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Webinar Community Relations (FR)


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Pourquoi des organisations aussi connues que MSF décident-elles de travailler avec des jeunes dans ses actions de communication ? Pourquoi Omega Pharma décide de se lancer dans du sponsoring d’événements cyclistes ? Parce que cela renforce leur notoriété auprès d’un public cible. C’est ce qu’on appelle le Community Relations, qui permet d’améliorer la réputation d’une entreprise et même le moral et la loyauté des employés en interne.

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Webinar Community Relations (FR)

  1. 1. Valérie Michaux SENIOR CONSULTANT @FINNbe Eneco, Matexi, Tignes, Villeroy&Boch, Pfizer,…
  2. 2. Establish and maintain a beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate
  3. 3.     Donations & Contributions Employee Volunteerism Community-based programs Relationships with civic, professional and nonprofit organizations
  4. 4. 1 shop LOL
  5. 5. 892 shops $151 billion revenue
  6. 6. Research & Belief: “Consumers are influenced by a company’s community reputation.”
  7. 7. CR encompass how a company the community in
  8. 8.  Improved corporate reputation  Improved employee morale and loyalty  Ability to preserve/enhance the company’s license to operate Source: Barbara W. Altman, Boston College
  9. 9. 1. Build relationships 2. Develop procedures to anticipate & respond 3. Focus on the community’s concerns
  10. 10. = Persuading people to engage in socially responsible behaviour, which may rebound to the benefit of the company.
  11. 11.     Permeable boundaries Interactions with diverse others Flatter, more complex hierarchies Individuals switch linkages between multiple networks
  12. 12. “Students were more likely to report similarities on brand personality when they knew there was a sponsorship link” Source: Kevin P. Gwinner & John Eaton, Journal of Advertising
  13. 13. “When event and brand are matched (functional or in image), transfer process is enhanced” Source: Kevin P. Gwinner & John Eaton, Journal of Advertising
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