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Making Green IT Work at FIIB


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Making Green IT Work at FIIB

  1. 1. Making Green IT Work at FIIB FIIB Pledge at UNEP-WED Effective Options FIIB Pledges to Work Towards Achieving Sustainability in all Aspects of its Activities and Programs Technical DISPOSAL Waste Hardware RECYCLE Components ECO REUSE Printer Cartridges, Printing Papers IT REDUCE Consumption and Heat Emission We Are A Management Learning Institute that is Sensitive to the Impact of its IT Infrastructure on Environment Three Pronged Approach How Can You Reducing the Consumption of Make a Difference? Papers with Network Printers Configure your machines to turn off when inactive for long Reducing Server Room Heat Emissions by Shut down your monitor and printer when you are leaving the office Turning of Servers at Night Avoid using screen-savers as they consume as much power as a working desktop Reducing the Hardware Waste Concept: Swanand Deodhar An FIIB Initiative.