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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership: Leveraging FIS' Private Cloud Services


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More than 75 percent of the IT budget is spent on maintaining and running software applications, and hidden personnel costs can be as high as 70 percent of the total cost of software. In addition, indirect costs – such as system downtime and interface failures – can amount to more than 50 percent of a system’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

With the increased margin pressures energy companies face today, managing your own systems and infrastructures for trading, risk and operations can overburden your already strained resources. Learn how FIS’ private cloud services can help your firm reduce the TCO of your enterprise systems, scale to growth and optimize performance.

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Reducing Total Cost of Ownership: Leveraging FIS' Private Cloud Services

  2. 2. Software Implementation Cost 2 What does the industry tell us? 75% Gartner Microsoft 5% IDC 70% Computer Weekly 10% More than 75 percent of the IT budget is spent on maintaining and running software applications. The initial purchase price is usually only 5 percent of the TCO of a software programmer. Hidden personnel costs can be as high as 70 percent of the total cost. Hardware and software costs are a small part of the TCO – typically about 10 percent over five years.
  3. 3. Software Implementation Cost 3 What does the industry tell us? 3x “IT human capital costs average the combined hardware, software and data costs.” – TABB Group “One thing is clear, in the management of any system, people and management is the bulk of the cost.” – Bloor Research
  4. 4. What does this mean for you? Software Implementation Cost 4 Research indicates that for every pound or euro spent on software, organizations spend between three and 19 pounds or euros on the infrastructure and the people to support it.
  5. 5. Software Implementation Cost 5 The hidden cost of infrastructure Networks Switches, firewalls, bandwidth Compliance Secure, control, backup, test, audit, disaster recovery Power Physical and virtual infrastructure Cooling Higher density technology = more cooling Maintenance Service contracts premium, on-site standard, remote Commercial Procure, finance, depreciate, upgrade, refresh, insure
  6. 6. Software Implementation Cost 6 The hidden cost of the people supporting the solution set Disciplines Build Operate Provision Install Configure Secure Administer Monitor Manage Maintain Upgrade Diagnose Architect Networks Security Orchestration OS RDBMS Integrator Engineer Developer Writer Integrate Test Document Educate Repair Backup Recover Document Educate Consult
  7. 7. Software Implementation Cost 7 Indirect costs 50% Some estimates suggest indirect costs can amount to more than 50 percent of the total cost of ownership. How much does it cost if the system is down for one day? How much does it cost if the system runs slowly at month end? How much time is spent on “informal” support? What’s the cost to the business if an interface fails to run?
  8. 8. Becoming an adaptive enterprise 8 Removing friction and resource constraints Tailored services mapped to your requirements Improved TCO and cost certainty Full service business partner providing single point of accountability
  9. 9. Help desk assistance for our customers along with comprehensive software issue management, defect remediation and regular communications Support Upgrade Comprehensive range of software upgrade services, including both turnkey and unbundled service options Standard and best practice-focused training as well as business and technical audit services to optimize the usage of the software asset to improve business operations Optimize Comprehensive range of services, from managed application services to dedicated business-as-usual support, as well as business process as a service (BPaaS), helping to lower total cost of ownership and improve operational performance Run Removing friction and resource constraints 9 Tailored services mapped to your requirements 5 2 4 3 1 Combination of project methodology and business and technical expertise, together with dedicated project managers to deliver Aligne on time and on budget Implement 6 Comprehensive management of our clients’ Aligne environments located within highly available, secure and resilient FIS data centers that are managed on a 24x7 basis, helping to lower TCO and improve environmental performance Private cloud services FIS Energy Trading, Risk and Operations
  10. 10. FIS integrated services team FIS availability services team FIS application support team FIS product support team Clients Are Selecting FIS 10 Because FIS delivers an integrated team and service Environment management, servicing and support Application support services Aligne product support and maintenance services
  11. 11. The benefits of Clients Are Selecting FIS 11  Environment management  Environment tuning  Application monitoring  Application support  Pro-active change management  Single point-of-contact for issues  A knowledgeable support team  Managed environment growth  Agreed service levels  Optimized application performance  A seamless support model
  12. 12. Contact us 12 For more information, contact us at or visit
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