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From shop-keeping to thrill seeking


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What can retailers learn from emotion-fuelled music festivals?

Experiences can make the difference for brands. Just look at the growth of the UK live music scene, compared to other parts of the industry that continue to struggle. With more people than ever going to see and experience live music, it's seen as the primary cash generator for the music industry. As we place more value on doing things and connecting socially, bricks & mortar retail could probably learn a lot from the live music scene. FITCH ECD Alasdair Lennox argue that it’s time for physical retailers to think a bit more rock 'n roll, looking at three ways retailers can be inspired by the Glastonbury Festival to create an exceptional retail experience.

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From shop-keeping to thrill seeking

  1. 1. F I T C H E X E C U T I V E C R E A T I V E D I R E C T O R
  2. 2. Mix tape image 1981
  3. 3. First ipod 2001
  4. 4. Spotify 2014
  5. 5. Local village square buying bread
  6. 6. Amazon’s 'one touch' Prime app