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New Dog Shopping List

  2. Your newly adopted dog is a delight! However, in all the excitement of finding your new companion, shopping for your new pet wasn’t foremost on your mind. Not to worry. We’ve put together a dog supply list to help you round up everything you need to welcome your pooch home. Keep in mind, some shelters might not let you acquire a dog until they know you have the necessary supplies. This new dog checklist will guide you on your shopping trip—including tips for how to choose each item. Presented by
  3. Bathing Supplies Don’t use shampoo for humans, as a dog’s skin has a less acidic pH balance. There are moisturizing shampoos, flea and tick shampoos, and deodorizing shampoos to address specific problems. Grooming wipes can help between baths. Bed Make sure the bed is large enough for your dog to stretch out. A washable or removable cover comes in handy at cleaning time. Presented by
  4. Cleaning Supplies Accidents are inevitable, so choose a carpet/rug cleaner designed to remove pet urine stains and odors. Paper towels are a staple. For breeds that shed, select lint rollers, rubber gloves, microfiber cloths or even duct tape to help clean up fur. Clothes Your dog’s coat, breed, and the climate where you live, will determine whether you need dog sweaters, evaporative cooling coats, or nothing at all. Collar Size is critical. You should be able to freely fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Too tight, and breathing and comfort are restricted. Too loose, and your pooch will be on the loose. Some owners prefer harnesses to collars; fit remains the most critical factor. For the fashion-conscious: Colors and styles vary. Presented by
  5. Crate A crate should be big enough for a dog to turn around in and to rest comfortably, but not big enough for the dog to use a portion as a restroom. There are foldable versions for travel convenience. Dental Supplies Choose a toothbrush with a handle length that’s easy to manage in your dog’s mouth. There also are toothbrushes that fit over your finger like a thimble. Find a dog toothpaste in a flavor your dog likes, such as broth. Dental chew treats can supplement brushing benefits.
  6. Food Know your dog’s age and breed characteristics, as many dog foods are specially formulated for pups, “seniors,” or breeds prone to being overweight. Consider whether using all-natural brands is important to you. Food and Water Bowls Stainless steel and ceramic are recommended. Size matters. Pick a style that won’t tip over. There are maze-shaped bowls to slow rapid eating, and raised feeders to support good posture. A self-filling water bowl might be helpful if your dog will be alone for extended periods of time. Gates To restrict your dog to certain rooms, choose a gate that is tall enough to discourage jumping or climbing, as well as one that lodges securely in a doorway so it won’t fall. Make sure your dog’s head can’t get caught in any gate openings. Presented by
  7. Grooming Supplies Your dog’s coat characteristics determine which type of brush to choose. A bristle brush works for all types. A wire-pin brush is best for medium to long hair and woolly or curly coats. A slicker brush will help remove matted hair and tangles. Curry brushes have nubs for dogs that are nearly hairless or have short, smooth coats. Also, get a nail trimmer and flea comb if needed. Presented by
  8. The line, strap or chain must be strong enough for your dog’s weight... Heartworm, Flea and Tick Prevention There are many ways to prevent dog diseases spread by fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Choose from among flea collars, topical formulas, and oral medications after consulting your dog’s veterinarian. A prescription will be required to obtain heartworm preventative from a legitimate provider. Leash The line, strap or chain must be strong enough for your dog’s weight, as recommended on the labeling. Leashes are available in a variety of colors and materials: canvas, rope, leather, polyester, and hemp to name a few. A retractable leash provides some leeway to roam but allows you to keep your dog much closer when walking near traffic or children. Presented by
  9. Pet Insurance Seek a company that offers simple and affordable plans with multiple options that fit your budget. Keep in mind that no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, so getting your pet covered before a major illness, or even a bad night of tummy troubles, is essential. A simplified claims-filing process and a supportive customer care team are great additional benefits offered by top insurers.
  10. Tags In addition to rabies and local registration tags, you might want an ID tag with your dog’s name, any medical conditions, and your phone number and address. These tags come in many shapes (hearts, bones, fireplugs, paw prints) and colors. Toys Avoid anything your dog can choke on or swallow. The “squeaker” in many squeaky toys is small enough to be a choking hazard if your dog gets to it. Some dogs like to pull apart plush toys, leaving their stuffing scattered about while also creating another choking hazard. Try different types of toys to see what your dog responds best to whether it’s a hefty Kong, a plush duck, a rope to fling around, or the toy’s cardboard box. The “squeaker” in many squeaky toys is small enough to be a choking hazard if your dog gets to it. Presented by
  11. Treats Choose treats made for dogs. Some human foods such as chocolate and grapes are toxic to pets — and ditto for ever-popular peanut butter if it contains xylitol. Check with your veterinarian for a full list of toxic foods for pets. Rawhide treats are popular, but can pose a choking risk. Various dog treats also can be dental aids or produce calming effects to address anxiety. Presented by
  12. Bonus: Mobile Apps Although mobile apps aren’t usually included on a pet shopping list, on-the-go pet parents may find them useful. There are pet mobile apps available to suit almost every need and lifestyle—everything from pet medical record storage and GPS tracking, to dog walking maps and dog friendly business locators.
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