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Media optics: why some news stories are more balanced than they appear


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On our blog, we take a look at why Marissa Mayer was so popular in media - until she wasn't anymore. We argue that the "media halo" that some people get is partly an optical illusion. Journalists will feel that they do a balanced job of portraying someone, but in some cases the editorial process overwhelms or even suffocates this balance in tonality - aka "spin".

Read the full blog and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Media optics: why some news stories are more balanced than they appear

  1. 1. positive spin »The Halo-Effect«
  2. 2. Facts
  3. 3. discarded Facts
  4. 4. discarded Story Story
  5. 5. Story Story Tonality aka »Spin«
  6. 6. Story Intro Tonality aka »Spin«
  7. 7. Headline Story Tonality aka »Spin« Intro
  8. 8. Tonality aka »Spin« Story Photo Headline Intro
  9. 9. Tonality aka »Spin« Photo Story Caption Headline Intro
  10. 10. NEgative spin »The Fall from Grace«
  11. 11. Facts
  12. 12. discarded Facts
  13. 13. discarded Story
  14. 14. Story Tonality aka »Spin« Story
  15. 15. Story Tonality aka »Spin« Story Intro
  16. 16. Story Tonality aka »Spin« Headline Story Intro
  17. 17. Tonality aka »Spin« Photo Story Headline Intro
  18. 18. Caption Tonality aka »Spin« Photo Story Intro Headline