IP EPES STREP IMAGINE IP EXTREMEFACTORIES STREP ADVENTURE STREP GloNet STREP PREMANUS STREP• 1000+ members on mailing list BIVEE STREP• Newsletters• Social Media ••• 12
  13. 13. Future Internet Assembly (FIA) Poznan: outcome• Poznan: 25-26 October 2011 – Half-day workshop: panel discussion on “the Rise of the Sensing Enterprise” – First introduction of the „Sensing Enterprise‟ concept by two speakers – Proceedings available online
  14. 14. Key events in 2012• FInES workshop at Princeton: 1st semester 2012 (tentative)• FIA Aalborg: 9-11 May – Collaboration to main session – Parallel FInES workshop• Digital Entrepreneurship Conference, June 7 (tentative) – Major event in Brussels – Plenary session – "Everyone can be an enterprise, Society can be an enterprise, and vice-versa in a multi-polar and inclusive society.”• Digital Agenda for Europe
  15. 15. Future Events4-7 January, Hawaii: 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences(HICCS 2012)20-23 March, Valencia: 6th International Conference I-ESA on Interoperabilityfor Enterprise Systems and Applications: "Shaping Enterprise Interoperability inFuture Internet" (I-ESA 2012)16-20 April, Lyon: International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012)10-11 May, Aalborg, Denmark: Future Internet Assembly (FIA) Aalborg27-31 May, Heraklion, Greece: 9th European Semantic Web Conference(ESWC)17-20 June, Barcelona: XXIII ISPIM Conference25-29 June, Gdańsk, Poland: 24th International Conference on AdvancedInformation Systems Engineering (CAiSE12)17-20 July, Orlando, Florida: Collaborative Enterprises 2012 (CENT 2012) -Collaborative Development and Engineering Driving Innovation in the context ofthe WMSCI 2012 conference3-6 September, Tallinn, Estonia: 10th International Conference on BusinessProcess Management (BPM 2012)
  16. 16. Meeting Objectives• Reinforcing collaboration between projects and between projects and other communities• Opening the cluster to a broader audience and stimulating participation (through social media)• Defining our priorities for 2012• Networking• Celebrating the end of the year!
  17. 17. Questions?For further details, please refer to our online contact Thank you for your attention!