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FI-TS Corporate Presentation 2012


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A look at Finanz Informatik Technologie Service, introducing key figures, origin, business model aso.

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FI-TS Corporate Presentation 2012

  2. 2. Company Profile Founding year: 1994 Workforce: 585 (12/2011) Total revenues: approx. € 142 million (12/2011) Locations: Haar near Munich (main office), Hannover, Offenbach/Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg Origin: FI-TS is a subsidiary of Finanz Informatik (FI) and belongs to the savings bank financial group Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Customers: financial service providers, banks, insurancesPAGE 2 ENTERPRISE PRESENTATION
  3. 3. Milestones 2011 Introduction of FI-TS Finance Cloud Services 2010 Introduction of a cloud-based desktop service model 2009 Chance of name/legal status: IZB becomes FI-TS 2008 Sparkassen Informatik and Finanz IT merge to become Finanz Informatik 2007 Merger of IZB Soft and Sparkassen Informatik 2005 IZB transitions 40.000 workplaces to terminal server-based use 2001 IZB gets a new data center: The one of Helaba in Offenbach 1994 Foundation of Informatik Zentrum Bayern (IZB)PAGE 3 ∙  ENTERPRISE  PRESENTATION
  4. 4. Partners Savings Banks Finance Group (2011) » Is one of the largest banking groups of the world » Is active on the market through over 600 companies » Agreggate business volume of roughly € 3,250 billion Finanz Informatik (2011) » Workforce: 4,975; Total revenues: € 1,453 millionen » operates 126.9 millionen banking accounts and 35.9 million online banking accounts » 89.7 billion technical transactions p.a.PAGE 4 ENTERPRISE PRESENTATION
  5. 5. Service Portfolio Services based on standardized technologies: » Perfect fit for customer needs » Flexible » User-oriented FI-TS takes on operational responsibility Services designed specifically for the needs of banks and financial service providers FI-TS operates failsafe, high performance data centres and extensive server systems Full range of services spanning the entire IT process chain: consulting, planning, implementation, maintenance and supportPAGE 5 ∙  ENTERPRISE  PRESENTATION
  6. 6. A selection of our customersPAGE 6 ENTERPRISE PRESENTATION
  7. 7. A selection of our partnersPAGE 7 ENTERPRISE PRESENTATION
  8. 8. Governance Data protcetion and data security: IT service management: » ISO 27001:2005 certification » Our processes are based on ITIL » Certification by the Informatik Zentrum » Our service managers are TÜV/EXIN certified der Sparkassen (SIZ), based on the SAP certifications: “Secure  IT  Operation”  framework Quality: » SAP Certified in Cloud & Hosting Services » ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Management: Physiscal Security: » Project Management Institute » Trusted Site Infrastructure Level II & III » International Project Management AssociationPAGE 8 ENTERPRISE PRESENTATION
  9. 9. Thanks.Finanz Informatik Technologie ServiceRichard-Reitzner-Allee 885540 Haar, 9 ENTERPRISE PRESENTATION