Definitive guide-to-lead-nurturing


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Defense contractors who excel at lead nurturing are thriving by generating more sales-ready leads at a lower cost per lead.

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Definitive guide-to-lead-nurturing

  1. 1. A  Marketo
  2. 2.   ?Part  One     Part  Three           ?  01   21  Why  Does  My  Business  Need  Lead  Nurturing? 02 23The  Importance  of  Lead  Nurturing  and  Thought  Leadership  in  Branding 04  25   04 05 05 Part  Four       29 31Part  Two     07 34   08 09 13 36 17     37 ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.  
  3. 3.     are  right  for  your  business?  i
  4. 4. Part  OneWhat  Is  Lead  Nurturing? ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   01
  5. 5. Part  One  What  Is  Lead  Nurturing? InTouch   What  Lead  Nurturing    –   prospects  on  your  Web  site  are  there  to  acquire.  Many  companies  do  a  good  job  at   prospects  in  a  way  that  is  both   Lead  nurturing   According  to    Report,     six  weeks  to  see  if  they  are         ready  to  buy   with  a  new  case  study   your  company’s  products   and  to  be  there  when  they  are  ready  to     into  account  your  prospects’       make  a  buying  decision.     interests  or  needs  at  their  stage     of  buying from  you.02
  6. 6. Part  One      What  Is  Lead  Nurturing?on  the  Web  doing  independent  research,  is  premature.   Tippitunderstand  their  needs  and  react  in   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   03
  7. 7. Part  One  What  Is  Lead  Nurturing? be  “pre-­‐wired”  for  success.asymmetry  between  the  upside  and  downside  be  rewarded  for  making  a  good  purchase,  but  a  bad  purchase  can  damage  the  buyer’s  04
  8. 8. Part  One      What  Is  Lead  Nurturing? Marketo,  Forrester,    Insights,  and  a  cost  center. that  nurtured  prospects  buy  more,  require   than  prospects  that  were  not  nurtured. the  ROI  of  Lead  Nurturing  (page  29). ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   05
  9. 9. 06
  10. 10. Part  TwoLead  Nurturing  Basics ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   07
  11. 11. Part  Two  Lead  Nurturing  Basics     s s08
  12. 12. Part  Two      Lead  Nurturing  Basics How  Marketo  Does  ItFor  most  marketers,  the  decision  about  which     your  site?   pages  such  as  the  pricing  or  contact      scoring  is  not  the  focus  of  this  guide,  scoring   further  nurturing. in  a  score  somewhere  between   0  points  to  35  points.  From  there,     (BANT)   had  with  the  prospect  and  when? searching  for  “Marketo”  on   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   09
  13. 13. Part  Two  Lead  Nurturing  BasicsIncoming  Lead  Processing  campaigns  are   further,  many  experts  recommend  adding   to  Permissionout  of  your  nurturing  programs.  The  topic  much  debate  among  marketers.  At  the  most     permission.  Just  because     address  doesn’t  mean  you         mean  it’s  permission  either.     you  went.” This  is  where  automated  campaigns  can  permission  marketers  may  disagree,   permission.  When  recipients  respond,  you  at  many  companies.   you  can  either  send  them  a  “second  chance”,  10
  14. 14. Part  Two      Lead  Nurturing  Basics How  Marketo  Does  It Pros   in  our  content.   ReturnPath from  any  other  source,  since  we     concern  for  permission   because  prospects         that  they  opted  in   hear  from  you  againyour  messages.”   scores Leads  that  do  not  respond  are  Here  are  the  pros  and  cons  for  the   marked  as  suspended  and  are  not   counted  as  part  of  the  database.   to  hear  from  you   rates  and  send   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   11
  15. 15. Part  Two  Lead  Nurturing  Basics How  Marketo  Does  ItFine-­‐tuning  your  nurturing  approaches   topics  they  are  most  interested   nurturing  content.12
  16. 16. Part  Two      Lead  Nurturing  Basics s t Timing According  to   to  speak  to  each  of  them  and  address  their   unique  needs.     ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   13
  17. 17. Part  Two  Lead  Nurturing  Basics a  prospect  goes  through  in  buying  your       Enquiro  suggests  each  prospect. and  backwards  through  the  process  as  they   prospect  goes  through  as  they  purchase  your  14
  18. 18. Part  Two      Lead  Nurturing  Basicswith  your  content.  Lead  nurturing  is  about   than  generic  content.  with  your  prospects,  and  in  this  case,  the   and  author  of  The   k easy  to  digestcompany  communicates  with  prospects.   Just  as  the  B2B  buying  process  has  changed,   “  Thought  Leadership  is     to  their  geography cases  means  it  has  to  be  short,  sweet,     in  your  markets  to  generate   and  to  the  point.  and  the  buying  stage.   on  issues  your  customers     and  prospects  care  most  about.       the  process.   make  sure  you  put  your  audience’s  interests   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   15
  19. 19. Part  Two  Lead  Nurturing  Basics How  Marketo  Does  It Marketo’s  nurturing  program  a  month  is  not  enough.   nurturing  content  spread  across     across  the  nurturing  programs.   There  are  two  things  to  keep  in  mind  here.  a  whitepaper  from  your  Web  site,  16
  20. 20. Part  Two      Lead  Nurturing  Basics way  with  your  prospects  according  to  their   .   1   Loosening   6   Making   the  Decision A B 1   2   3   4 5   6   A B ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   17
  21. 21. Part  Two  Lead  Nurturing  Basics .   1   Loosening   6   Making   the  Decision IT 1   2   3   4   5   6   A B D18
  22. 22. Part  Two      Lead  Nurturing  Basicsfor  each  person  and  buying  stage. 1   2   3   4   5   6   A B D ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   19
  23. 23. 20
  24. 24. Part  Three ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   21
  25. 25. Part  Three  In  Part  OneIn  Part  Two s s22
  26. 26. Part  Three       Make  the  Most  Out  of   nurturing,  and  they  are  a  great  sandbox   demonstrate  interest  during  a  buying     how  to  buyIt’s  easiest  to  think  of  triggers  and  their     you  send   at  the  same  score  with  no     a  “contact  us”  form.  Once  you  determine  the   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   23
  27. 27. Part  Three   How  Marketo  Does  It campaigns  in  two  ways.   a  rigid,  mapped-­‐out  process.  When  you’re   First,  when  Prospects  reach   that  indicates  interest  but  then   instead,  use  this  data  to  create  new  segments   In  the  beginning,  it’s  best  to  resist  this   we  trigger  a  series  of  high  on  path  A.  If  they  begin  to  exhibit  stronger  interest,  you  can  jump  them  to  path  B  you  can  send  them  back  to  path  A  or  create  24
  28. 28. Part  Three       There  are  three  important  categories   g sdoes  not  engage. in  the  process,  or  sent  backward,  within   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   25
  29. 29. Part  Three  not  contacted  or  a  rep  decides  that  some   and  knows  more  about  their  buying  intent  of  InTouch   to  them…  we  found  that  a  number  had  26
  30. 30. Part  Three       How  Marketo  Does  Itput  them  back  into  one  of  your  basic   month,  three  months,  six  months,     Don’t  be  afraid  to  incorporate  phone  outreach   to  re-­‐engaging  prospects.    nurturing  paths.   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   27
  31. 31. Part  Three  topics  which  are  beyond  the  scope  of  this  28
  32. 32. Part  Four ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   29
  33. 33. Part  Four  In  Part  One Two  and  Three s s   s   s     based  on  industry  metrics. ”  in  which  you  30
  34. 34. Part  Four       1     2    Prospect 2     3     * 4    Opportunity     4       ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   31
  35. 35. Part  Four   Before  Nurturing 1  Number  of  new  prospects  per  month  –   Prospects Prospect-­‐to-­‐Lead Leads   database  at  beginning  on  month  –   New 800 80   prospects  that  month  –  Let’s  use  80. 10,000 40 Database Prospects Prospect-­‐to-­‐Lead Leads New 800 80 (created  <  30  days). 10,000 100 Database32
  36. 36. Part  Four       Before  Nurturing Prospects Prospect-­‐to-­‐Lead Leadsenter  the  number  of  prospects  (or  your   New Databasefor  your  chosen  date  range. Prospects Prospect-­‐to-­‐Lead Leads New Database ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   33
  37. 37. Part  Four   Before  Nurturing 200   100company,  and  the  company  didn’t  stay  in  touch  so  they  did  not  remain  top-­‐of-­‐mind   300 200   200 40034
  38. 38. Part  Four       Before  Nurturing A   Bsubtract  A  –  B  to  get  the  number  of  extra   ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   35
  39. 39.  your  company’s  brand  and  your  customer’s   s,       campaigns  to  interact  with  your  prospects     for  nurturing   s you  gain  deeper  insight  into  their  buying   s s  to  increase  36
  40. 40. g mMarketo’s  uncompromising  on-­‐demand    Insights  Report on  the  AppExchange.   Enquiro Forrester  Research and  enterprise  companies  in  nine  countries   In  Touch Return  Path Tony  Jaros,   Tippit y. ©  2009  Marketo,  Inc.   37
  41. 41.