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FICO Spotlight: Collections & Recovery Myths


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Three myths about scores and models in collection analytics. Learn more visit:

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When it comes to collecting debt, compliance is at the front of everyone's queue. At the end of the day, compliance processes must be validated, standardized, communicated and fully integrated into collection and recovery workflows.
It's not just about capturing and categorizing complaints; to stay on top of regulatory change, you need to rapidly identify and learn from past mistakes, correct behaviors and engage effectively with regulators.

This Executive Brief describes a strategy for using technology to embed compliance into your business. You'll learn:

-How technology is key to creating a "culture of compliance" throughout your organization
-Best practices in developing a transparent and easy-to-use complaint process
-The "danger signs" that exist in organizations that are most at risk
-Six areas to examine in your business - and how technology can drive regulatory compliance in each

Download the FICO Collections Resources by visiting :

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