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[Vihreä Foorumi 29.3.] Laura Varpasuo, Nokia


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[Vihreä Foorumi 29.3.] Laura Varpasuo, Nokia

  1. 1. EnvironmentalSustainability in NokiaFacilities ManagementLaura VarpasuoNokia Sustainability / Workplace Resources1
  2. 2. ContentPreface Nokia environmental sustainability strategy and key principles Device lifecycle energy use Principles Operational environment Building lifecycle and sustainability tools Facilities sustainability top-level reporting External stakeholder perspective Direction: People-planet-profit integration2
  3. 3. Value for People, Planet and Nokia People Planet Internet for the Next Billion On the green move   Maximizing our Mobile learning Sustainable living   Health and well-‐being Energy efficiency impact. Improving livelihoods Accessibility Social issues in supply Sustainable products chain Supplier eco-‐performance Minimizing our Origins of raw materials negative own impact Green operations and Human rights sites Labor conditions   Recycling programs
  4. 4. Nokia SustainabilityKey principlesApplying the highest standardsEnvironmental thinking as a source of innovationLife cycle thinking across product portfolioGreen services for sustainable lifestyle
  5. 5. Device Lifecycle Energy Use5
  6. 6. Sustainability in Nokia Facilities6
  7. 7. Facilities Sustainability Principles working. It is assessed as a combination of three elements: people, planet and profit acknowledged as one common objective in all phases of the building lifecycle embedded into the relevant real estate and facilities management processes measured, and achieved results should be rewarded.7
  8. 8. Operational environment Growing importance of energy and emissions management Global building and space portfolio of ~1 million m2 Optimizing focus, resources and costs to reach best (Mid-2011 figures) possible performance General challenges in real estate + facilities mgmt sustainability management A lot of information available but changes happen quite slowly Industry specific standards (e.g. reporting KPIs) have taken long to emerge difficult to assess own performance without easily comparable benchmark data 8
  9. 9. Building lifecycle and sustainability tools LCC principles Green leasing principles LEED CI renovation/ refurbishment Target setting EMS/Energy & CO2, leasing Life Cycle Costing Waste, Water CER w/ CO2 Reporting LEED NC WWF Green Office Site Environmental LEED EBOM Plan Analysis tools Sustainable Site Selection EDD Verification, rankings Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) Exit checklist EDD
  10. 10. Facilities Sustainability Top-level Reporting Performance followed on a monthly basis Energy consumption and emissions, water use, and waste and recycling Included in facilities mgmt evaluation Data is accumulated from ~ 100 individual office and manufacturing locations in 24 countries Annual performance figures audited by PWC and part of 20-F statement to NYSE x x x x10
  11. 11. External Stakeholder Perspective Rating and ranking organizations Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), WWF, Greenpeace Continuous two-way conversation Assessing materiality and impact of topics and action plans Employees, customers, visitors Facilities sustainability is 11
  12. 12. Direction: People-Planet-Profit integration Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) already serves a global investor community Already 655 institutional investors as subscribers in 2012 Financing decisions for green building; value in transactions; value in LCC Integrated Reporting strategy, governance and financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context within which it 12
  13. 13. Thank you13