FInES Cluster Meeting-Preparing for FP8_CMA


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FInES Cluster Meeting-Preparing for FP8_CMA

  1. 1. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 FInES Cluster Meeting Preparing for FP8 Cristina Martinez, Head of Cluster, INFSO/D4 European Commission
  2. 2. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 Agenda • Context – How do I see the current cluster context (inside and outside)? • Strategy – When and how do we need to deliver? • Work Plan – What are we going to put into action? • Events – Where can we increase our visibility? • Next steps – Who is going to do what? – > Meeting conclusion should answer all above questions
  3. 3. The context – starting from the nucleus FInE S
  4. 4. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 ••• 4 FInES projects portfolio 2010 ••• 4 CURRENT PROJECTS • OPAALS NOE FP6 • COIN IP FP7 • COMMIUS STREP FP7 • DEN4DEK TN CIP • i-SURF STREP FP7 • K-NET STREP FP7 • SPIKE STREP FP7 • SYNERGY STREP FP7 FP7 Call 4 • UNITE CSA • VENTURE GATE, ACCESS ICT, YMIR CSA FP7 Call 5 • Ebbits IP • COIN-EEU (Sub-Project of COIN IP) • NiSB STREP • SPRINT STREP (soon) • NEFFICS STREP • ENSEMBLE CSA Ongoing projects: 18
  5. 5. Preliminary analysis from the last Call • Highlights – Resource Management, Smart Systems integration, Semantic reconciliation, Software as a Service, Innovation clouds and social web concepts are central to the evolution of our domain • Lowlights – The I.S.U concept is less apparent compared to Call 1 – Are new b.m. paving the way for tomorrow business innovation? – Towards a scientific foundation of our research? – Where is EI positioned w.r.t The internet of the Future?
  6. 6. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 FInES Cluster activities • Internally – Open meetings of all Project Coordinators + stakeholders convened 3 or 4 times per year – Development of technology-oriented R&D topics and Research Road mapping – Task Force activities supporting different goals > ecosystem approach • Externally – By projects, CSAs (ENSEMBLE, UNITE, AVY) – With related initiatives and interest groups representing the broader FInES community (inside and outside the Commission) • Results – Publications – Impact on the policy and research agendas – Impact on projects (directions, progress, collaboration, etc.) – Impact on the Future Internet – Impact on European enterprises (users, SMEs, virtual enterprises…) • Review of the cluster results – Periodically (annually?) – which indicators?
  7. 7. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 FInES Task Forces • What are they? – Each Task Force in the Cluster = an independent ecosystem, a dynamic complex of interacting parties. – Differ in nature, size, impact, results, duration, etc. – Need recognition, support and (digital?) services to function as an effective ecosystem (publications, collaborative tools, web sites, EC, ENSEMBLE, FInES community, etc.) TF Name TF Responsible Contact e-mail Manufacture and Industry Jesper Thestrup Technology Watch and FET Victor Shafran victor.shafran@sapcom Communication Cathy Lieu Standardization Asuman Dogac International Cooperation Markus Eisenhauer markus.eisenhauer@fit.fraunhof SMEs in the Future Internet Enrico Morten Business Values, Business Scenarios and Business Models (Re-visited) Man-Sze LI The Internet as a Universal Business System and ISU Re-visited Sergio Gusmeroli Contribution of FInES Research to the Digital Agenda Margaretha Mazura FInES Research Exploitation and Impact Creation Anton Theuma
  8. 8. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 Current Calls ICT Work Programme 2011-2012 • Call 2010 - Factories of the Future PPP (F.o.F.-PPP) [Obj. 7.3] 30/07/2010 – 2/12/2010 Budget: € 45 M INFO DAY: 8/10/2010, in Brussels, Organized by DG INFSO>D4 • Call 2010 - Future Internet PPP (F.I.-PPP) 30/07/2010 – 2/12/2010 Overall Budget 2011: € 90 M (two calls, several phases) • Call 7 [Objective 1.3] 28/09/2010-19/01/2011 Budget: € 30 millions INFO DAY: 8/10/2010, in Brussels, Organized by DG INFSO>D4
  9. 9. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 ••• 9 Framework programme and MAFF (what is this?) Annual EU budgets are based on the Multi Annual Financial Framework (MAFF) agreed between the European Parliament, Council and Commission in an interinstitutional agreement. The financial framework sets the maximum amount of commitment appropriations in the EU budget each year for broad policy areas ("headings") and fixes an overall annual ceiling on payment and commitment appropriations. Financial framework 2007-2013 Financial framework 2014-???? Framework programme 7 2007-2013 Framework programme 8 2014-2021 (?) MAFF FP 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Framework Programme (FP) is linked to MAFF Commission proposal for MAFF 2014+
  10. 10. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 ••• 10 Expected FP8 planning timeline (institutional activities - draft) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 FP7 mid-term evaluation EC orientation paper on FP8 First reading on FP8 in EP FP8 approved by EP and Council FP8 releasedCommission proposal for MAFF 2014+ FIA roadmap version 1 FIA roadmap version 2 EC proposal adoption on FP8 First FP8 call ISTAG final report EC=Commission EP=Parliament ISTAG=IST Advisory Group ISTAG draft report 2015
  11. 11. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 FIA Ghent Review @ FIA Budapest Gather inputs for V1 Rev -iew Prepare V1 FIA Fall ‘11 Poland Revie w FIA Spring ‘12 Denmark FIA Fall ‘12 Cyprus Draft V1 Jul ‘11 Final V1 Input complete Gather inputs for V2 Rev -iew Prepare V2 Rev -iew Draft V2, Jul 12 Final V2 Input complete Input to FP8 Input to FP8 Oct2010 Jan2011 Apr2011 Jul2012 Jul2011 Oct2011 Jan2012 Apr2012 Oct2012 Jan2013 FIA roadmap timeline (draft) ISTAG draft report EC orientation paper on FP8 EC proposal adoption on FP8 ISTAG final report + institutional activities FP8? First ICT Work Programme ?
  12. 12. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 ••• 12••• 12 Innovation Union (by 2020) • The Innovation Union: smoothing the path from ideas to markets • 1 out 7 strategies of the EU 2020 strategy to be presented at the Council in December this year • A distinctive European approach to innovation – Societal challenges, role of public sector – Europe’s strengths in creativity and design – Involving everyone: SMEs, citizens, cohesion
  13. 13. Strategy
  14. 14. Current and Future sources to nurture our Work • Internal – Visions and Results from FP7 projects (FInES and beyond) – FInES Position Paper and other key publications – FInES Research Roadmap – FInES Community outputs: meetings discussions, reflection papers, etc. • External – Digital Agenda for Europe 2010 – FIA Roadmap 2011, ISTAG Report 2011 – AIAG for Manufacturing Research Roadmap 2013? FP8 – Role and coverage of ETP with respect to WP preparation – Strategy priorities for international cooperation (US, BRICS) – Analysis of recent key technological, market, socio-economic studies – Visions and Research Priorities from Member States
  15. 15. 2 ways of acting • Supporting the Commission in its preparatory work – Revision and dissemination of the FInES Position Paper + Research Roadmap • Sharing with other stakeholders – ISTAG : Action? – ETP (where relevant) Action: S. De Panfilis – privileged partner – FIA’s Research Roadmap. Joined group. Our Roadmap will be a starting point - Action: Delegation through M.Missikof. – FoF’s AIAG and ActionPlant (CSA supporting)- Action: Link established with Tecnalia (Industrial Systems Unit) dealing with the task ‘roadmap preparation for ICT supported Manufacturing beyond 2013.’ > necessity to concretize – Other stakeholders: are we missing important ones?
  16. 16. Concretely speaking • Work Plan to be completed • ENSEMBLE CSA providing insight and support • Task Forces plans • EC (all services) • Identify potential short- and long-term Results • Gap analysis for key actions
  17. 17. FInES Work Plan
  18. 18. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 Main Topics of the FInES Cluster Workplan • Business Values, Business Scenarios and Business Models (re-visited) OR Visions of Tomorrow’s Businesses • Meeting the Challenges of the FInES Research Roadmap • FInES Science Base • The Internet as a Universal Business System and ISU Re-visited • Will the Future Internet deliver for Enterprises? • Inter-relation between FInES Research and Standards & Standardisation • FInES Research Exploitation and Impact Creation • Going Global: The International Dimension of FInES Research and International Cooperation • Contribution of FInES Research to the Digital Agenda – > We miss prioritization, milestones and key actors identification
  19. 19. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 19 Remainder: FInES Publications since launch - Feb 2009 • FInES Cluster Position Paper, 2009 • FInES Cluster Overview of the State-of-the-Art Research in Business Models, 2009 • FInES Cluster Standardisation Report, 2009 • Future Internet Assembly Enterprise Session, Stockholm, 23 November 2009: Full Proceedings and Report • Future Internet Assembly Enterprise Session, Valencia, 15 April 2010: Full Proceedings and Report • FInES Research Roadmap, 2010 (final version) • FInES book, 2010 – > What’s next?
  20. 20. Events – Where could I collaborate?
  21. 21. Your role could be… • Reflections are just starting in the EC, and there is still a lot of work to do internally and consultations to carry on with experts outside • Active participation to our different activities constitutes a valuable input to the exercise • Written contributions like reports, articles, projects deliverables, comments to our publications, etc. • Active contribution to external stakeholders’ groups • We are all ambassadors of the FInES cluster!
  22. 22. Some QUICK opportunities • International Call for Experts - EISB • Call for papers (CENT 2011) • Call for chapters (FIA book 2011) • Call for contributions (FIA Ghent, Enterprise session, 2010) • Events: Call Info day (8/10), Sports technologies London (13/10), Digital Agenda for Europe, Stakeholders Day (25/10), eChallenges (27- 29/110), FIA Ghent Session (17/12)
  23. 23. Next Steps – who does what? • Purpose of today’s meeting (e.o.b.) based on inputs • Documented in Work Plan • Acknowledged officially and reviewed (indicators?) • Everything to be published on our web
  24. 24. FInES Cluster Meeting – 7th of October 2010 Questions? For further details please refer to our on-line resources: Or contact us: EC Coordinator: Co-chair: Man-Sze Li: ENSEMBLE: John Psarras: Research Roadmap: Michelle Missikoff: Thank you for your attention
  25. 25. ISTAG members • Dr. Emile AARTS Vice Presisent Philips NL • Dr. Josef AFFENZELLER Director R&D AVL AT • Mr. Giovanni BARONTINI VP, International Research Finmeccanica SpA IT • Prof. Michel COSNARD Chairman and CEO INRIA FR • Prof. Paolo DARIO Director Polo Sant’Anna Scuola Sup. Sant'Anna IT • Prof. Gilbert DECLERCK Executive Officer IMEC BE • Mr. Franc DOLENC CTO SI • Prof. Dr. Dieter FELLNER Director FhG, IGD DE • Prof. Dr. Valerie FRISSEN Senior Strategist, ICT TNO NL • Dr. Elisabeth GIACOBINO Research Director Univ. Paris 6 (Ecole Sup. d'Optique) FR • Prof. Dame Wendy HALL (Chair) Professor Univ. of Southampton UK • Prof. Chris HANKIN Director, Institute for Security S&T Imperial College London UK • Prof. Dr. Lutz HEUSER (Vice Chair) CEO AGT Germany and CTO AGT International AGT DE • Dr. Tech. Heikki HUOMO Director, former CTO Nokia Univ. of Oulu, Centre of Internet Excellence FI • Mr. Waclaw ISZKOWSKI President Polish Chamber ICT PL • Prof. Dr. Hermann KOPETZ Head, Institute of Computer Engineering Vienna University of Technology AT • Prof. Maarja KRUUSMAA Professor Tallinn University of Technology EE • Mr. Ossi KUITTINEN Development Director, InfSo SITRA FI • Mr. Magnus MADFORS Director, R&D Policy Ericsson SE • Mr. Vincent MARCATTE Vice President Orange Labs FR • Dr. Carmen MOLDOVAN Head of Lab IMT - Bucharest RO • Mr. Alberto MORELLO Director, Research Centre RAI, Research Centre IT • Prof. Ferran SANZ Director, Res. Progr. on Biomedical Informatics IMIM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra ES • Mr. Luis Miguel SILVA Director, Technology Evaluation PT Inovacao PT • Dr. Berit WESSLER Head, Strategic Technology Cooperation OSRAM DE
  26. 26. Ad-hoc Industrial Advisory Group • Rainer Bischoff, KUKA (DE) • Rikardo Bueno (Coordinator), FATRONIK-TECNALIA (ES) • José Carlos Caldeira, INESC (PT) • George Chryssolouris, Dimitris Mavrikios, UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS – LMS (GR) • Chris Decubber, Jos Pinte, AGORIA (BE) • Sue Dunkerton, TWI (UK) • Katharina Flaig, Markus Wilkens, VDI (DE) • Christoph Hanisch, FESTO (DE) • Dietmar Goericke, Frank Knecht, VDMA(DE) • Uwe Kubach, Klaus-Dieter Platte, SAP AG (DE) • Massimo Mattucci, COMAU (IT) • Eckhard Meiners, TRUMPF Laser Marking Systems (DE) • Geoff Pegman, R.U.ROBOTS Limited (UK) • Edoardo Rabino, CRF (IT) • Daniel Richet, Michel Carton, Jean Arcamone, FIM (FR) • Egbert-Jan Sol, Arun Junai, TNO (NL) • Marco Taisch, POLITECNICO MILANO (IT) • Tullio Tolio, ITIA-CNR (IT) + open consultation