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BC Card Case Study for Biometric Authentication for Mobile Payments


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A detailed case study looking at the Paybooc mobile app utilizing FIDO Authentication for biometric authentication

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BC Card Case Study for Biometric Authentication for Mobile Payments

  1. 1. Biometric Authentication for Mobile Payments BC CARD 2018.10 BC Card Case Study
  2. 2. 1BC Card 2nd Acquirer in Asia-Pacific 2017(Trans.) BC Card Business Overview BC Card Key Figures Active Merchant BC Card Products No. of Transaction 33 Issuing Clients China UMS BC CARD KB JCB Common wealth 5375mil. 4901mil. 2945mil. 2728mil. 1809mil. BC Card [Source] 2018 The Nilson Report
  3. 3. 2BC Card Mobile Payments in Korean Market Biometric Authentication Voice Card ICT paybooc FAN kakao pay Samsung pay LG Pay FaceIrisFingerLaunch Main Channel Online Offline June 2017 April 2016 April 2017 August 2015 June 2017 Online
  4. 4. 3BC Card FIDO System in BC Card BC FIDO 삼성페이 페이북 아이콘 LG페이 SSG 페이 Customer Mobile Payments App. Payment Server ••• Card Services
  5. 5. 4BC Card Increase paybooc Biometric Auth. Users BC Card Mobile Payments App. “paybooc” paybooc Biometric Payments Process ■ Fingerprint, Voice, Face Auth. for Login and Payments ■ 1st Voice Auth. System among Korean Financial Institutes ■ 1st Face Auth. System among Korean Mobile Payments Increase BC FIDO* Transactions Biometric Auth. paybooc cards online offline '17.4Q '18.1Q '18.2Q '18.3Q 0.3mil. 0.8mil. 1.3mil. 1.7mil. 0 5 10 15 20 25 ’17.7 ’17.12 ’18.6 20mil. 13mil. * BC paybooc, Samsung pay, LG pay etc.
  6. 6. 5BC Card Paybooc User Journey(1) : Register Biometrics ① Agree the term of services ② Verify by checking the USIM ③ Verify by entering the credit card info. ④ Set up ID/PW ⑤ Register biometric info. PaymentsSign-in ID : BC***
  7. 7. 6BC Card Paybooc User Journey(2) : Sign-in & Payments with Biometrics ① Sign-in page ② Use Biometric Auth.Sign-in Payments ① shopping app. ④ Complete Payments ③ Sign-in without PW ③ Use Biometric Auth.② Pop-up ‘paybooc’ Set up Biometrics
  8. 8. 7BC Card The Future of FIDO Ecosystem in Korea Deployment and Use of FIDO2 Enhanced Interoperability Server A App. AS IS TO BE Server B Server A App. Server B